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To be White in Grand Rapids, MI: From All-American City to Diversitopia (Updated and Expanded!)

The Grand Rapids area where seven hate crimes were committed on March 24/25th, courtesy of Kyle Rogers/Google Images

By Nicholas Stix

[Originally published in much shorter form as “Trayvon Martin Hate Crime Cover-Up in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Give the Local Media Hell! (Contact Info)”]

“This is what you deserve, you white piece of s--t!” shouted the three black attackers, as they pummeled Jacob Palasek, 37, in the head with a metal chain, in late March.

President Gerald Ford was raised in Grand Rapids, and it was an all-American town, until diversity slammed it in the head.

From July 24-27, 1967, racist blacks rioted, attacking whites in Grand Rapids, imitating racist blacks’ riot in Detroit, which began on July 22, and which would be the worst black riot of the 1960s,and perhaps in the history of this country… so far.

According to the 1940 Census [pdf], Grand Rapids was hideously white. Its 164,292 residents were 98.3 percent white, and only 1.6 percent black.

By the time the 1960 Census rolled around [pdf], Grand Rapids was still hideously white. It then had 177,313 residents, of whom 91.7 percent were white, and 8.0 percent were black. (Hmm. Even with as few as eight percent, yet still they waged war on their white neighbors.)

All of the material I have found through Google parrots civil rights ideology: The whites had it coming.

Following the 1967 riot, Grand Rapids started becoming beautifully diverse, though not at the rate that Detroit did. Between 1960 and 1970, Grand Rapids’ black population increased 41.2 percent, from 8.0 to 11.3 percent.

Today’s Grand Rapids, with a population of 188,040, is diverse, with a vengeance.

• White alone - 110,890 (59.0%)
• Black alone - 37,890 (20.1%)
• Hispanic - 29,261 (15.6%)
• Two or more races - 5,421 (2.9%)
• Asian alone - 3,445 (1.8%)
• American Indian alone - 788 (0.4%)
• Other race alone - 287 (0.2%)
• Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone - 58 (0.03%)

Unlike in the 1960s, the media and law enforcement are now smarter—they just “disappear” racist black attacks on whites.

Kyle Rogers has reported in the Charleston Examiner that on the weekend of March 24/25th, racist black mobs carried out at least seven vicious attacks against whites in the same area of Grand Rapids, all of which have been covered up by the local media, and undercharged and underplayed by local authorities.

That means that the blood of most of those victims is on the hands of local editors and law enforcement, since if they had notified the public of what was going on, many of the victims would have avoided those areas, at least at night, and an aggressive police response would have discouraged many of the later attacks.
All seven known victims were attacked within about six blocks of where Jacob [Palasek] was attacked. The victims were in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. Some of the victims were attacked during the day in broad daylight.

Jacob believes he could have died if he was hit with the chain more times. He still has bad headaches and has not been able to work since the attack. Jacob doesn't have insurance and can't afford the correct medical treatment. His landlord is now threatening to evict him from his apartment. Since he was not able to work, he has missed a rent payment. A victim's relief fund is planning to give him a small amount of money. However, police did not even tell him the fund existed so he applied very late. He is still waiting on the help.

The police listed aggravated assault with a weapon and ethnic intimidation, Michigan's state hate crimes law, on the police report. Jacob identified two of the perpetrators. However, police have told Jacob that the thugs will get off easy because they are only 17. Police told him that the thugs will not serve time in prison for the brutal hate crimes.

Police said that the suspects will not be tried as adults. They will only face juvenile boot camp instead of prison. A detective told Jacob that they believe all the attacks were racially motivated. The detective also told Jacob that he believed the Trayvon Martin media frenzy is what prompted the attacks. Jacob also believed that the thugs were seeking revenge for Trayvon Martin before the detective confirmed this belief.

To add insult to injury, not a single media outlet in all of Grand Rapids reported the brutal hate crimes. Jacob has contacted the local paper and his local news affiliates repeatedly. None will report the story….

Eric Holder, who heads the DOJ, says he is investigating ways to charge George Zimmerman with a Federal crime. Think Eric Holder will concern himself with the white victims of horrific hate crime mob attacks in Grand Rapids?

For the past two years black on white racially motivated mob attacks have been occurring in the United States weekly. Local media outlets typically only have little blurbs about them and censor all mention of race.

