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Neo-Nazi Mob Commits Attempted Mass Murder in Chicago Suburb

State police and local police investigate the scene at the Ashford House… (John Booz, for the Chicago…)

Stormfront founder Don Black, 2011

By Nicholas Stix

A mob of “anti-racists” found out that Stormfront was meeting at an Irish restaurant just outside of Chicago Saturday at lunchtime, ran in, and attacked them with bats, metal batons, and hammers, all of which are deadly weapons.

What I don’t get is that the Stormfronters put up so little resistance. Stormfront was founded and is still run by Don Black, a sometime Nazi, sometime KKK Grand Wizard, and white supremacist, who is a really tough guy.

How tough, you ask? Well, back in 1981, Black attempted to conquer the entire island nation of Dominica with just nine other, heavily armed commandos, on behalf of Dominica’s first Prime Minister Patrick John (1975-1979), and with John's supporters among former military men and Rastafarians.

Depending on who’s telling the story, Black & Co. sought to turn the island into a white supremacist nation, or just to get lucrative vice enterprises (gambling, drugs, etc.) out of the deal. Someone dropped a dime on the would-be conquerors, and the FBI arrested the white group in New Orleans, before they ever got to sea, while the Dominican authorities arrested John and his rebels. The conspirators called their undertaking, “Operation Red Dog”; critics mocked it as “the Bayou of Pigs.” (See here and here.)

All of the conspirators, including John, landed in prison for varying stretches. John got 12 years; Black got either three or five years, depending on the source, none of which seem particularly reliable.

One of the many odd things about this operation is that Patrick John, like about 87 percent of Dominicans, is black. The country is less than one percent white.


Dominican former PM Patrick John, in an old picture

(I’ve never met, nor have I ever communicated with Don Black. If he wishes to comment on, or clarify this incident, or anything else in this item, he is welcome to contact me at .)

I can only imagine that Black’s people entered the restaurant unarmed, to protect themselves against being set up for an arrest, on weapons charges.

Not good. Anyone who is the target of genocidal “anti-racists” had better be ready for the worst-case scenario, and may not go for high-road, noble suffering. It won’t get you any respect from the MSM, the authorities, or the public. And you could end up brain-damaged or dead, whereby I leave it to the reader to decide for himself which fate is worse.

The authorities tipped off the public in racial code that the attackers were white, by emphasizing that the attack was not "random."

So, why did I refer to a "Neo-Nazi Mob" in my title? Well, they're genocidal racial supremacists, so why not?

* * *

10 injured in attack at Tinley Park restaurant
By Dennis Sullivan and Dawn Rhodes
May 19, 2012
Chicago Tribune

Ten people were injured this afternoon when a large group of people wielding bats and hammers burst into a south suburban restaurant and attacked a group of diners, according to officials and witnesses.

The incident occurred around 12:45 p.m. at the Ashford House Restaurant at 7959 W. 159th St. in Tinley Park, according to police and Mayor Ed Zabrocki.

The mayor said about 12 to 15 people were having a meeting inside the restaurant when another group of 15 to 18 people, wearing hooded black jackets, attacked them.

Zabrocki said it was not yet clear what connection there is between the two groups or what the motive may have been for the attack.

Three people were taken to area hospitals while the remaining victims refused medical attention, police said.

Five people believed to have been involved were being held at the Tinley Park police station this afternoon, according to Zabrocki.

When police responded to the scene, the attackers fled in three vehicles, Tinley Park police said. One vehicle and its passengers were caught about five minutes later near the intersection of 159th and Harlem, while the other vehicles fled the area.

Five people are in custody and are being questioned by police.

Police confirm the attackers were seeking a specific group of people dining in the restaurant.

A long-time waitress, who declined to give her name, said of the melee: “It was the scariest frickin’ day of my life.”

The woman later said outside the restaurant that she first noticed the group of victims in the parking lot around 12:30 p.m., milling around some cars with out-of-state plates.

The woman said they came to the restaurant as part of a reservation for 20 people, but none of them seemed to know each other.

She also said that she was a little wary of the diners because they told her they were part of an Irish heritage group, though none spoke in an Irish dialect or with an accent.

