Thursday, December 22, 2016

The List of Charges Against Former Cop and Alleged Mass Murderer Nicholas Tartaglione

The four vics

Alleged mass murderer Nicholas Tartaglione


Anonymous said...

At least three of those killed real American Indians without almost NO white admixture. Illegal aliens? What are the odds? "Middletown men" that is a laugh.

Murder of this sort you cannot condone. From an ex-cop even worse.

Anonymous said...

Nick does muscle for the Mafia? It does not surprise me. Probably on the mob payroll his entire time as a cop? That would not surprise me either.

You can become very violent and lose control easily when using steroids. Hyper-aggressive.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Check out this article on MSN, according to the headlines "Stand your Ground" takes it's "toll". People killing intruders in their home is implied to be a bad thing and we must be wringing our hands over the loss of would be home intruders because their lives have oh so much value. The author's name is Charles Rabin and he appears to be a reporter who writes for the Miami Herald, I looked up his face on google and he is a white man, undoubtedly an anti gun liberal ideologue who advocates that all whites must lay down and die in the face of violent negroes and other criminals. The public isn't completely fooled, check out the comments field and most of the commenters see right through his sophistry and are calling him out for it. The ongoing war on whites continues....