Monday, December 12, 2016

Colin Kaepernick Inspires One TV Listener

By Nicholas Stix

The Jets, on the shoulders of running back Bilal Powell, beat the 49ers 23-17, in overtime in San Francisco yesterday, after being behind 14-0 in the first quarter. (Powell had 29 carries for 145 yards, two TDs, and five receptions for 34 yards, after featured back Matt Forte went down with an injured left knee early.)

Early in the game, The Boss asks: “Why do I keep hearing his name?

I explain that Kaepernick is playing quarterback against us.

“I want to shoot through d’TV, and shoot him.”

The Boss is an American citizen, and she takes her oath of loyalty very seriously.

By the way, the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell have deceived the public, by asserting that Colin Kaepernick has a legal right to do what he does before every game. He has no such right.

The Bill of Rights in general, and the First Amendment in particular, bestow liberties in the public sphere. NFL games are not part of the public sphere. They are private matters, and the stadiums where Kaepernick disrespects America’s National Anthem are private workplaces, no matter how many people view the games.

Obama lied about Kaepernick’s “rights,” because they support his racist, cop-killing, anti-American politics.

After a Black Lives Matter supporter slaughtered five white Dallas policemen on July 7, and Dallas Cowboys players wore a decal in support of the police during summer camp, the NFL, which supports the terrorist group, forced the players to remove the decal.

Goodell has also supported racist, black NFL players who promoted the “Hands up, don’t shoot” hoax in 2014.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Pity poor Obama, he's now "opening up" about the "racism" he's "absolutely" faced in the White House. Interesting the only thing he specifically cites is a difference in the "attitudes" among Southern states as opposed to Northern ones. Does he have an attitude meter he uses to measure? Then David Axelrod, who sat with him on the show, chips in with this chestnut: “It’s indisputable that there was a ferocity to the opposition and a lack of respect to him that was a function of race,"

How exactly did you gauge that Axelrod? Do you have a ferocity meter. I wonder if the meter would have gone any higher when Clinton's enemies went after him for receiving oral delights by someone other than his wife? Would it have been any worse for the viciousness in which Richard Nixon was attacked back in the day?

Yes, let us cue to the violins.

David In TN said...

An irony (something leftists are too stupid to understand) is the NFL has for decades wrapped itself in the flag. Another ploy is introducing "returning veterans" in the crowd or sometimes on the field.

True, he doesn't have the "right" to disrespect the flag. No more than he has the "right" to run a play the so-called coach doesn't want him to use.

The League is afraid of a player revolt if they came down hard or cut him on the spot. Just another example of the cowardly, dishonest, and hypocritical business and political class.

Anonymous said...

Local firefighter FIRED for tweeting anti-BLM comment.
A local firefighter got into an online argument with a California black,with the result of her reporting his tweets,costing him his job.
The argument was about Kaepernick and the fireman of 16 months reportedly tweeted,"F--k BLM and all you n-----rs should be glad we rescued you from the fields."
Once the local (Belding)fire department found out about it--the man was fired.I'm not printing his name,
The woman appeared on camera and almost appeared to be bragging about the fact that she was able to cause the ex-Marine to lose his job.
"I hope he shows more remorse as he lives his life in the future."
More on including video.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"The League is afraid of a player revolt if they came down hard or cut him on the spot."

Player revolt is exactly what it would be. They would just refuse to play [the colored players]. NO more games and no one wants that. So just give in and do as you are told.

Anonymous said...

The U. of Minnesota footbaw team has now refused to play in a bowl game unless the negro footbaw players suspended [ten of them] are reinstated.

The amounts of money at stake here are enormous. Wait and see. The university will give in.