Monday, May 28, 2012

Tokyo: 2 College Girls Get Dead Drunk, and Let 2 Strange Black Men Pick Them Up at Nicki Minaj Concert; the Men Allegedly Rape One Girl in a Taxicab,

but the Girls Still Go with Them to Hotel Rooms, where the Pretty Irish Colleen Ends Up Strangled

War victim Nicola Furlong

Dancer James Blackstone, aka James “King Tight” Blackstone, aka James Blackston, 21, is reportedly one of the suspects in Nicola Furlong's murder

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Diversity is Strength: It’s Also ‘Suicidal’ White Women.”]

[Update, Saturday, June 9, 11:46 a.m.: The suspect falsely identified by Janet Shan was Richard Hinds, 19.]
By Nicholas Stix

Liberalism is a factory for the production of dead white females.

Larry Auster

These allegations are so sickening that I’m hoping this has all been misreported, and yet … it sounds so familiar.

Mistake #1: Two college girls, at least one of whom is 21-year-old, Irish exchange student Nicola Furlong, the other of whom is also 21 (knowing as I do firsthand how clannish exchange students are, she was probably another Irish coed), who are attending Takasaki City University of Economics in Gunma Prefecture, travel to Tokyo on Wednesday, to attend a Nicki Minaj concert.

Minaj has gigantic, fake-looking, rubber breasts; bleached hair (she’s black) so tawdry that I initially called it “prostitute-style,” but realized I was insulting working girls everywhere, and deleted the remark; looks plain, in spite of gobs of garish-looking makeup; dresses like (see the hair reference); and performs “rap.”


Nicki Minaj, in a "blonde" wig

No sensible person would attend such a concert under any circumstances, but why would one travel 10,000 miles, in order to study at a Japanese university, and then travel yet again, chasing after the worst of non-Japanese culture?

Nicki Minaj, in a black wig

Mistake #2: Mere hours after arriving in a strange city in a strange country, the two girls get drunk out of their minds (or did the suspects drug them?).

Mistake #3: The two girls—we’re supposed to think of these young bimbos as women?—accept an invitation to a very late-night dinner after the concert from two black utter strangers, 21 and 19, from the rap/hip-hop world.

Mistake #4: The girls get into a taxi, to go to the strange black men’s hotel, which to the black men (and to any sensible white woman, as my mom explained to me during the Mike Tyson rape trial), means they are consenting to have sex with them. If you don’t want to have sex with a strange man, you do not agree, late at night, to go to his hotel with him.

In the taxicab on the way to the hotel, the men both allegedly rape the girl who lived to tell.

This part is really weird, because what about the driver and Nicola Furlong? Why didn't either of them do something? But it gets weirder still.

Mistake #5: The girls both exit the cab at the hotel, but instead of screaming “Help! Police!,” each goes to a room with one of the men. A man rapes you, and so you then go to a hotel room with him to have more sex with him? A man rapes your girlfriend, and so you go to a hotel room to have sex with him?

At 3:20 a.m., after getting a complaint from a guest about ear-splitting “music” playing in another room, a hotel employee (security?) enters the room where the dead Nicola Furlong lies on the floor, the 21-year-old black man standing over her.

I’m guessing that the black man ignored the hotel staffer’s knocks on the door, and the staffer let himself in, using the pass key. (When I’m in a hotel standing over a girl I’ve just murdered, I never respond to knocks on the door. That is an absolute, moral principle of mine!) I’m also guessing that, if the allegations hold up, the black man was blasting the music, so that no one would hear Nicola Furlong’s screams.

Both men have been arrested for rape, and both are suspected of murdering Nicola Furlong.

From the spare reporting, it sounds like both girls had death wishes, but only one got her wish fulfilled.

Which brings up the reporting.

Although the only media report I could find on the case was the Japan Times, story which I copied and pasted in its entirety, I learned much more from a blog item by Janet Shan, a black writer who specializes in all things black, who writes that her source was the JT story, at The Hinterlandgazette.

And yet, Shan’s blog item is full of information on the suspects that is nowhere else to be found, except for later blog items by people who copied it from her, and also clearly misrepresents the JT story, by changing the word “raped” to “fondling.” Although Shan eventually quotes the Japan Times story, as to the alleged rape, that comes towards the end of the item, after most blog readers will have already moved on.

