Saturday, December 03, 2016

Good Anti-Semitism vs. Bad Anti-Semitism: Why It’s O.K. for the Democrat National Committee to Have a Genocidal Anti-Semite as Its Chairman

By Nicholas Stix

Many wealthy Jews seem to have a death wish. Why else would they support flooding the country with hundreds of millions of Third-World anti-Semites, including Moslems?! Or is it that they engage in class war with working and middle-class Jews and white gentiles, using blacks, Hispanics, etc., as their goons? Are these even mutually incompatible possibilities?

As for the notion that rich Jews hate gentiles, well maybe, but they have many hatreds. As do we all.

At Ex-Army Libertarian Nationalist.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Another hate crime hoax? Muslim woman claims 3 men attacked her on a subway and shouted Trump's name but it sounds fishy. The clues are all there, no descriptions, no witnesses cited, even though it was on a subway at a time there should have been plenty of people, police being circumspect about details. Perps, if it really happened that is, also might be black, hence the lack of descriptions, in which case the story will be quickly deep sixed by he media, though not after blaring headlines that imprint on public consciousness there was a "hate crime" that occurred. According to the article police will be reviewing camera footage, we'll see what they find out.

Anonymous said...

Jews like the immigrant [dark skinned] as in the long run whitey will be a minority in their own land. NOT then posing a "facist" threat to the Jews. That is the mindset?

Anonymous said...

Somali in St. Paul are a big reason why this Keith X was elected in the first place? You can tell the man by his friends.

A leopard doesn't change it's spots and neither does Keith X change his beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Jews in America are probably in much greater danger from dark skinned persons than the whitey "fascist". Whatever a whitey "fascist" is.