Thursday, December 22, 2016

Take a Look at the Smirking Face of Hate and Racism: Andrew McClinton is Arrested in the Hopewell Church Arson; McClinton is a Member of the Congregation; No One from Hopewell, or the Media, Has Yet Apologized for Falsely Accusing Whites


Suspected war criminal Andrew McClinton

By Jerry PDX

Finally an arrest in the Hopewell church burning. The perp is named Andrew McClinton, and he turned out to be... drum roll please... a negro!

Anybody out there surprised? One has to wonder why it took months for the FBI to crack this case. Personally, I think they knew who it was from week one but for some reason waited months before making an arrest. I've been scanning through the headlines and spotted a few back page mentions in MSNBC and a couple of other mainstream outlets, but mostly it's offbeat news sources and some conservative groups reporting on this. It just hit the news, so we'll see if any of the big new players will give this any headline coverage, maybe a couple will but I think it's mostly just going to get the usual "token" mention, nothing remotely like the massive hysterical coverage it got when they thought it was a "hate crime." Well, it is a hate crime, one that was committed by a racist negro who hates whites.

Note the smile on McClinton's face. He think he gettin' away with one. Sad truth is that he kind of is. He's probably dumber than a Q-tip, but still realizes that his act is successfully contributing to the current hate crime hoax hysteria.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 11:36:00 P.M. EST

By Grand Rapids Anonymous


On November 1, one week before the presidential election, when a black Baptist church burned down Greenville, Mississippi with the words "Vote Trump" spray painted on the side, CNN was quick to suggest that the arson could be a "hate crime" targeting the local black community.

CNN quoted Mayor Errick Simmons who said he spoke to some of the church's 200 congregants "who were fearful and felt intimidated. They felt the vandalism was not just an attack on the church, but on the black community, he said." It was all the CNN anchors could talk about for hours, if not days.

To be sure, there were those who suggested that contrary to the forced narrative, the arson could be nothing more than a false flag attack meant to incite anger at Trump supporters, but they were quickly silenced by being branded simply as purveyors of "fake news."

As it turns out, the "fake news" was right, because as AP reported this afternoon, the arsonist Andrew McClinton, 45, of Leland Mississippi has been arrested, and not only was he a member of the church congregation, but he was also African American.

So much for a "hate crime" against the black community.

McClinton was charged Wednesday with first degree arson of a place of worship, said Warren Strain, spokesman for the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.

GRA: Media fuc*ed up again at the time.

N.S.: No, the media did what they do—tried to swing the election, through consciously promoting an obvious hate crime hoax.

Thursday, December 22, 2016 at 12:29:00 A.M. EST


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
This article by Michael Fumento helps put this so called wave of race based church burnings in perspective. Well, actually he debunks it as manufactured hysteria by the media.

Anonymous said...

This sorta stuff has really gotten old fast. The hoax is readily apparent to all observers even with merely a single glance. So much of it now too. Trump is to blame for everything.

These hoaxsters are really sad and pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I switched from Lesta Holt to Scott Pelley to get AWAY from this stuff,but noooooo,it's on the Colored Broadcasting System as well.This is from NBCs website:
A white Texas police officer whose "violent"(my quote marks)arrest of three black women went viral when it hit the internet was placed on restricted duty Thursday while an internal investigation is under way, officials said.

The Fort Worth Police Department did not identify the officer who was caught on camera wrestling at least two of the women to the ground and pointing a Taser at another person.

Brea Hymond and Jacqueline Craig wait to get released after getting arrested by police. Courtesy S. Lee Merritt
"We acknowledge that the initial appearance of the video may raise serious questions," the department said in a statement. "We ask that our investigators are given the time and opportunity to thoroughly examine this incident and submit their findings."

That means that for now the most vivid account of what happened on Wednesday is the footage recorded by a cousin of one of the arrested women, identified by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram as Porsha Carver.

"Since this is an internal investigation, state law limits the information that may be released, including the officer's body cam footage," the police said. "We ask our community for patience and calm during this investigation process."

The confrontation erupted after Jacqueline Craig called the Fort Worth Police department to report that her 7-year-old son was choked by a white neighbor, the NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reported.

In the video, the responding officer can be seen talking to the neighbor, who claimed that Craig's son left litter on his property and defied his request to pick it up, the affiliate reported.

Then the officer turns to Craig and asks, "Why don't you teach your son not to litter?"

"He can't prove to me that he did or didn't," a furious Craig replies. "But it doesn't matter. That doesn't give him the right to put his hands on him."

"Why not?" the officer replies.

When Craig's daughter Brea Hymond tries to get between them the officer tackles her.

At one point, the officer is seen on the video pulling out his Taser as he wrestles Craig and Hymond to the ground. But it was not immediately clear if he used it or who he was aiming the device at.

The person recording the arrests can be heard swearing a blue streak in the background, calling the officer a "racist pig" and worse.
GRA:I watched the video and the black, 350 lb Jemima is ridiculous from the get-go.The viewpoint of the black is that whitey is wrong--no matter what.The white neighbor,the white cop and every other white person on earth.Make up your own mind,but there's no way "Two Ton Oprah" would have listened to anything that whitey would have said.She was looking for a fight.Maybe they should send Damon Wayans or Eddie Murphy to the ghetto.The blacks just can't act civilized enough in those situations with white cops.
--GR Anonymous