Here is what Shan writes, which cannot be found anywhere else:

* * *

Americans James Blackston, Unnamed Teen, Arrested in Connection with Death of Nicola Furlong After Nicki Minaj Tokyo Concert
By Janet Shan
May 27, 2012
Hinterland Gazette

TOP STORY: Two black Americans, one identified as dancer James Blackstone (James “King Tight” Blackstone or James Blackston), and another unnamed teen, (reported as [N.S.: June 9: false identification by Janet Shan!] have been arrested in connection with the death of an Irish exchange student, Nicola Furlong, in Tokyo, Japan. Both men were reportedly arrested for fondling a friend of the victim in a taxi cab. It is not clear if the men were connected to rapper Nicki Minaj, whose concert Nicola Furlong had attended. The U.S. State Department confirmed that two Americans were arrested and a police investigation is underway. Nicola Furlong reportedly died from asphyxiation. Furlong, who attended Takasaki City University of Economics in Gunma Prefecture, died Thursday after spending a night in the Keio Plaza Hotel following the Nicki Minaj concert.

King Tight’s Twitter @kingtightbucc20 is no longer working nor can you view his profile on MySpace. Blackston has reportedly served as background dancer for Omarion and Marques Houston in Osaka. He supposedly appeared in music videos for the Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown, and J. Lo. Here is a picture of James Blackston, AKA King Tight:

* * *

I couldn’t find any report that named “James Blackstone (James ‘King Tight’ Blackstone or James Blackston)” or [the person falsely identified by Janet Shan]. And so, at 8: 31 p.m. last night, I left the following comment for Shan.

• Ms. Shan,

The Japan Times story you cited as your source does not name James Blackston or [the person you falsely identified], nor does any other source published prior to this story. Did the JT previously name the two, but since scrub their names?

Did some other source previously report their names, but since scrub them, or delete the story naming them altogether?

That was over nine hours ago, and I know Shan read it hours ago, because she has since deleted two vulgar comments left by another reader, both of which I’d earlier seen.

Shan concluded her blog item,
Not to blame the victim, but going off to the room of a perfect stranger isn’t smart, no matter which country you are in. We have seen the tragic results such actions can have. Remember American teen Natalee Holloway, who mysteriously disappeared in Aruba after hooking up with Joran Van Der Sloot?

A mass-produced, feminist moron responded with the usual, robotic reply:

'not to blame the victim' it doesnt matter whether she voluntarily went to his hotel room or not!!! who do you think you are?? She was murdered. an innocent beautiful young woman is dead now and it's his fault

Of course, it matters whether she voluntarily went to his hotel room. Legally, it does not affect the murder charge, but it certainly matters, regarding any rape charge, and most of all, it matters, because if she’d had a lick of sense, she’d still be alive. We can save other girls from a similar fate, but the feminist robot doesn’t want that. She wants the maximum number of dead white girls possible.


As a wee lad, I was a heavyweight drinker, and I also wasted a lot of time playing nursemaid to much bigger, and often older kids who couldn’t hold their booze. However, early on, I slipped up a couple of times.

When I was 13 years old, I got very drunk, and was robbed of my newspaper route Christmas tips. About a week later, I got so drunk on New Year’s Eve, that I did things I couldn’t remember, like vomiting all over my mom’s bathroom and failing to clean it up, after returning home about six in the morning. Other things, like letting myself back into my best friend’s girlfriend’s family’s apartment, I recalled after overhearing my mom complain to my Nana about the woman’s call. However, I still didn’t remember the woman chasing me out of her apartment.

At that point, I resolved never again to get so drunk that I didn’t know what I was doing, what was going on around me, and was completely defenseless. Yes, at 13, though not in exactly those words.

Somewhere, introductions are taking place.

“Nicola Furlong, meet Jennifer Moore. Nicola Furlong, meet Imette St. Guillen. Nicola Furlong, Kristen Brydum. Nicola Furlong, Jesse Marie Davis…

* * *

U.S. men held over alleged rape, Irish woman's death
Two American men were arrested Saturday over the death of a female Irish exchange student in a Shinjuku Ward hotel, Tokyo police said.
Sunday, May 27, 2012
Japan Times

The woman, identified as 21-year-old Nicola Furlong, was found unconscious in a hotel room early Thursday morning and was later confirmed dead at a hospital. An autopsy indicated she may have been strangled.

