Friday, December 02, 2016

A Merry Christmas Video Wish from Filipino President Duterte


Anonymous said...

Someone just the other day tried to kill this guy. Attacked his entourage and motorcade but the man was not present. He will blame a whole lot of folks. Obama included probably.

jeigheff said...

I can't imagine Obama or Hillary taking such a stand against crime.

Anonymous said...

Two, three, or more decades ago, I'd have been a big Duterte fan. But having seen how the Communists have destroyed America, have destroyed all hope for young white men whose ancestors created and built America, I'm more sympathetic to the drug addict. When communist government has closed down every industry in your town/region/state (i.e. Coal in WV), when their anti-white trade policies have shifted entire industries to the third world (i.e. Auto manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, software coding, pharma, steel, petroleum-chemical, textiles, etc), what choices remain for a young white man who refuses the communist (i.e. SJW) kool-aid? He can fight and go broke or to prison. He can hunker down and accept less and less and less while forced to do his job as well as the jobs of his nonwhite "co-workers." And he can drink or get blasted on drugs. Our society is killing him and we demand he suffer without anesthesia.

Stan d Mute