Monday, May 14, 2012

Paranoia or Reality: Does Obama Seek to Impose a Dictatorship? Can You Risk Laughing Off the Warnings?

Do you really trust this man?


Surviving an American Insurrection
By Paul Huebl
Crime, Guns, and Videotape

Phoenix, AZ—The Doomsday people are saying that we are about to have a Constitutional crisis and a showdown with the Obama Administration and the turncoats within Homeland Security. Are they really just paranoid and over-reacting?

There are those that proclaim this can never happen. They are in the ranks of supporters of Barack Obama. At one time the National Socialist Party also had wide support and admiration of most of the civilized world. That Party’s leader was made our own Time Magazine’s, Man of the Year. Some twelve years and 50 million lives later his supporters figured out he was a colossal mistake.

What does our future hold? Will like some have said there will be foreign troops from a Communist nation helping a rogue despot get Americans under control? I don’t think any of us are really clairvoyant and can say for sure. Civil war is a reality at one time or another in every nation on earth and what’s past is prologue.

The frightening signs are there. We have a President that has nullified the Bill of Rights and now has all the powers of Stalin or Hitler should he care to use them. This nation has never been more divided in any of our lifetimes. When was there ever a leader that did not abuse absolute power?

Our President has encouraged a class war with the Occupy movement. That movement lacks a cohesive direction or any discipline and may not impress anyone with their nebulous presence. With any luck we can simply turn out more criminals from our Congress and the Whitehouse with ballots.

In the meantime Homeland Security has ordered some 450,000,000 rounds of small arms ammunition for use here at home. Just what do they have in mind?

But what if things went bad, and we face home invasions by government, with evacuation, concentration camp detentions or worse? Then we’d have little choice if we wanted to live in freedom but to resist.

The government has obviously made plans for an insurrection but have you made any plans to restore peace, liberty and the Constitution? We make plans for fire, hurricanes and earthquakes. I think to not do so for an insurrection is downright foolhardy.

The plan:

Stockpiling non-perishable food, water, batteries, family service radios, medicines, first aid supplies, ammunition and firearms must be part of any plan. Also locating significant defensive armaments in unexpected locations to safeguard from home invasion searches.

Every home needs a pistol, rifle and shotgun. The rifle is the first line of defense and should be either a 3.06 or 3.08 that is needed to penetrate most light amour and vehicles. The shotgun should be .12 gauge with slugs and heavy shot. The handgun should be a .45 ACP or as large a caliber as possible. Lots of ammunition is a must.

Never fire shots from your house unless you want to see it burned to the ground. Shoot from down the street or across the field. Have plenty of bags you can fill with sand or rocks for protection. Visit the Army surplus store and find helmets for your family.

We have plenty of military and police veterans around. Make friends with them and with any luck you can work together to live. What Americans seem to have forgotten is that freedom is not free, but earned with the blood of despots and patriots.

You will ether follow instructions from the “authorities” or not. Six million Jews once followed instructions given to them by the National Socialists and perished simply because they did not resist. You’d better make your choice now, either to resist and perhaps live or to cooperate and die.

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