Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New Year’s Resolutions for White Guys




Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

By James Fulford, at VDARE.


David In TN said...

Have you wondered (I have) if Obama will release Eric Boyd? He's the only Knoxville Horror perp in federal prison.

I just checked and Boyd is incarcerated in Oklahoma. He is scheduled for release in October 2022.

Anonymous said...

Those guys getting out early are mostly [?] crack dealers. Got stiff sentences. That was what the negro community had DEMANDED of the federal government. Crack was so bad and causing such problems for the colored community they wanted stiff sentences. NOW they say let em' all go.

Anonymous said...

My response:

Dear nigger, slope, beaner, raghead, and other third world scum in my country,

You live in the most prosperous country in the world. The great majority of that prosperity was created by white men. You are mere parasites. Please either get the fuck out of my country or shut the fuck up.

This is good advice. You should follow it. If you do not heed my advice and keep poking a sleeping giant, eventually that giant will wake up and devour you.

If it is dangerous white men you want, keep doing what you are doing.

An awakened white man

Anonymous said...

I've commented a few times over why drug dealing is violent crime.The collateral death toll caused by OD's,gang murder and family abuse is nothing BUT violent behavior.The dealers make lives miserable for everyone in their sphere.Obama and the other black "law enforcers" in his administration must have lost any connection with reality.I hope Trump clamps down and doubles down on sentences for all these societal miscreants.

Anonymous said...

On November 1, one week before the presidential election, when a black Baptist church burned down Greenville, Mississippi with the words "Vote Trump" spray painted on the side, CNN was quick to suggest that the arson could be a "hate crime" targeting the local black community.

CNN quoted Mayor Errick Simmons who said said he spoke to some of the church's 200 congregants "who were fearful and felt intimidated. They felt the vandalism was not just an attack on the church, but on the black community, he said." It was all the CNN anchors could talk about for hours, if not days.

To be sure, there were those who suggested that contrary to the forced narrative, the arson could be nothing more than a false flag attack meant to incite anger at Trump supporters, but they were quickly silenced by being branded simply as purveyors of "fake news."

As it turns out, the "fake news" was right, because as AP reported this afternoon, the arsonist Andrew McClinton, 45, of Leland Mississippi has been arrested, and not only was he a member of the church congregation, but he was also African American. 

So much for a "hate crime" against the black community.

Andrew McClinton

McClinton was charged Wednesday with first degree arson of a place of worship, said Warren Strain, spokesman for the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.
GRA:Media fuc*ed up again at the time.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
One would think there might be a bit of contrition now that the Hopewell church burning was a race hoax. I've already dropped this on a few Afroracists I've been arguing with and they all follow the same pattern of rationalizations:

He was framed. It was really the KKK and nothing you whiteys tell me will change my mind.

I don't care about facts. Facts is stupid (actual quote).

It's whitey's fault he did this, it's 400 years of oppression that twisted his mind so it's still the white man's fault. Either that or he's got some white in him and that made him do it (actual quote).

Doesn't matter if one negro does this, doesn't change that 1,000's of churches have been burned by racist whiteys. He's the only one that ever done this.

First off, in regard to the last one, they are wrong, there have been many church burning where negroes burned their own churches for a variety of reasons but blacks don't read the news thoroughly, they only glance at the front pages with the hysterical headlines, not the back pages where they report that the perps are usually black. They also exaggerate the number of churches burned and don't consider that churches are often old wooden buildings that easily catch fire and many "burnings" are just minor electrical fires that do little damage, also churches are burned by owners of buildings for insurance reasons (very common), many churches defined as Southern churches by mainstream media are actually mixed congregations and not necessarily "black churches" but it plays well in the media to pretend they are black so therefore any fire must be the work of white racists.