Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nancy Harris, RIP: Black Robber Burned Kindly, Old White Woman Alive in Premeditated, Racially Motivated Murder

War victim Nancy Harris
Alleged war criminal, Matthew Johnson

    By Nicholas Stix Mrs. Nancy Harris succumbed to her wounds Friday night. The Garland, Texas widow had 4 sons, 12 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren, had long been active in civic affairs, and was an ardent Cowboys fan. At 76, Mrs. Harris still worked as a convenience store clerk, as she had for the past 12 years, and which is where a racist black sadist robbed her last Sunday. After he had cleaned out her cash register, he doused her with a flammable liquid that he had brought for that purpose, and burned her alive. Matthew Johnson, 36, has been charged with capital murder in the crime. Note that in Johnson’s mug shot, he holds his head high and proud. More and more of the mug shots I see of blacks charged with heinous, racially motivated crimes against whites demonstrate this same prideful pose. Since Mrs. Harris had not put up any resistance, anyone—whether in a police uniform, with a press card, claiming to be a media expert or an “activist” —who has the gall to claim that this was anything but a racially motivated crime perpetrated by an evil, sadistic, black racist deserves to get spit in his face, and should be challenged to take a polygraph test. (But what if she had resisted? That still wouldn’t justify dousing her with a flammable liquid, and setting her on fire.) I realize that there are people who can beat a polygraph, but at least we would know if the cop/journalist/whatever we were dealing with was an ordinary liar, or a conscienceless sociopath. Customer Dereck Mugara who “said he visited with her at the store several times a week,” said
She was the sweetest lady on earth. Always smiling. Always loving — she was just happy to be here. When you meet somebody that’s happy with life or that’s happy to be living, it rubs off on you — she had that in her.
Unfortunately, such joy in a kindly white has no effect on murderous black racists. Suspect Matthew Lee Johnson, 36, does not come from a family of racist monsters; at least his mother isn’t one. WFAA’s Jonathan Betz and David Schechter report,
Alma Johnson said she believes her son was looking for drug money, saying he has battled addiction all his life. Johnson recently got out of prison after serving a six-year sentence for a drug crime.
Monstrous black racists typically insist that their family member is innocent, and is just being profiled for being black. Johnson’s mother didn’t even dispute her son’s guilt. That she tried to explain his alleged crime as being driven by drug addiction is understandable. I thank David in TN, RC, and all of the other readers and colleagues who have been after me for days to blog on this heinous crime. My reader-researcher, David in TN, asked sarcastically, “Was this a ‘random attack,’ or was it a ‘botched robbery’?"
* * *
Garland clerk 'holding on to life' after fiery attack By Jonathan Betz and David Schechter WFAA Posted on May 21, 2012 at 5:27 p.m.; updated at 6:14 p.m. GARLAND — Nancy Harris, 76, remains in critical condition at Parkland Memorial Hospital’s burn unit after the Garland convenience store clerk was set on fire during a robbery Sunday morning. Police said Matthew Lee Johnson, 36, arrived at the Fina Whip-In at the corner of Broadway and Colonel Drive in Garland shortly after the store opened at 7 a.m. Sunday. Officers said he carried in a bottle of flammable liquid and used it to douse Harris and then set her on fire — after clearing out the cash register. Harris suffered serious burns to her upper torso and face. “It didn’t look like there was any resistance from her any time,” said Garland police spokesman Officer Joe Harn. “There’s no reason why you would set a 76-year-old woman on fire.” Police said the suspect ran to a nearby neighborhood and tried to break into several homes. Officers said Johnson allegedly robbed one man nearby, but police arrested him a short time later. He now faces charges of attempted capital murder and robbery. Johnson's bond is set at $500,000. "That lady's been in my prayers since," said Alma Johnson, the suspect's mother. "I just pray that she pulls through all right." Alma Johnson said she believes her son was looking for drug money, saying he has battled addiction all his life. Johnson recently got out of prison after serving a six-year sentence for a drug crime. She said she had last seen Matthew at a family gathering on Saturday night. "He seemed fine to me. He seemed fine," the elder Johnson said. "Everybody else was saying it. after I left, I didn't stay that long. After I left they say he came back at 1 o'clock or 1:30." Garland police have been in close contact with the Harris family. "They're not doing well," Harn said. "Their mother is simply holding on to life. Loyal customers at the Whip-In were devastated and angry at the news. Harris lived nearby and had been greeting customers from behind the counter for a dozen years. “She was the sweetest lady on earth,” said customer Dereck Mugara, who said he visited with her at the store several times a week. “Always smiling. Always loving — she was just happy to be here.” Friends said Harris has three children and at least three great-grandchildren. Since her husband passed away years ago, she now lives alone in a simple, well-kept home a few blocks from the convenience store where she worked. “Never seen her mad; never seen her raise her voice,” said neighbor Jimmy Bertucci. “It’s devastating. There’s no amount of money he could have gotten that would replace what he did.” Customers said Harris loves greeting her customers and could always be seen at work — unless the Dallas Cowboys were playing. Then, friends say, she would take time off to cheer on her team. “She’s a huge Cowboys fan,” said neighbor Derek White. “During the season, she puts a Cowboys banner in her yard.” Now, police say, Harris clings to life with serious burns over 40 percent of her body. Moments after she was ignited, passing police officers happened to spot the fire inside the store. As they pulled into the parking lot, Harris staggered out of the store — the upper half of her body ablaze. Harn described it as one of the most haunting scenes his officers had ever seen. “They see a lady completely engulfed in flames in her upper torso,” Harn said. “Torso, head, face — everything was on fire. It’s one of the most horrible crimes that we see.” An officer used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. Harris was able to briefly describe the suspect before paramedics rushed her to the hospital. Police said detectives have not yet been able to speak to her because of the severity of her injuries. “We’re in hopes she will make it,” Harn said. Friends are praying that Nancy Harris will recover. “When you meet somebody that’s happy with life or that’s happy to be living, it rubs off on you — she had that in her," Mugara said. E-mail and
* * *
Elderly clerk burned in robbery dies of injuries By Jonathan Betz May 26, 2012 at 8:32 a.m.; updated at 2:16 p.m. WFAA DALLAS — A car wash fundraiser for Nancy Harris went on as scheduled Saturday morning, hours after the Garland convenience store cashier died of injuries suffered when she was set on fire during a robbery last Sunday. Harris, 76, passed away Friday evening at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, where she had remained in critical condition since the attack at the Fina Whip-In. The grandmother of two had been an active member of the South Garland community for years. Matthew Johnson, the man arrested and charged with the crime, is in the Dallas County Jail and charged with criminal attempted capital murder. His bond is currently set at $1,000,000 According to a Garland police news release, detectives will be working with the Dallas District Attorney’s office in pursuing a charge of capital murder in the case. The South Garland High School Student Council held a car wash fundraiser at the Fina Whip-In where Harris was attacked, at the corner of Broadway and Colonel, on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. By noon, thousands of dollars had already been collected; the Garland Fire Department even showed up to donate. E-mail


