Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Russia Game: Seditious Obama Ups Ante, in His Attempt to De-Legitimize Trump Presidency, Before Inauguration: He Extends and Leverages His Blood Libel of Russia Stealing Election for Trump, by Levying Sanctions Against Russia, Including Throwing Dozens of Russian Officials Out of U.S.

By Nicholas Stix

Neither the DPUSA, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, nor their media shills have ever provided any evidence backing up claims that the Russians had “hacked” the election. The first such claims I heard, on CNN, were that stories about Hillary Clinton’s terrible health were “fake news” that the Russians had somehow infiltrated into the news cycle, in order to help Donald Trump.

Initially, CNN’s Brian Stelter and Kate Bolduan snorted that stories about Mrs. Clinton’s health were “conspiracy theories.” Then came the claims of Russian “fake news” stories from a talking head on CNN, though the propagandist gave no examples.

The notion that the public got the notion that Hillary Clinton was deathly ill through “conspiracy theories,” or Russian “fake news,” was as ludicrous as just about every other dirty trick the MSM pulled, though I have to admit that the sheer volume of the media treachery did affect many people—like yours truly. I was convinced that Trump would lose. My reason for believing that, however, was the treachery of his own party. No Republican presidential candidate had ever overcome both the DPUSA and the GOP ganging up on him.

In any event, the public got the idea that Mrs. Clinton was desperately ill via their own eyes, and their impressions were underscored by the media’s desperate attempts to refute the obvious. At the 9/11 memorial, she had to leave early, and fainted, getting into her SUV. She needed huge Secret Service agents on each side of her at all times to help her go up or down even a single step. She suffered repeated, violent coughing fits. She did only a fraction of the campaigning that Trump did.

In addition to the media’s “conspiracy theory” and Russian “fake news” fairy tales, the MSM showed its contempt for the public and the truth by saying things like the TV doctor on MSNBC, who asserted that we all have a “fainting reflex,” which explained Mrs. Clinton’s fainting on 9/11—except that no one else fainted. Another “expert” claimed that Mrs. Clinton “only” had pneumonia. All of a sudden, a deadly disease became a minor matter. One cable host, or talking head, asserted that Mrs. Clinton was out of the public eye, because she was busy studying for the upcoming debate. It was much more likely that she was in bed, full of medication.

The entire “fake news” campaign was a pathetic attempt by the leftwing MSM to deflect from their own role, in attempting to rig the election for Mrs. Clinton, via a constant flood of news hoaxes, including their assertions that Clinton was going to win in a landslide, and that Trump had virtually no chance of winning. They were Fake News Central.

I can recall CNN’s John King asserting every day for a good three weeks in October that Hillary Clinton had 309 electoral votes sewn up, Trump had but 172, and she had a good shot at many more, while he was dead in the water. Only about a week before the election, did King slightly change the Electoral College totals, though he still presented a Clinton victory as a given.

I am counting the fraudulent pollsters as part of the same MSM fake news world. (Note that not all pollsters were fraudulent.)

The MSM’s response to any criticism was, and still is, to vilify the critics as “white supremacists,” “Nazis,” etc.

The ganging up was so effective that a few weeks before the election, even Trump appeared to believe he was going to lose.

Since Trump’s miraculous victory, his enemies have promoted the blood libel that the Russians “hacked” the election for him. They have shown no evidence that this happened, and indeed, it would impossible for there to be any such evidence. It is not technologically possible to hack into tens of thousands of voting machines. When Obama supporters speak of “election systems” being hacked, that is exactly the deception that they seek to foist upon the public.

We are told that the Democratic National Committee was hacked, but that is no “election system,” though its bosses surely wish it were.

DNC bosses have had trouble keeping their lies straight, and with good reason.

Wikileaks exposed onetime DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile as funneling presidential debate questions to Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, in an effort to rig the election. Brazile, who had sought in 2000 to help steal the election for DPUSA candidate Al Gore, identified herself ass “a Chrsitian woman,” and asserted that the emails that showed her passing along debate questions to the Clinton camp, were falsified by Wikileaks. If Brazile, the Christian woman, was telling the truth, then nobody hacked the DNC. But if she was lying, it means that whoever hacked the DNC succeeded at getting to the public the truth that the MSM was conspiring to cover up!

I have yet to hear any Democrats condemn Donna Brazile as a liar.

Brazile actually played it both ways: She condemned the leaks as both “stolen” and as fabricated. At first, numerous Democrats, including CNN personnel, never mentioned the emails, without emphasizing that they were “stolen.” Keep in mind that Democrats are typically criminals’ biggest cheerleaders.

I am not aware of the Administration ever providing any evidence that the emails were hacked by the Russians, and have read or heard reports that American intelligence agencies were deeply divided on the question.

