Thursday, May 17, 2012

Manhunt Arrests Black Quentric Williams, 32, in Atlanta-Area Drive-In Theater Murder of White Mitt Lenix, 28

Mitt Lenix, a martial arts expert and entertainer, jumps through a ring of fire at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. He was shot and killed at the historic Starlight Six Drive-In after apparently having car trouble and asking for help.

Quentric Shaymon Williams, 32, was arrested at a Gwinnett County hotel Wednesday and charged with the killing of 28-year-old Mitt Lenix at the historic Starlight Six Drive-In. DeKalb County Sheriffs Office

Alleged Starlight drive-in shooter caught
By Alexis Stevens
Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 11:23 p.m.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

With the alleged shooter in custody, friends of the man shot to death at the Starlight Six Drive-In were still struggling to make sense of the tragedy. And one lingering question remained unanswered.


“The only person that can answer that question can’t answer that question," Valerie Hammond with the Georgia Renaissance Festival told the AJC.

That person is 28-year-old Mitt Lenix, a martial arts expert and entertainer who died early Tuesday after being shot at the historic Moreland Avenue drive-in DeKalb County. For nearly two days, his alleged killer eluded capture before deputies zeroed in on him Wednesday afternoon.

The arrest comforted the Lenix family.

"It was a feeling of elation, a feeling of release," Mitt's father, William Lenix, told Channel 2 Action News.

After attempting to jump out of a third-story window, Quentric Shaymon Williams, 32, was arrested at the Sun Suites hotel at Steve Reynolds Boulevard and Club Drive near Duluth, according to the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office.

Williams, of Snellville, allegedly shot Lenix and left the drive-in.

"He did try to jump out of a third-floor window, but our deputies were able to grab him and keep him from escaping," said Sgt. Adrion Bell with the DeKalb Sheriff's Office. "And at that point, there was no further resistance."

Lenix was known by many for jumps of his own, according to friends. He holds a world record for jumping 9 feet 4 inches in the air and kicking and breaking a board, according to his biography on the website for his family's martial arts school.

Several years ago, Lenix turned his martial arts expertise into entertainment, partnering with friend Judah Andrews to create a popular act for the Georgia Renaissance Festival, according to Hammond, the festival's entertainment director.

But beyond his athletic skill, Lenix was known for his friendly personality and extreme dedication, Hammond said. Last season, even a knee brace from an injury sustained on stage couldn't keep Lenix from performing, she said.

"It's just so senseless," Hammond said. "He was the kindest, most dynamic person I have ever met."

Lenix, who friends said was on a date Monday night at the drive-in, couldn't get his Ford Escape to start and approached Williams for help, police said.

But Williams allegedly shot Lenix in the chest, got into his truck and left the drive-in, leaving Lenix lying on the ground, according to the incident report obtained by the AJC.

"We don't know a motive yet," Bell said.

As one witness tried to administer aid to Lenix, another followed Williams' Ford F150 until officers arrived, according to police. The chase ended when Williams crashed his truck near the Gwinnett-DeKalb county line and ran.

A female passenger in the truck was taken into custody and then released without being charged. Williams eluded capture until Wednesday afternoon.

Lenix, also a student at Georgia State University, died after being transported to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Adding to the tragic string of events, while heading to assist fellow officers chasing Williams, DeKalb police Officer Jason Cooper struck and killed a pedestrian on Memorial Drive. Clinton Hightower, 27, who police said was not in the crosswalk when he was hit, died at the scene.

Wednesday afternoon, investigators found a weapon in Williams' third-floor hotel room, but it was not immediately known if it was used in the alleged killing, Bell said.

Williams, whose criminal history includes two previous stays in state prison following drug convictions, was shirtless as he was put into a patrol car in the hotel parking lot. He was booked into the DeKalb County jail Wednesday evening and charged with homicide.

Meanwhile, fans of the drive-in that opened in 1949 vowed to continuing [sic] their traditions of seeing movies under the stars. Suellen Germani told the AJC her group, called the Drive Invaders, would take their usual front-row seats to watch "Dark Shadows" Wednesday night.

Drive-in leaders created a memorial fund to benefit the Lenix family and promote martial arts education. Those wanting to donate to the fund can visit

Lenix's funeral will be Monday at 7 p.m. at Salem Baptist Church in McDonough, Channel 2 reported.

[Thanks to reader-researcher “W” for this story.]


Anonymous said...

In today's Atlanta Journal and Constitution aka Atlanta Urinal and Constipation, St. Travon of the Infantile along with St. Travon's very child like picture with well nourished and older looking George Zimmerman's photo was on the front page.
This story of the black murderer shooting a White man who ask for help starting his car was in section B of this rag of a paper and not one word about race was mentioned.
The AJC still carrying the lie about Zimmerman shooting in Florida on it's front page in Georgia and a racist shooting in it's city gets second rate coverage. Such is Black Ruled America.

Anonymous said...

For the record the Lenix family are some of the nicest people every and certainly not racist like the previous author. And secondly Zimmerman has African American roots and is not completely white. Both Zimmerman and Williams were completely wrong for their horrible murder of 2 innocent victims. Stop promoting devil-si-ness!

Anonymous said...

I AM APPALLED AT THIS. You are making The death of a good man Into a race argument. NONE of the LENIX's are RACIEST. they are God-fearing people who have had a tragedy in their life. Their ONLY SON was shot! The Zimmerman case is NOT anything like the Williams case. The Zimmerman case should have been over when he was released that night. but, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Had to be in the spot light as usual. The case of Mr Williams was not a targeted murder. Mitt was doing no wrong. HE BROKE DOWN AND ASKED FOR HELP! There was no ILL WILL from MASTER MITT. SHAME on YOU for making these two totally different type of killings the same.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but in what world is Mr. Mitt Lenix white? Mitt was of Korean descent. He embraced his Asian heritage by becoming a respected and skilled martial artist in taekwondo. He loved all people equally, just as his parents and his discipline taught him. Your desire to corrupt a tragedy and the genuine grief felt by all who were touched by Mr. Mitt’s love is despicable. You are almost as malicious in your intent as the man who took Mitt’s life. You have disrespected the Lenix family and the memory of Mitt-Chai.