Anonymous said...

Death penalty.

Anonymous said...

The death needle isn't enough, what would be appropriate would be to burn his Mother at the stake with him forced to watch but since his Mother is innocent I guess he should be spit roasted.

jedditeroy said...

If he were White and she were a Diversity, the FBI would be combing through his apartment, computer, and iphone looking for anything that could be deemed as possibly "instigating racial hatred". The SPLC would be trying to link him to an AmRen speaker.

Why don't we ever hear about the hate whitey lyrics in music collections of black perps? Why don't we automatically wonder, just like we do with Whites? Because we are trained to think in terms of looking for proof that violent Whites are racist. The press did that to us.

Nicholas Stix could turn the tide if he would. He could implement "MSM: Plan Equalize" formula for black on White attacks:

Always contact the local race hustler, NAACP. and Officers of Diversity, Equity, Fairness, Inclusion, and Climate at local corporations and academic institutions for comment.

"How to you think this vicious attack/rape/murder affects attitudes in the White community about the legacy of MLK?

What are you doing to help the MLK's beloved community of color transcend and overcoming its no snitching policy?

Why do some members of MLK's beloved community of color reject MLK's legacy of nonviolent social change?

Why isn't the Diver$ity Indu$try doing more to reach out to the vulnerable and at risk parts of the beloved community of color and giving them training in sensitivity to MLK's legacy?

Anonymous said...

I, too, have notice the mug shots of blacks. They all look like they are posing for photos for a family album.
This is an unspeakable act of depravity by this black scum. This should be carried on every form of media in this country. BIG NEWS! but the media is silent. All you hear is crickets. The media is criminally complicit in black crimes. They should be under threat from states, cities, counties, and the federal government, the people and the politicians should be speaking out against the silent media, but nothing but the sound of crickets.

Anonymous said...

I live in Texas.

He will get the death penalty.

Except it will be "humane" compared to what he did to her.

jedditiroy said...

"After all the generous and compassionate laws we've passed to elevate the N'gro above its natural level of mudsill, from the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, to destructive Fair Housing, unholy Integration, unearned Civil Rights, preferential Affirmative Actions, and accursed Diversity Privilege, the N'gro's most noted cultural expression is utter lawlessness. We've been fools. We ignored the evidence right before our eyes. The N'gro is a savage, feral, voodoo African, and will never become a European. We tried to make a friend out of the rattlesnake, and the rattlesnake just bit us in return. We tried to change the leopard's spots, and the leopard just devoured us in return. But now that we have the evidence, we can begin to recognize our error, acknowledge the crisis, reconcile ourselves to the permanent threat, and heal our nation by rolling back all the laws that the N'gro's nature has nullified."

-Rev. Jed DeValleyism, "Why racism is the first of our universal values," 2010

Anonymous said...

I am a Black Woman living in Texas. I googled this victim, Nancy Harris, to see if I could donate to her fund for her surviving family. Oddly, I found your blog. What makes you think that this is some black conspiracy? That man was EVIL. If you haven't heard, the devil is alive and well. And the prince of darkness assumes lots of forms, including an evil man who is black or perhaps even a disenfranchised blog writer.

I'm not a big fan of the death penalty, but it is warranted in this situation. Anyone who would walk in and burn someone, AFTER they complied is soul-less. There was no notice to the "BLACK CONSPIRACY NETWORK" that a mission was carried out.

Stop using this tragedy to throw it into the pile of so called "evidence" of some black conspiracy. You should be ashamed of yourself. I would put my name here, but I'm afraid of retaliation. I see you must approve this comment...I'll be looking to see if you are principled enough post it. And regardless, I will pray for you.

Anonymous said...

At least we know that Texas will fry this motherfucker.