Numerous major media outlets now openly admit to having a policy of censoring black crime, so as not to “stigmatize” black people. Political correctness supersedes public safety. The response from the authorities has been one of constant downplaying. None of the perpetrators are ever charged with a hate crime.

Now it has reached a point where the media in some markets are refusing to even report black on white hate crimes. How many other horrific black on white hate crime mob attacks are going on that we have never heard about?

[;Media censored seven hate crime mob attacks in Grand Rapids by Kyle Rogers, Charleston Examiner.]

On April 16, Shelly Watkins posted the following comment at the blog, White Reference:
This was just posted as a comment to this link that I posted on our local ABC affiliate's news page:

"WZZM 13 Grand Rapids No one has contacted us about this incident. We encourage the victim to call us Tuesday. He should ask for a news manager. The number to call Tuesday is 616-559-1300. Thanks. -jp"

On April 12, The Council of Conservative Citizens, whose webmaster Kyle Rogers is, published the following letter from Jacob Palasek.
I was a victim of a “Trayvon Martin” related Black on White Hate Crime.

Here is a copy of an email I sent to my government officers regarding what happened to me:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Government Officers of the State of Michigan, and others:

On Sunday 3/25/2012 at approximately 12:20AM, in Grand Rapids Michigan, near Sixth Street and Broadway, I was beaten with a large chain five to six times in my temple area (I could have died). This was for no reason other than that I am white. They did not rob me they just called me a white piece of shit and said I deserve it what I was getting. They did not only beat me but four to six others for the same reason (i.e. no robbery just racial hatred).

They beat me with a chain while calling me a white piece of shit. However, I was told by the detective that they would get no jail time since they are only 16 and 17.

So, if I was 17 and I beat 5 different black kids on five different occasions in a 48 hour period with a thick chain to their heads, all the while calling them “niggers”, what do you think would happen to me? Would they give me just boot camp, like the detective said, or would I be in prison for hate crimes and multiple accounts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill?

Why won’t they be charged as adults? Are not 5 counts of assault with a deadly weapon and 5 counts of ethnic intimidation enough for you to prosecute them as adults and enforce the laws of the State of Michigan regarding such matters?

I demand, as a citizen of the US and of the State of Michigan, that you uphold my civil rights. I demand that the people who beat me, and could have killed me, for no other reason than my color, be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for assault with a deadly weapon and ethnic intimidation.

Jacob Nathaniel Palasek

[Hate crime victim describes racially motivated mob attack in Grand Rapids by Jacob Nathaniel Palasek, The Council of Conservative Citizens, April 12, 2012.]

Contact information follows for four local TV stations—WOOD TV8, WXSP, WZZM 13, Fox17/WXMI—and the Grand Rapids Press daily newspaper. If you send an email, in those cases where I could find more than one eddress, cc it to everyone in the joint. I’d appreciate it, if you would cc a copy to me, as well, at, so I can post it, since the outlet will probably consign your complaints to “the circular file.” Ditto for the basic text of any telephone messages you leave at these outfits.

Wood 8 TV

Email contact page.

Telephone and Address of WOOD TV8
Telephone Numbers
Main Switchboard: 616-456-8888
News Stories: 616-771-9633
Target 8 Tipline: 616-771-WOOD (You might want to call this number, to tip off the reporting staff that whites are getting beaten almost to death by racist blacks, since none of their reporters seem to have any idea what’s going on in Grand Rapids.)

Street Address
120 College Ave. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

WXSP; (a second WOOD TV/LIN TV property!)

WXSP email page

How to reach WXSP directly (street address is the same as for WOOD TV8, but WXSP has a different telephone number).

Telephone Numbers
Main Switchboard: 616-456-1818

Street Address
120 College Ave. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

WOOD Television, Inc., is a subsidiary of LIN Television Corporation:

Vincent L. Sadusky
President & CEO

Corporate Headquarters
One West Exchange Street, Suite 5A
Providence, RI 02903
401-454-2880 (phone)
401-454-6990 (fax)

Corporate contact page

WZZM13; (WZZM is an ABC affiliate, but is owned by Gannett.)

News tips page.

WZZM 13 Contact Information

By Surface Mail:
WZZM 13 645 Three Mile
Grand Rapids, MI 49544

By Phone:
(616) 785-1313

WZZM 13 News Tip Line (616) 559-1300

By Fax:
(616) 785-1301

WZZM 13 News Personalities

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Other WZZM 13
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Peter Ross

Lauren Stanton


Mailing Address:
3117 Plaza Drive NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Main Phone Line:

News tips and feedback page.