One of the two suspects, a 19-year-old who identified himself as a musician, was in the room with the woman when hotel staff went up to probe a complaint about loud noise.

The two men were charged with indecent assault on the student's 21-year-old female friend, who was in a separate room with the other man, but police suspect they were involved in the student's death, investigative sources said.

The woman was attending Takasaki City University of Economics in Gunma Prefecture.

She arrived with her friend in Tokyo on Wednesday afternoon, and after catching a concert at a club in Koto Ward the two men approached them and invited them to a meal, the sources said.

After deciding to take a cab to the hotel, where both men were staying, the two allegedly raped the Irish woman's drunk friend inside the taxi, they said.

Upon arriving at the hotel, the musician paired off with the Irish woman and the other two went to a different room.

A guest complained about a loud noise coming from one of the rooms around 3:20 a.m. Thursday, and a hotel employee who checked the room found the Irish woman lying unconscious on the floor with the man standing nearby, according to the sources.

There were no signs that anyone else had entered the room, they added.


Anonymous said...

You're an absolute disgrace. To write an apparent 'report' about the case without knowing anything but what you read in the papers is pathetic.

You're undoubtedly an absolute loser who sits at home on the computer passing judgements on people you don't know.

An Irish girl lost her life in hoprrific circumstances and you sya she basically deserves it due to her choice of concert? Fuckin loser man.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any respect for Nicola's family? or for her?? You do not know all the facts and when you find them out I hope you realise how insulting this is to Nicola's life and to her friends. This is a horrible case, where two innocent women were completely violated and one lost her life, how dare you write for the world to see, those disgusting comments and put the blame on the victims.

Anonymous said...

Getting "ruffled" explains everything about these unfortunate young women's bizarre behavior and tragic experience. What vile excuses for "men". The rapes were obviously premeditated. I can tell you that for certain, without reading anything.

Anonymous said...

I know the girl personally - and I would prefer if you took down this posting! - You are completly off the mark - Think about this and the hurt your are compounding!

Louis said...

Well at least Japan has the death penalty, but given how ethnocentric their society is, don't know if they will care enough to exercise it given that the victim is not Japanese.

Anonymous said...

NS is exactly right. The best these girls could have hoped for is too get knocked up and left to raise the kid on their own.

Ask the girl who survived if she would go home with blacks again. I guarantee she's learned her lesson.

Shame on you liberals in la-la-land who don't prepare your children for reality.

il Mustachio

Anonymous said...

You need to remove this or it will be removed.

You have 24 hours to comply.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Not only are you a racist misanthrope, but you represent the worst of amateur opinion on the internet. You clearly know nothing about the case apart from other blogshitters' conjecture and your main aim seems to be to alienate and disgust as many people as possible. I wager you have no friends and little resembling a life other than your 'engagement' with the world though your computer.

Anonymous said...

You are a disgrace. Please remove this blog. I know the victim personally and have witnessed the devastation Nicola's has caused for her family. They have enough to deal with by getting their daughter, sister and friend home and laid to rest than to read any of your pathetic shit. You do not know her and therefore dont need to comment. REMOVE THE BLOG.

jeigheff said...

Actually, Nicholas gave us more information about Nicola's murder than an earlier news report which I read elsewhere. The earlier report did not identify the rapist/killers by name or race.

If only one young lady stumbles upon this article, and if it makes her think twice about getting drunk and going to a hotel room (in Japan or anywhere else) with strange men (black or otherwise), then Mr. Stix has done a good work.

I believe that some of the anonymous poster (posters?) know this, and that I'm wasting words pointing this out. They're mad about . . . something else. I do not believe that they knew Nicola Furlong, or that they really care about her.

Average Joe said...

This just goes to show how idiotic young white women are all over the world, not just in the United States. It is thanks to women like Furlong that Obama was elected in 2008 and if he is reelected it will also be thanks to these women. When are young white women going to get it through their thick skulls that blacks are dangerous and should be avoided?

bob fairlane said...

Fuck all you 'anonymous' cunts who threaten this man for lambasting rap garbage and rap "culture" which includes raping and killing naive white girls.

Anonymous said...

To all those attacking Mr. Stix for posting this report:
How many of you joined the rush to judgement in the Treyvon Martin case before knowing the full facts of the case?
Ah yes, it's different when it's a "white on black" media fabrication. Then it's automatically considered a legit and an army of PC troops declare the "obvious" guilt of the white (or in the case of Treyvon half white) perpetrator.

