Sunday, December 18, 2016

How Does Donald Tump Differ from the John Doe Calling Himself "Barack Obama"? Here's One Example (Photoessay)


Anonymous said...

Yes.Now he has to draw the line on people who,by their criminal activity,prove they are not pro-American either--black thugs and Mexican scum.I'm talking the usual suspects,the repeat offenders of drug crime,assault,gang activity(including murder).That stuff is totally anti-American.
Most(99%) white Americans that I've known my entire life DID NOT rob their neighborhood retail stores--gas stations,pizza joints etc.They DID NOT ruin the blocks they lived on with lowlife behavior--pimping,intimidation,porch dwelling unproductivity,violence and a pervasive lack of cleanliness.
They DID NOT cause the people they came in contact with,to become welfare mothers,drug addicts,domestic abuse victims and prostitutes.
They DID however,go to school,get jobs,get married and have kids,take care of their property,pay their taxes and continue that productive cycle by passing it to the next generation.
They DID take responsibility for their lives and didn't depend on the government for their income.They had pride.
They DID go to war and saved the world in WW 2.Yes,blacks went in the small numbers they did,but this country was white founded,improved by whites through millions of inventions and scientific breakthroughs.Whatever small contributions blacks made in our history are negligible compared to whites.At its peak,this was a great,white country.
So as we head into another new year and a new presidency,I look around my city,other cities and states and only hope Donald Trump can see what is bringing our country down and have the ability to lead a gutless,politically entrenched Congress to be tough on people who,by their behavior ARE NOT Americans--and need to be treated as such.If that means losing their votes,so be it.Cutbacks on welfare and tougher crime laws are just for starters to make America great again.Trump doesn't have much time.There's a lot of resistance to what needs to done.I wish him success.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Blacks in America like foreign dictators. The possession of power and the unlimited and undiminished use of that power. Jesse Jackson is such a person.