Saturday, May 19, 2012

Federal Small Business Administration Flack Exposes VDARE!

By Nicholas Stix

On more than one occasion, my colleagues at VDARE have revealed the affirmative action help that immigrant small businessmen get from the federal SBA, help that the feds withhold from whites. Well, Mike Stamler, the director of the SBA’s Press Office, could not take any more of this, and so he wrote to VDARE that “The stuff about SBA in this article is all a lie, you know....”

When you read James Fulford’s rejoinder, you’ll laugh, but this stuff also has a deeply unfunny side. It’s like when you’ve been sucker-punched and jumped by a pack of racist black thugs, who spew racial epithets while hammering you, only to have the local prosecutor assert that the racial epithets still don’t “prove” that the attack was racially motivated.

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