Monday, May 28, 2012

Genocidally Racist Group Talks Up Writer’s Exposé on the Murder of Eve Carson, but Fails Netiquette 101

On May 18, I was honored by VDARE editor Peter Brimelow, who published my exposé on the racist, 2008 murder of white UNC-Chapel Hill student body president, Eve Carson, by two black career criminals, “Doomed by Diversity: The Murder of Eve Carson.”

Anytime a white writes about racist black-on-white crime, a genocidal lefty blows a gasket. If the lefty can, he gets the writer fired, as happened in the John Derbyshire Affair.

The genocidally racist group, Imagine 2050, named itself thusly, based on long since outdated predictions that whites would lose their majority status in America by 2050. Several years ago, I predicted that, at the present rate, that milestone in the destruction of America would arrive in 2030. I now believe that, unless whites organize as whites, and do something dramatic, including but not limited to removing “Barack Obama” from office, whites will lose their majority status even earlier than that.

Imagine 2050 says it “is committed to igniting candid conversations around race, immigration, environment, and American identity.”
Who We Are

Imagine 2050 includes activists, [N.S.: illegal] immigrants, artists and students who are invested in a future nation that embodies a multiracial [totalitarianism] democracy. By the year 2050, one out of five Americans will be foreign born. Latino and Asian communities will increase significantly. There will be no clear racial or ethnic majority.

We will become a nation of minorities. Today’s perceptions of foreignness will challenge how Americans identify themselves over the coming decades. In light of these challenges, Imagine 2050 is committed to igniting candid conversations around race, immigration, environment, and American identity.

“Candid conversations” means what black supremacist Attorney General Eric Holder means by it: ‘We talk, you nod in agreement, and give a standing ovation when the “applause” sign goes on, or we’ll destroy you and your loved ones.’

Back in February, Ann Corcoran observed,
I am just seeing at Drudge tonight that MSNBC has given Pat Buchanan the boot —one of his sins was to say that 2050 will mark the end of “white America.” So, how is that this group, Imagine 2050, can get away with saying the same thing and it’s aok.

Although this Powell mook devoted an entire blog rant to attacking my exposé, he didn’t have the decency to link to it, because he was afraid someone might read it, and see what a fraud he is. Well, although I am not at all afraid of anyone reading him, and thus have copied and pasted his entire rant, I am returning the favor.

* * *

VDARE writer claims UNC President was ‘doomed by diversity’
Posted on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 at 7:35 am. Written by Domenic Powell
Imagine 2050: Race, Identity, Democracy

VDARE sunk to a new low over the weekend in a blog [sic] post about my former student body president, Eve Carson.

Eve Carson’s murder was something that shocked and horrified the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill campus. As a student at UNC at the time, I can say that Eve, who was well known and almost universally respected, left a void in campus life that was simply impossible to repair. In a post titled “Doomed by Diversity: the Murder of Eve Carson,” VDARE writer Nicholas Stix heinously distorted her murder to support his white supremacist agenda.

“Black predators correctly see college campuses and nearby neighborhoods as sanctuaries full of docile, domesticated, white and Asian prey,” Stix said on VDARE. “All departments that treat of racial topics ruthlessly suppress and systematically lie about the reality of black crime, and punish anyone who tells the truth about this urgent subject.” [N.S.: The genocidal Powell quoted me correctly, but didn’t even bother trying to refute me.] Two years later, UNC would have a black student body president [Tea, China?] , but those are the sorts of complications VDARE tends to overlook. The post ends by throwing one last jab at women’s rights [I didn’t say “women’s rights,” I said feminism, and again, he has no counter-argument], noting that one recipient of the Eve Carson scholarship was awarded it for her work to raise awareness of gender-based violence on campus. For this, Stix concludes that “Eve Carson died in vain.”

[Here’s my quote, which Powell doesn’t dare give:
Rather than do the right thing, college faculty, staff, and even presidents, promote hate crime hoaxes against innocent white, heterosexual men, seeking to railroad them into prison (and in at least one case, succeeding).

One would expect professional feminists to look out for white coeds. But one would be mistaken.

Feminists have amassed wealth and power through activism, fraudulent “scholarship,” and a “campus rape” industry which, while covering up white coeds’ victimization by black men, promotes rape hoaxes victimizing white, heterosexual, men students.

In 2008, UNC-Chapel Hill founded the Eve Carson Scholarship. One of the first recipients, Caroline Fish, “was chosen for the work she did to bring awareness to gender-based violence on college campuses.”

Eve Carson died in vain.

VDARE, founded by white nationalist Peter Brimelow, is a clearinghouse for screeds like this one and the ideas of other nativist luminaries like Donald A. Collins, a board member for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). [Don Collins? Don Collins (Sr.) is a life-long Democrat, for cryin’ out loud. And a gentleman.]

Brimelow recently stirred controversy when CPAC, a major conference organized by the American Conservative Union, refused to renounce him.

Nor is VDARE writing about North Carolina by any means out of left field. Stix was one of the many white nationalists fuming when his “friends and colleagues” at the AmRen were kicked out of their convention space in Charlotte, North Carolina, last year. Also, James Johnson, the president of North Carolinians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (NC FIRE), has repeatedly shared some of VDARE’s explicitly racist content (along with articles from the race “science” publication, the American Renaissance) and written letters to VDARE touting his work to harass the Mexican consulate in the state. [Sounds like a good man.]

With their eyes focused on the state (and boots on the ground), it’s no surprise that white nationalists would take any opportunity they can to spread their hate. [“State”? “Boots”? Is this some kind of Nazi thing?] It’s an additional shame that they have to dig up one of the most painful memories of students and other members of the university community to do it.

[Oh, so is he saying that no one is permitted to write on murders? Does he tell this to the shameless racists who are constantly dredging up James Byrd Jr., Emmett Till, and lynchings of blacks from 100 years ago? Of course, not!]



Anonymous said...

As is said The proof is in the pudding. If one knows the facts then there is only one conclusion and that is Nickolas Stix is right.

Irving said...

Its interesting that his entire piece is one long shriek of '"RACIST!!!" without a shred of proof that anything that was said was incorrect.