Saturday, December 17, 2016

Obama Gets Everybody’s Story Straight (Poster)

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Anonymous said...

Well if the FBI (who wouldn't charge HRC in the first place),CIA (I don't know what THEY'RE up to)and Obama(we KNOW what HE'S up to) all must be true then--and its the patriotic duty of the Electoral College to overthrow the election results and install HRC as our queen/dictator.
Sorry Mr Trump,but if normal election protocol were followed--and this information was not divulged about HRC--we never would have known about the cynical thoughts and strategies of the Dems.We therefore would have voted for Hillary at a 90% rate--in our ignorance.
The failure of the truth to NOT be suppressed--cannot be tolerated.When facts about candidates are released without their approval and which leads to their loss,they must arguably be compensated with the office they were seeking.
Recounts were deemed a poor solution(as the vote totals weren't close enough to matter).
So in lieu of a legal sane solution,a mostly illegal,totally INSANE solution is required.
Electors must drop Trump,throw it to the House and let the Republicans vote Hillary in.
We'll all feel better for it.
--GR Anonymous