Monday, December 26, 2016

The Usual Suspects Celebrate Post-Christmas Riots Across the Country


Chicago guy said...

I guess we're back to the flash-mobbing. News media pretty much obscured who they were. It just never ends, does it? Chicago had a big homicide wave for the Christmas weekend which illustrates the increasing derangement of this group. I can't see any reason to think things will improve.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I actually spotted a headline on MSN about Christmas "riots" but when I checked it out the lead photo showed a crowd of all white people, though when I scanned down the photos I did see at least one that showed dark skinned "rioters", though you had to look pretty close, I searched and found another MSN article on the same subject and the video basically showed police cars and crowds of (mostly) white people just walking around, somehow with the prevalence of personal recording media they couldn't obtain any video of the actual rioters, even though videos taken by people on the scene are posted all over social media and Youtube, the big time news players like MSN, AOL etc...with all their financial resources are the only ones, it seems, who can't come up with actual video of these "riots", of course the actual video would contradict the false narrative they are promoting.

It's clear the media is trying to slant this as a "white peoples" thing though, typical for the media to do so, it ignores these kind of "disturbances" by negroes all year but then runs a headline article during the Christmas seasons when stores put out loss leaders and run sales which cause big crowds to converge in small spaces, understandably there are going to be some conflicts but it gives the media some photo ops of whites getting a little agitated in shopping malls, something negroes do all year, and much more violently.

Anonymous said...

Those people are everywhere, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Kwaaaaaanza a Post-Christmas celebration.

Lots of bloods are partying around Kwaaaaaaanza.

Anonymous said...

Just teenagers--no race indicated.Lol.Unless you watch the videos.Is this going to be a yearly Negro event--like Devil's Night in Detroit?No one can really stop them,since this is all online organized in a couple hours.I missed what Obama said about this btw.Nothing as usual.
--GR Anonymous