Monday, December 05, 2016

Excerpts from the Fake News Debate

I could have sworn that someone twitted, “If you like your lies, you can keep your lies.” Well, if no one else did, I just did.


Anonymous said...

Great tweet about how MSM cost police lives.Very insightful,on the mark and comes only 6-9 months after I started pointing this out,each time it happened on the Negro Nightly News.Every damn time Lester Holt (or higher up)decided to lead with a questionable police-cam,it was done with the sole purpose of inciting the (black)public.This was political propaganda and as hateful a tactic as the insinuation that the "poor innocent black thug was gunned down for no reason."Holt basically said that on each occasion:
"Another video of an unarmed black man shot dead by law enforcement."
Riots ensued,police were murdered.Yet,no repercussions for MSM on their inflammatory behavior.Seems to me,civil lawsuits should be filed against the networks who showed these dashcams,by the deceased officers families.There's the first amendment argument,but not when the public's safety is endangered (example:yell fire in a theater).Playing those videos without the facts,is an additional example of "Freedom of the Press"not being applicable here.

On top of that,police were vindicated in every incident shown...with even the Slager case resulting in a non-conviction.
No one can mention "a black suspect" in a story about a murder,but it's okay to impune a cop and suggest a black suspect was killed illegally.
Lawsuits are definitely in order here,with apologies and monetary damages paid by the networks to the families of slain police.Any lawyers out there with the guts to do this?
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

CBS reported a story of a man walking into a pizzaria and opening fire in an establishment that was linked to a "fake news story"about the Clinton's and pizzagate.
CBS explained that the right wing had invented the Pizzagate story "and it was fake news."They also reported a general and his son were insisting the pizzagate story "had NOT been disproved."
I've read the stories of Clinton plane trips and their association with pedophiles.Have these stories ever been investigated?If they were looked into,could we trust the MSM to report on the validity of such stories?Or would they decide to cover up--or not pursue them.
CBS definitely has decided that THIS VERSION of pizzagate is false.What about the others?
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Hands up, don't shoot? Is that what this is?

Anonymous said...

Change! They want change? All whitey boys have pockets full of nickles, dimes and quarter.

Anonymous said...

"the 'poor innocent black thug was gunned down for no reason.'"

Scott wrestled with Slager on the ground, then took the taser away and tried to kill Slager.

Anonymous said...

Real news story.
Cops have to watch out for FBI agents,as well as street thugs it seems,as a Grand Rapids cop was shot by FBI agent Ruben Manuel Hernandez,a 35 year old FBI agent in town on an undisclosed case.
At a gym on 28th st,in Grand Rapids,was where the shooting occurred.Hernandez had been out drinking and "was delusional"when he found his way to the 28th st gym.Ruben Manuel Hernandez was arraigned via video on Dec. 7, 2016.


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The FBI agent who allegedly fired shots at a Grand Rapids police officer Tuesday felt paranoid at the time of the incident, according to a source close to the case.

Court records identify the agent as 35-year-old Ruben Manuel Hernandez. He was arraigned Wednesday afternoon on assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, felonious assault, and brandishing a weapon in public. He is being held on a $70,000 bond.

Related CoverageGRPD: Man arrested for shooting at sergeant works for FBI

The source says the agent and his partner came from Las Vegas, but were in Grand Rapids to conduct interviews on a case. The two went to dinner and then to a bar, the source says.

The shots were fired around 1:20 a.m. Tuesday near the Planet Fitness, located at 3681 28th Street SE, east of the East Beltline. Officers were called there after Hernandez was seen with a firearm inside the gym. Authorities say the suspect shot at a police sergeant who tried to speak with him outside.

Officers arrested Hernandez in The Orbit Room parking lot north of the Shops at CenterPoint mall. The other FBI agent was there at the time of the incident.

The source close to the investigation told 24 Hour News 8 Hernandez felt paranoid, thought people were out to get him and even blacked out. He has a vague recollection of what happened.

The Grand Rapids Police Department took a blood test and are awaiting results.

No one was hurt during the incident.