Thursday, May 24, 2012

GOP Leader on Illegal Human Beings and Asylum Seekers: “Expulsion Now. We Must Expel the Infiltrators from America.”

By Nicholas Stix

Of course, no GOP leader said any such thing. That would be intelligent and patriotic, the way leaders who have no intention of surrendering their homeland talk. Some countries’ leaders actually do speak that way.

Occidental Dissent’s Hunter Wallace says, “The United States is a failed state.” If he is right, and he may well be, one of the symptoms of such a condition is the lack of political leaders willing to speak up for their own nation.


Church of Jed said...

Shouldn't she be raising money to help only those who are on the margins of society, instead of to help her attend a bastion of White privilege at Duke? Why doesn't she forgo Duke and demand that her scholarship money go to "the least of these in the beloved community of the other"?

Anonymous said...

Courageous leaders should use the phrase "Mexican Infiltrators" because either detractors will scream "Racists!" or start meandering about other-than-Mexican infiltration which certainly works to the advantage of trying to wake up the masses.