[N.S.: I don’t get it. Irish immigrants speak with brogues; I would think that Irish “heritage groups” are typically composed of Irishmen whose families have been here for generations, no? ]

She went to the back of the restaurant to make salads and told another waitress to let her know if there was any trouble with the group.

About 15 minutes later, the second waitress told the woman that there was a brawl in the restaurant.

The woman said when she emerged, she saw the attacking group attacking patrons with bats and hammers.

All the dishes and plates were knocked off the tables and smashed, and people were either lying on the ground bleeding or crouched behind tables, she said.

She described one of the hammers left behind at the scene as a railroad hammer with a 24-inch handle.

“They took out the whole restaurant,” she said. “It was absolutely horrible.”

Another waitress said most of the attackers looked to be in their late teens. She also said the attackers screamed obscenities throughout the incident.

At one point, the first woman said, the restaurant’s manager chased after an attacker who tried to flee but was struck from behind and beaten.

The woman described the restaurant, where she has worked for eight years, as an Irish establishment that typically draws several generations of families.

“I call this place my Emerald Isle — the happiest place in the world,” she said. “The customers are old school. When I’m inside these walls, I feel secure, like in a big, giant family.”

Police said that the village believes the incident to be isolated and not a random attack. The incident is under investigation and police are receiving cooperation from the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force.

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this article.]

* * *

Source: Group beaten at Tinley Park restaurant were white supremacists
By Janet Lundquist, Natasha Korecki and Matthew Bruce
May 20, 2012, 1:26 p.m.; updated: 6:18 p.m.
Chicago Sun-Times

Police investigate the scene at The Ashford House Restaurant, 7959 W. 159th Street, in Tinley Park, IL where allegedly a group of people entered and started assaulting patrons Saturday, May 19, 2012. Brett Roseman/Sun-Times Media

A law enforcement source Sunday said the group beaten at a Tinley Park restaurant Saturday was made up of white supremacists, and those who assaulted them were protesters attacking their beliefs.

Police had five people in custody after the attack, which occurred at The Ashford House, 7959 W. 159th St. around noon. No charges had been filed yet, and the suspects did not appear in bond court Sunday.

Tinley Park Mayor Ed Zabrocki on Sunday said police do not know if the protesters had any connection to the NATO Summit in downtown Chicago.

He said police still have 35 to 40 people to interview, and charges could come Monday.

“The guys we have in the lockup are still not talking, at least not this morning,” Zabrocki said.

Mike Winston, who owns the restaurant, is facing $10,000 to $15,000 in damage to his business, as well as a loss of revenue as customers keep their distance.

A party of 60 people for a banquet cancelled Sunday morning, he said.

“I’m down about 80 tables this morning. People think we’re closed,” he said.

Undaunted by the violence of Saturday afternoon, his staff all showed up for work Sunday morning.

“I was very proud of them,” Winston said. “Everybody got here at five this morning, we cleaned up everything we could.”

On Sunday afternoon, the dining room showed little evidence of Saturday’s attack.

But there were still indications that the incident had left a mark on the restaurant.

Several customers could be overheard discussing the attacks, some calling the ordeal, “creepy.”

Winston said it wasn’t the cost of the damages that concerned him the most, but the drop in patronage.

“It’ the loss of business that’s the killer,” he said.

Police shut down the restaurant at 1 p.m. on Saturday, and investigators were there until about 8 p.m. They didn’t open back up until Sunday morning, so Winston lost all business Saturday afternoon and night.

“Why would they do that here? I’m not thinking about the money right now. I just hope they all go to jail.”

Winston lashed out at both groups over the chaos.

“I have no f-ing idea who the hell these people are,” Winston said. “When they made this reservation, they were some Irish heritage whatever. We get reservations every day for parties of 20, 30, 40 — we don’t ask what their political affiliation is.”

Winston, who chased one of the attackers out of the restaurant and was attacked himself behind the building, said he hasn’t been accused of being on one side or the other.

“Bottom line is, I don’t know anything about why they came here,” Winston said. “Both groups are a bunch of a------s if you ask me.”

