Monday, December 26, 2016

In Case You’d Forgotten What Racist, Anti-Semitic Devils the Obamas are, They’ve Left Some Farewell Notes

By Nicholas Stix

Barack Obama to Trump: Forget about an amicable succession;

Michelle “Obama”: America under the presidency of a normal, patriotic, white man, is “hopeless”;

Obama to Israel: Drop Dead;

Obama: The Wailing (aka Western) Wall, the holiest site in world Jewry, is occupied territory that belongs to genocidally anti-Semitic, Arab Moslems;

In a statement that surely was intended to insult Trump, but was at least as much a knock on Hillary Clinton, Obama says that he would have beaten Trump, head to head; and

Obama: The media didn’t help Hillary enough!

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Anonymous said...

Obama also left behind many dead policemen,smouldering cities and lots of murdered citizens.Thanks to the twin philosophies of "leave no immigrant overseas" and "don't punish black crime",we have areas of lawlessness-in many cities where those groups have taken over.
The black criminals killing each other are of no concern to me.That means a few less thugs out on the street.Of course,statistically,it doesn't decrease crime because,as when Isis leaders get killed,there's always someone to replace them.
So the beat goes on.Obama never addressed black crime--except to condone it.To me,THAT is his legacy.
--GR Anonymous