Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Tawana Deutschland Hoax Exposed: Berthoud, CO Police Confirm That Black “German” Girl Staged Hate Crime Hoax, Only They Don’t Use the “H”-Word, and

Have Said Nothing About Prosecuting or Deporting Her

This is the phony suspect sketch that Tawana described to a police sketch artist. I know where I’ve seen that guy… in Düsseldorf!

By Nicholas Stix

I told you so, folks. This one stunk to high heaven, from the get-go.

Germany doesn’t normally have any blacks, so there’s a good chance that this girl was admitted to Germany as part of a “refugee” scam.

She should be criminally charged with filing a false police report, and immediately deported as undesirable and never permitted back, but somehow I doubt that’ll happen.

* * *

Hate crime in Berthoud never happened, police say
May 1, 2012, 1:00:00 a.m. MDT
The Denver Post

Police say no hate crime occurred in Ellen Bunyan Bein Park in Berthoud, after a black Berthoud High School foreign exchange student from Germany said she was attacked by four white men.

CBS 4 first reported that the assault did not happen in Berthoud, but might have happened overseas sometime in the past. [What a crock! Whatever “reporter” said that is as shamelessly dishonest as the hoaxer herself.]

The 15-year-old junior said she was attacked by men in their 20s as she walked alone in the park last Thursday night.

She said one of the men cut her forehead with a knife.

Berthoud High School principal Chris Garcia told the Loveland Reporter-Herald last week that faculty, students and the community had rallied to support the girl.

[And what about now, after the girl has revealed herself to be a racist crook?!]

"Any event that hurts students is so out of the character of the community," Garcia said last week.

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“Hate Crime Hoax in Colorado? Not to Diversity-Trained Cops”; and

“Have You Seen This Man? Generic Description and Generic Police Sketch of Suspect in Generic Neo-Nazi ‘Hate Crime’ in Colorado.”]


bearspaw said...

how about starting with charging her and other hoaxters of color with a charge of race "lying"?

Anonymous said...

Yet another black woman trying to frame the white man.

Anonymous said...

"Germany doesn’t normally have any blacks,"

Sadly, after both WWI and WWII (or, as the late Jonathan Bowden called it, the European Civil War) Germany experienced occupation in whole or in part by armies which included non-European soldiers.

After WWI France deployed between 25,000 and 40,000 troops from its African colonies to Germany to occupy the Rhineland. After WWII the American army of occupation (which continues to the present day) included African-American soldiers, with the resulting corruption of the German gene pool.