Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Russia Card: Conspiracy to Commit Sedition

By Nicholas Stix

Not a scintilla of evidence stands behind claims that Russia got Trump elected, variously through "planting fake news," "hacking voting machines," or tomorrow's lie du jour.


Anonymous said...

Jill says that it is possible the voting machines were hacked. Recount in Wisconsin and other states seems to suggest otherwise. It is all a charade.

Anonymous said...

That Nancy would even suggest such a thing. But so much that you have never even deemed possible in a Presidential election has already come to pass. Why not more. And probably more to come.

OH, Donald, please graciously accept the decision of the voters if you lose!!

Damned people!

Anonymous said...

The drumbeat on MSM about Putin-"being personally involved in election hacking"-is pervasive.All of the noise is for the benefit of the Dec 19th electoral voters,as the Clintonites try for a "Hail Mary" pass.Media is cooperating fully--the only thing they HAVEN'T done is bring out some megaphones for extra volume--but it may happen yet in the next four days.
All the usuals like Harwood,Tur and the rest are performing "camera uninterruptus",for propaganda and vote swaying purposes.It's a virtual telethon of bitching about how "rigged" the election was.MSNBC is overdosing its viewers with the constant coverage.
So one more lie that Clinton told--about conceding in a congenial way.No matter what Trump does--or doesn't do,we'll still be better off than if HRC had gotten in.
For that reason alone(if the Electoral College holds),it's going to be a good holiday season and new year.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The DNC server was hacked by phishing. That much is clear. But that they voting machines or whatever were tampered with seems a far reach, even absurd.