Anonymous said...

If you had bothered to do your 'job' correctly and studied all of the reports and you would have gathered all information on the case but you seem to leave out the facts that Ye two girls were bundled into a taxi and were highly intoxicated at this stage which means they were prett legless and most likely put Into taxi without there consent this is From witnesses,, and from hotel witness they were brought to the rooms in wheel chairs, so does that sound like two girls welcoming rape! I don't think so so instead of writing just want you want to write and leaving out the vital parts that defend the poor two girls I'd think about a different career if you can't do the one that you do have any justice! And just imagine you went through this ordeal with a family member or girlfriend wel I don't think you would appreciate such a sick blog posting !! Get rid of it you sick sick man!

Anonymous said...

Yes, shame on you NS for putting this out where some White girls might see it. You should have held a candlelight vigil instead.

Oh yeah, I knew the girl personally too.

NYCIA said...

Did the hotel not have a lobby? No concierge on duty? I don't understand how or why these women went up to those rooms.

Anonymous said...

Guess why this would never happen to my family or girlfriend? Because these dumb white girls chose to hang out with these animals bc thu think its cool to be down with the culture and, if no, oh no, "I'm racist". So they made the decision to start drinking with them and would have gone with them drugged,drunk or sober. My family wouldn't. I'm not NS, just someone whose grown up around a lot of culture and witnessed their kindness

Anonymous said...

So says the detective or fly on the wall in this case, who knows all and the person who, we may assume, is wildly popular outside of the internet lol. Wait, or are you just a flame throwing moron pissed about free speech bc it is incongruent with your liberal narrative?

Anonymous said...

Here's the alleged killer acting out on a Japanese train:
James "King Tight" Blackstone on the Japanese train

Anonymous said...

Just watched the vid. He looks like an Orangutan. The dance is clearly meant to offend if not in fact intimidate. When are gonna stop treating these assholes with kid gloves. And it dismays me that so many young white women enjoy this execrable noise called hip hop look where it gets them.

Jake said...

Anonymous at 8:12 5/29-

Are we to assume that the girls had no control over whether they let themselves get s**tfaced to the point where they can't walk in an urban bar around strangers in a strange land? Especially knowing what can crimes can befall young women? If so, how is Nicholas doing a bad job if they come across as playing with fire?

The point of the article isn't to ridicule the girls or badmouth the dead and insult their relatives, its to teach a lesson of caution using a real life example.

Anonymous said...

Quite possibly the creepiest part of the "negroid kills White girl too dumb to be racist" narrative is when the family and friends of the victim show up to defend the negroes.

It's creepy to watch her friends and family double-down on their Stupid Political Correctness and place their PC bona fides over and above their dead relative.

Like White racists raped and strangled her to death, or something.

Wake up, Dumb White Liberals. Racism would have saved her life. One day, it may save yours.

Anonymous said...

The truth;
1. The japanese authorities believe these girls were drugged and then forced back to the hotel in a stupor where they were subjected to sexual abuse and murder.
To Nicholas and the other self righteous amoebas who jump to conclusions without bothering to read the available news reports - learn to read properly,have some respect and grow up - your ignorance and insensitvity is astounding!

Anonymous said...

Our world is really filled with a bunch of racist morons. This could've happened to anyone, by anyone. If your not a real reporter and don't know how to report news without being biased, sexist, or racist, then get the fuck off the internet !

Anonymous said...

The japanese authorities believe these girls were drugged and then forced back to the hotel in a stupor ...

Didn't any hotel staff notice this?

Anonymous said...

Hate to break this to all. The girl mostly died of overdose that is why they held up the body to be returned to ireland and conducted a 2nd detailed autopsy. When a person does of strangle the eye veins pop, every homicide detective knows this. The eyes are filled with blood. The girls eyes were white. No break in he neck bone...but drugs in the system not from drinking but possible swallowing or snorting. And let's this clear the accused 19 yr old sat in the front passenger side which makes it impossible for him to grope her on the taxi. The hotel bellman no T only wheeled them to the room but laid nicola on the bed. If there were any indications close to forced this was not. The gir overdoses that is why the police has the biggest headache over his incident. How do they tell Ireland that she died of drugs not strangle. If she were strangled there would be clear signs and his charges would be murder today. But they don't have that evedence they were going or were hoping to just wrap this case up as murder until the 19 yr old hired a bad ass legit local Japanese lawyer who believes that the 19 is innocent. So you guys can talk about that. But all respect to the family of he deceased...there were mistakes made by all these young kids but the facts will be coming out shortly and it's going to rock the family and Ireland . It's not a easy one for Japan or he police department to break he. Was of the fact...

