Thursday, May 24, 2012

Racist, Would-Be Murderers of “Good Character” Who Only “Nudged” the Victim: A Carter Strange Beating Update


Victim Carter Strange, before being blessed by “nudges” from teenagers of “good character”

The post-nudge, post-“good character” Carter Strange

By David in TN

On Wednesday, May 16, anger overflowed during the sentencing of a "teen" involved in the June 2011 brutal beating of Carter Strange.

Carter Strange's family lashed out at testimony about the attacker's "good character." The Stranges, according to the above story, are "a family grown weary from multiple court proceedings."

Vicki Strange, the victim's mother, said: "We come in here and hear what good kids they are and how they live by such a high moral standard. If that was the case, we wouldn't be here."

The 16-year old defendant has denied that he kicked or punched Strange. He said "he nudged Strange with his foot before running away with the other three attackers." This defendant is the only one of four charged to be tried as a juvenile.

He pled guilty to assault and battery and criminal conspiracy. The "teen" received a sentence not to exceed his 21st birthday. This is the most severe sentence he could receive.

"After the hearing, the Strange family said the latest hearings have been taxing because they are facing the teens who actually beat their son. Two more accused attackers have not been tried."

Carter Strange, according to his parents has physically healed, but emotional healing takes much longer.

Yahquann J. Gantt, 17, and Delarrett Canzater, 15, will be tried as adults.

N.S.: Although it surely sounds like a mere courtroom tactic to say that a young racist monster has a "good character," that is no longer the case. That is now the way most blacks feel about racist black sociopaths, not in spite of the latter’s heinous crimes against whites, but because of them. Going back at least as far as 1994, I’ve seen blacks in their thirties and forties praise racist eight-year-old street urchins for harassing whites on the train at night, when the kids should have been home in bed.

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Anonymous said...

You said something that is of the utmost importance.

Regarding the black aid & comfort given to violent black criminals:

That is now the way most blacks feel about racist black sociopaths, not in spite of the latter’s heinous crimes against whites, but because of them."

I have also been trying to understand this reality. It is so foreign to me that it is beyond my comprehension.

Seriously, these blacks are truly dangerous animals. They have zero impulse control and will kick and keep kicking and mauling their unconscious victims without a thought other than to continue on.

The world has to wake up soon, I just can't believe the press and social engineers who cover for black violence and criminality can get away with this much longer.

The bizarre thing I notice from the idiot liberals who claim to care so much about love, beauty, tolerance and the rest of it seem incapable of comprehending their hand in allowing the ugliness to sprout all around them as they walk around oblivious to the fruits of diversity.

We all know why the MSM is dying, but as we all wake up to the full reality of what is really going on in the world, the MSM continues to camouflage the problem or not talk about it all, even when by doing so they are not only put in jeopardy from the chaos they have helped foment, but as they lose their livelihoods.

This is a horrible situation these hypocrite diversity nutters have put us in.

Chicago guy said...

ntWhy are these perpetrators always described as being wonderful people when they go to trial? There seems to be a different concept being held by some people of what constitutes good character, one that's utterly different from everyone else's.