The John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” has now directed DHS and the FBI to release a joint report [pdf] asserting that, through phishing attacks, “Russian civilian and military intelligence Services (RIS) … compromise[d] and exploit[ed] networks and endpoints associated with the U.S. election, as well as a range of U.S. Government, political, and private sector entities. The U.S. Government is referring to this malicious cyber activity by RIS as GRIZZLY STEPPE….

“The U.S. Government confirms that two different RIS [Russian intelligence service] actors participated in the intrusion into a U.S. political party. The first actor group, known as Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) 29,
entered into the party’s systems in summer 2015, while the second, known as APT28, entered in spring 2016.”

(Although the report sounds impressive, there’s no “there” there. Most of it consists of strategies that will presumably protect systems from such attacks.)

Here’s why I don’t believe Obama:

We know that behind the scenes, the intelligence agencies do not agree on the source of the attack;

Democrats in the government, media, and elsewhere, including Obama, have been working like crazy to undo the election, and destroy Donald Trump;

As The Hill has pointed out, Obama has provided no evidence to back up his incendiary assertions, but instead has relied on Democrat repetition and the secondary repetition (“reporting”) of Democrat media operatives, to make people think Obama & Co. have made their case; and

Obama is the biggest liar and most evil man to ever occupy the White House. He makes the previous champion liar, Bill Clinton, look like a piker, and in matters of evil, there’s no one to whom Obama can be compared. Ever since his first inauguration, he has striven to wreak chaos at home and abroad.

As far as I can see, the Russia game began as a rhetorical strategy by Hillary Clinton’s election team. They took an innocuous line by Trump that he could work with Vladimir Putin and, after initially asserting that Trump would be Putin’s puppet, spun ever grander lies on the same topic.

The question is, what is Obama’s endgame? Toppling Trump? Installing Hillary as president? Bringing about a (nuclear?) war between us and Russia? Declaring a state of emergency, and naming himself “president” for life? On January 20, 2009, I argued that the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” is capable of anything. I’ve never seen any reason to change that judgment.

Russia’s December 28 Response
28 December 201619:44

Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova on new threats of sanctions from the United States

en-GB1 ru-RU1

The outgoing US administration has not given up on its hope of dealing one last blow to relations with Russia, which it has already destroyed. Using obviously inspired leaks in the US media, it is trying to threaten us again with expansion of anti-Russian sanctions, “diplomatic” measures and even subversion of our computer systems. Moreover, this final New Year’s “greeting” from Barack Obama’s team, which is already preparing to leave the White House, is being cynically presented as a response to some cyber-attacks from Moscow.

Frankly speaking, we are tired of lies about Russian hackers that continue to be spread in the United States from the very top. The Obama administration launched this misinformation half a year ago in a bid to play up to the required nominee at the November presidential election and, having failed to achieve the desired effect, has been trying to justify its failure by taking it out with a vengeance on Russian-US relations.

However, the truth about the White House-orchestrated provocation is bound to surface sooner or later. In fact, this is already happening. On December 8, US media quoted Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp as saying that the local authorities tracked down the origin of a hacker attack on his voter registration database after the election. The attack was traced to an IP address of the Department of Homeland Security. This was followed by an attempt to quickly cover up this information by a flood of new anti-Russian accusations that did not contain a single piece of evidence.
We can only add that if Washington takes new hostile steps, it will receive an answer. This applies to any actions against Russian diplomatic missions in the United States, which will immediately backfire at US diplomats in Russia. The Obama administration probably does not care at all about the future of bilateral relations, but history will hardly forgive it for this apr├Ęs-nous-le-deluge attitude.

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Anonymous said...

First..great writing and points addressed.I ask the same question(with an additional assumption).
What is the end game of obama (and the individuals he takes orders from)?
obama is the failed conduit of others pulling strings to bring the US into a collapse.Is it a coalition between Arab governments and US globalists to begin a transfer of towelheads from "over there" to "over here"?
obama's failure was not for lack of trying.Media,politicos,pollsters (both duplicitous and incompetent)all tried to destroy Trump.The Clinton loss was a tremendous last stand of patriotism by White America.Divided country?You better believe it.The divide is this:WHAT IT WAS vs WHAT "THEY" WANT IT TO BE.
Until Trump takes office,you cannot assume that obama will not try to block Trump's inauguration,by any means he deems necessary.Legal,illegal,subversive or undisguised.
ACTUAL war--or other means of stopping a Trump presidency,cannot be discounted.But the war against white people has been ongoing since WJClinton.
I guess for now,we just have to wait and see how extreme the Dem globalists will be-in their desperation-of stopping Trump from taking the oath on January 20th.As usual,I hope none of this happens to the slightest degree.
--GR Anonymous