Anonymous said...

Also the girl Sarah claims she doesn't remember a thing now...the Ireland embassy had to guarantee her return to Japan after the funeral because she tested positive for dope. Also the doctors concluded and she admitted she did not have sex in the room. The police knows the flaws of her story.

Anonymous said...

And let's put this into perspective the police not only believe the girls got drugged .....the police knows they had drugs in their system. The CCTV from the bar they were drinking shows no signs of the 2 drugging the drinks. But they do see the two girls leaving the main bar arwa and the guys for approx 20 min and entering the bathroom with a unidentified white male'! A all out manhunt is underway to track this male down which could solve the important piece of the reason why the girls had dope on there system. The 19 is innocent and the the other dancer is a idiot from looking at the video of the train...but since they didn't have sex and she was sleeping in his bed wih clothes on when she learned that nicola was going to the hospital and ran down to he question is how can a girl so drink 1 hour prior just get up and run straight? Answer is her high came down not drunk. And she managed to stay up the next 20 hours without a beat. The police are idiots but not that dumb to know what's going on

Anonymous said...

The last few comments have no basis in fact.For those interested in facts and not idle gossip take note

1. The Japanese Police have cctv evidence from the taxi of one of the girls being molested by these two males (she was comatose).
2.Eyewitnesses have reported to the Police that the two males pushed the two girls into the taxi as at least one of the girls was almost comatose.
3. Nicola furlong had bruising to her neck when found unconcious and according to the press statements her injuries are consistent with strangulation.

4. The reason the Police want the other girl to return is she is a vital witness to what is believed to be a crime/crimes.

To those of you making certain allegations - have some respect for the victims and the families of the victims before you post inaccurate information and fantasy.Deal in the truth!

Anonymous said...

In reply and last notes:
1, have u ever seen a CCTV in Japan in taxi's? It only shows from chest up. From the views that we all saw police concludes that it was mutual and the key testimony of sara is now in question because She says she does not remember a thing. That's a fact. It's not enough to to indict the dancer. The 19 is all together not guilty in regards to the taxi groping he is on he front seat as the CCTV clearly shows. And without his help all 3 would not have made it in the taxi.

2. Eyewitness is all crap. The CCTV clearly shows there was no pushing. The hotel CCTV shows sarah smiling and laughing at nicola because she could not walk. Sorry for the facts

3. Brusing does not equal strangle. Go do ur research or go ask a homicide detective. Popped veins in the eye, damage to c2,c3,c4 etc...collapsed lung .....and what does the media know?

4. Vital? She doesn't remember a thing. She is vital because the police are trying to force her to remember. Because without her not remembering the dancer is going to walk out of jail in about a month. And someone who says they got drugged, has numerous drug tested positive, lying and now does not remember does not equal to a very good witness in the courtroom.

So I think you better get the facts right. I'm reading and seeing he facts and involved wih these stuff everyday. He only reason I'm here on this type of blog is because this is the biggest crap I have ever seen done by Japan police. But my apologies to all that feel disrespect but I feel more for the 19 who is innocent. But the dancer he should spend some time in jail for the dancing in the train bullshit

Anonymous said...

In reply to last comment
1. Taxi driver when tracked down by police told them that the girl was sexually assaulted by the two men in the back seat - FACT. The police then removed cctv footage from the car.
2.Eyewitnesses are important and relevant and will be included in any court proceedings.FACT
3.Bruising on neck is strongly indicative of foul play and possibly strangulation. You do not have to have "popped veins in the eye" or "collapsed lung". Anyway no postmortem details have been issued so what would you know.Any Doctor will tell you that even slight cervical compression can lead to death especially if the victim's respiration was already compromised due to drink,drugs or both.FACT
4.The testimony/evidence of her friend is vital. Yes she has little recollection of events but it is very possible that as time passes her memory can be restored.FACT

I don't know where you are getting your information from as no autopsy findings have so far been released as toxicology tests by their nature take time.