Winston said he was working in the kitchen the restaurant during the lunch rush when a waitress screamed that a fight had broken out in the dining room.

Tinley Park police said in a press release that approximately 15 people dressed in black walked into the restaurant about 12:45 p.m. Saturday and started a fight with a group of people eating there.

Ten people were injured, three were taken to the hospital.

When police arrived, the attackers fled in three vehicles. Police stopped one vehicle near 159th Street and Harlem Avenue. Five men, all white, were arrested.

Winston said the mob was wielding metal batons and hammers, wearing hooded jackets and obscuring their faces with scarves and other coverings.

“They came running in the door single file,” Winston said.

The attack wasn’t a random act of violence, police said. But the attack apparently spilled over to others in the restaurant.

“Once they attacked the table, they went and started hitting random people,” Winston said. “Four or five people got knocked over the head pretty good, enough to require stitches,” he said.

He chased after one of the attackers “and had him on the ground, then five guys got out of a car and started kicking the (crap) out of me,” Winston said.

Winston said he was kicked in the back of the head and suffered several bruises, but he was the only restaurant employee who was hurt.

“They did a whole lot of damage,” he said. “They flipped over tables, they broke half the dishes.”

On Sunday, Orland Park resident Edward Hiller was eating at another Tinley Park restaurant.

“To walk into a restaurant at 1 in the afternoon and start attacking people like that with bats and hammers, that’s intent to kill,” said Hiller, who lives across the street from the Ashford House. That’s definitely a scary thing.”

Surveillance cameras inside the restaurant captured the attack and footage was turned over to Tinley Park police, Winston said.

Winston said that during the attack most of the men’s face coverings were torn off.

“Most of these kids were white, and they all looked like they were between 18 and 25,” he said.

“This stuff doesn’t happen in Tinley Park. We don’t have racism or white supremacy in Tinley Park,” he said. “I wish they had just stayed where they were.”

In a news release, police tried to assure residents the attack was “an isolated incident” and that “there is no immediate threat to the community.”

Tinley police said they were being assisted in the investigation by the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force.

Contributing: Mike Nolan


Anonymous said...

brainwashed white liberal Marxist idiots all need to be executed!

Anonymous said...

"What I don’t get is that the Stormfronters put up so little resistance."

They were unarmed and taken by surprise. Besides, the idea that most "white supremacists" or Stormfront participants are some kind of militant warrior types is just plain wrong. This was just an ordinary group of like-minded people having a meal together. They weren't going there looking for a fight.

Attacking people in a restaurant like that is beyond the pale. Antifas truly are the scum of the earth. What is ridiculous is that people are so brainwashed today that they feel the need to blame both parties - as though the Stormfront people caused the situation merely by showing up.

Anonymous said...

While serial sires are not always black a disconcertingly high proportion are. Within the black community there is an unspoken belief they should make as many black or mixed babies as possible regardless of ones abilities to care for such children. Jerry

Old Rebel said...

You don't need a gun to protect yourself from antifa.

Whenever we have a League of the South meeting at a public venue, we just place job applications around us. Works everytime.

Anonymous said...

This is an outrage!! The cowards and scum who attacked these people should be severely punished.

Also to anonymous at 1:26:00, it doesn't hurt that white taxpayers get stuck picking up the bill for them. They breed them, we feed them.

Jeff Ramstrom said...

The Stormfront group should have followed standard security procedures and posted at least two individuals outside the restaurant while the meeting was on. They failed to do this and also failed to designate two more individuals who were "heavy hitters" (muscular men capable of doing serious fist fighting) in the event of an attack.

Or: simply conducted their meeting at a private venue.

Re Don Black: A dirtbag willing to work with a corrupt negro dictator back in '81 and who now works behind the scenes with Jew-sympathizers like Jared Taylor at American Renaissance conferences. In short, whatever enriches him, WHOEVER enriches him.

Recommended: Hold Back This Day

Southside Jewish Girl said...

The title of your article is incorrect. Anti-Racist Action - Marxists who are equally as evil as the Stormfronters - committed the acts of violence.

Neither Nazis nor Communists are welcome in my hometown!