Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More Bullet Violence in Seattle

By Our Man in Seattle, BR

Saturday, a gun decided to shoot a man enjoying himself at the Seattle Center.

According to the news item, a colorless gang member apparently assisted the gun—although the headline misleads by saying he was shot by the Space Needle—unless there is a new black gang by that name, it is highly unlikely. Come to think of it, "Space Needle" would be a good handle for a spaced out junkie—or a drug gang.

Note that the Folklife festival was going on. I never attend any of the various public events at Seattle Center, because it is not uncommon for black violence to erupt. For many years I have had season tickets to the Seattle Opera in the same area, but the opera fails to attract more than a handful of blacks, and so is much safer—except for the tragic murder of the harmless and beloved Tuba Man, who played outside every opera performance.

In another article, we learn that there were more than 50 gunshots Saturday. In one case, the culprits were Asians.

This headline blames "gun violence." But that is not really fair, as it appears it is the bullets which are really at fault: Assistant Police Chief Paul McDonagh says, "Those bullets pose a danger to everyone."

If the Seattle media and public weren't so liberal, they would be talking about "gang violence," or "black violence," or even "minority gang violence." Of course, it wouldn't be liberal to blame the actual culprits—besides, this gives the left license to aim at one of their favorite targets, guns. The fact that concealed carry licenses can easily be obtained in this state, so an increasing number of people are able to defend themselves, is something that sticks in their craws. Defenseless white sheeple is the liberal ideal. However, with gangs shooting up the area, having the means to defend oneself doesn't protect bystanders from becoming living backstops.

[See also WEJB/NSU's Seattle files.

N.S.: A colleague writes,
Ever notice that for journalists, there is no such thing as “knife

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