Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Summary of John Kerry’s Speech Today on Israel


Anonymous said...

In the continuing war of Arabs vs Christanity--going on since the first Crusades,the pro Arab faction was given a setback with the election of Trump(I think).It's obvious to me,that for the last 8 years,Obama,the democrats and globalists were in favor of mass Arab relocation programs--under the guise of humane reasons.The media has been brought in as well,to show Aleppo kids and other atrocities,that we're supposed to save them from.We're supposed to save them from THEMSELVES!!!
A more devious angle(and probably the correct one)is a pro Arab agenda is morphing and being formulated in world governments.Why would that occur?Who knows what secret deals are made between Arabs and other countries-or why.A decision to let the Muslims have their way with Israel would not be shocking to hear.Obama made it clear,he wanted more Muslims in the USA.A slow transition to a pro Arab mindset has to start somewhere and I think Obama tried to be a catalyst.Clinton would have continued the process in my opinion.
Without US support,Israel would become a sitting matzo for destruction.I can only conclude that the reason for such an event to happen would be a change in philosophy,in Western government and religious views,of who will be the overseer of prevalent moral code--Eastern religion or Western?
That war never seems to end.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
The Crusades were actually predated by the Muslim conquest of much of the Iberian peninsula and some of Italy's southern islands. The last Muslims were finally driven out in the late 1400's. The Crusades could be seen as Christian persecution of the Muslim world but after centuries of Muslim imperialism toward Europe maybe it was just payback. This kind of history is conveniently forgotten by Muslims when they complain about Western "imperialism" but their hands are not clean, in fact, you could argue much dirtier, they were trafficking in slaves far before the white man did and their history of building empires built on the backs of weaker peoples stretches much farther back than Europe's.

The Western media propaganda machine has been producing videos of innocent looking little cherubs and their mothers in the middle of war zones, yet those women and children are noticeably absent from the hordes of young males trying to force their way into Europe. Apparently the women and children stay behind to do the fighting while the young men escape to the safety of the West. Basically, we know these male immigrants are fraudulent as "conflict refugees" because if they were truly escaping war zones it wouldn't just be men. The media doesn't care though, there are forces in the West that want these men here, they serve as cheap labor and beef up population numbers feeding the mantra of "economic growth that must continue unabated".

Anonymous said...

I think it's more than economic,Jerry.Our past few administrations have cared very little about the general economy or the middle class.This goes into political and philosophical territory--and I can't figure out why the push to make Europe and the US,Arab infected.I mean that literally.Infected,as in,this country is ALREADY negro infected or Mexican infected.Why?For the purpose of those groups to enable population growth and an inevitable replacement of the previous white Christian majority.
Who agreed to this and why,are my questions.Anyone that we have voted in, that is favor of flipping this country into MuslimAmerica or Northern Mexico or Africa jr is a traitor to what this country was originally about.Others,who we don't know about,are the ones we need to find information on--and why they want to destroy the US.
--GR Anonymous