WWMT; (CBS affiliate, owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group)

Street Address:
Kalamazoo / Grand Rapids:
590 West Maple Street
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Business Hours:
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
(Monday - Friday)

Main Phone Numbers:

Talk Back to Your TV Number:
383-TALK (8255)

News Hotline:
Grand Rapids - 1-800-875-3333

WWMT Email page

[The Grand Rapids Press: You might want to consider calling the paper, and leaving a message for President Danny R. Gaydou, and/or sending an e-mail.]

The Grand Rapids Press
155 Michigan St. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone 616-222-5400

The Grand Rapids Press is the largest of Michigan's eight Booth newspapers, all owned by Advance Newspapers.
The Press is published every weekday evening; Saturday, Sunday and holiday mornings.

Press Contacts

Danny R. Gaydou

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Kelly Adrian Frick
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Colleen Stone
Director of Digital Operations


Anonymous said...

I really like your blog, and just bookmarked it.

I'm glad to see that Whites are taking news reporting into their own hands. We need to create TV networks and every other kind of news organization for Whites, because it's clear that the old-time, FCC-licensed "tv-networks" don't give a damn about Whites, and in fact, are openly and obviously bigoted against Whites. They need to lose their FCC licenses NOW for the crimes they are committing in promulgating false information to INTENTIONALLY incite violence against Whites.

In the meantime, Whites need to get armed, and do what you're doing - make excellent, well-wrritten blogs that do what the news is supposed to do, which is give us information that's important for our survival.

Keep up the great work.

Nicholas said...

Thank you for your kind words.

The rest of what you said is of course dead-on.

taxhitman said...

i AGREE WITH THE LAST POST. Those of us in GR need another update. We need to keep the pressure on the local media outlets. As soon as my workload slows down I would be happy to help.

taxhitman said...

G-Bi AGREE WITH THE LAST POST. Those of us in GR need another update. We need to keep the pressure on the local media outlets. As soon as my workload slows down I would be happy to help.

Anonymous said...

I think it’s just minor you shouldn’t worry about your white privilege card being revoked. We already live in a white supremacy world: 99% of billionaires, business owners, all media including BET (promoting racist stereotypes) are run by white men. Those rich bastard don't care about blacks or white but rating.
You feel angry because you don’t know what “Everyday racism” what it feel like to have a master degree in IT but companies won’t hire you, follow you while you shop, siting by restroom in restaurant and cops…. because you are nothing more than a negg. Believe me I would change skin with you if I could.

Anonymous said...

The negative comment is just as much what is wrong with everything here as the blog.

you morons don't even see the first and most important thing here.

The day you just see humans is the day this shit all goes away.

I love my brothers and sisters. I could care less what color they are they are all me and I am them.

Get over yourselves all of you because you don't deserve anything. You were born and will die and that is the only thing you can always be certain of.

racism only ends when the idiots who believe in racism stop and start believing in the HUMAN RACE.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was all ready to be outraged about this, but then I found that no matter how hard we looked, I could not find a single shred of evidence that this alleged crime actually happened, other than the stories on the Internet -- all of which happen to echo the "White Nationalist" point of view.

Anonymous said...

I am a native american mixed female. I was attacked by african men on several occasions.

1 time I was 20 and homeless and got tricked into getting a motel room with a african male and a white male. The african male and I went into the room and I fell asleep suddenly. I woke up to him trying to sexually assault me. I barely escaped. I was naive at that age. The motel manager blamed me and I had no clue people could be that violent.

1 time when I was homeless and pregnant I had my 3 year old in a stroller headed to a friends house when I was hit in the face by an ex-boxer with the nickname Gio. He knocked my 5'3" small self out for 5 minutes in 20 degree weather. The police did nothing.

I was homeless in Santa Monica, Ca. I was in my 40's. I figured I was older & wiser. I was wrong. I made an innocent comment to an african male who followed me to my storage locker because he had a storage locker also. He looked at my then boyfriend and cussed us out, called us every name you could for the race he thought we were and then punched sideways. He blacked my left eye with his left hand and I was on blood thinners for a different problem. The police located him. He admitted he hit me but they would not let me file charges.

As a native american woman in this country in my home state I get no representation for my rights from any legal authority. The excuse is homeless on homeless crime doesn't count and is not worth pursuing. This is atrocious and a reality.