I don't believe any cctv footage from the hotel or taxi has been shown to the public so I can't imagine how you have seen it.

The 19 year old's innocence or guilt will be established in a court of law and not by you on a blog. Oh and by the way he(19 year old) was the only other person in the room with Nicola Furlong when her body was discovered - FACT

Everthing I have said is fact. Everything you say is supposition, conjecture or fantasy.

Anonymous said...

No matter what happened the fact remains a beautiful innocent life is lost –Nicola Furlong is in heaven, a much happier place – im in no doubt she is blissful with her family in Spirit – only the good die young –

R.I.P. Nicola love Shirley from Wexford

Anonymous said...

They say she was strangled, which is what happens when you're into axphyxiaphilia. The black boy fucks white bitches all day every day and none die, so what was different here? I believe she either was a freak or she thought she was a freak, and didn't instruct the black boy on how to revive her when she lost consciousness.

Anonymous said...

You're fucking ignorant! More than half of your information is wrong you moron.

Anonymous said...

These two girls were either naive or looking for some "action"! We call white women who hang-out with African-Americans "white trash". One can be real drunk but to continue on to a stranger's bed in a hotel is just asking for trouble.
If Nicola hadn't died, the girls would be going back to Ireland in a few months with their Irish boyfriends non the wiser!

Anonymous said...

After reading this thread and the comments associated, I have formed the opinion that the world is truly one messed up place. The ignorance and hate the spews from some comments is undeniably repugnant.

This young girl was murdered and nobody deserves that period. The police are awaiting the results of toxicology tests, which were carried out to ascertain the facts. These test's will identify what drugs if any where in her system and if there was the use of any "date rape" drugs or social drugs.
On this topic some of the comments here are suggesting she died of a drugs overdose well here is an up-to date news flash:

Peoples time would be far better served showing empathy to the family and friends of this young girl than to sit behind a computer and pass judgement on all those involved. That is the job of the Japanese judicial system and ultimately a higher power.

Anonymous said...

From emphatically stating that it is disrespectful the memory of the victim to discuss the possibility that two black men played a role in Nicola's demise, to begging the posting be removed because the family is grieving, to screaming Mr Stix is blaming the victim - comments to this posting are simply bizarre.

Cognitive dissonance, I suppose - liberals just can't wrap their heads around the notion that a black man raped and murdered a white woman. Liberals can't wrap their minds around the notion that pretty young girls getting shitfaced with hypersexual misogynist hip-hoppers late at night in the Big City might be predisposing themselves themselves to sexual assault. It is however VERY easy for liberals to imagine black women raped by white men, even though that only very rarely happens.

Someone else is jumping up and down in glee because A WHITE MAN was spotted in a CCTV, therefore he must have done all the bad things, not the innocent black men (is there any other kind?).

Someone else writes the girl obviously overdosed and died, therefore once again a black man is shown to be the real victim, because he is falsely accused of strangling her. (BTW - as of this writing - strangulation is indicated.)

Someone else says the girls were taken up to the hip hoppers' rooms in wheel chairs. And the hotel security would have no curiosity about this?

"This could have happened to anyone, anywhere, done by anyone!" That is liberal unreality. In fact, the world is a far more ordered place than this statement allows for.

There was likely a degree of premeditation in the rapes - I speculate that the murdering apes told the stupid girls they were part of Minaj entourage.

"The world is truly one messed up place" - if it dares to raise questions about liberal dogmas about blacks and reckless women.

Jake's comment bears repeating: "Are we to assume that the girls had no control over whether they let themselves get s**tfaced to the point where they can't walk in an urban bar around strangers in a strange land? Especially knowing what can crimes can befall young women? If so, how is Nicholas doing a bad job if they come across as playing with fire?

The point of the article isn't to ridicule the girls or badmouth the dead and insult their relatives, its to teach a lesson of caution using a real life example."

Laurel said...

The girls may have been given date rape drugs that left them incapacitated. They may not have been actually drinking with the men who drugged their drinks, but were abducted by these men once the drugs took effect.

Unknown said...

The court heard that Nicola Furlong was unconscious when she was brought from the taxi to the hotel room. Hinds wheeled her there in a wheelchair - it's on CCTV. I think you should edit your post to reflect this, as well as in respect to Furlong's family.