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Harry Stone, RIP: Racist Blacks in Raytown, MO Step Up Race War from Beating Old White Men to Shooting Them to Death; KCTV5 Engages in Counter-

Reporting, Suppressing Race of Shooter, and Asserting Murder was “Random”
War victim Harry Stone


[Previously: “John Derbyshire Vindicated Yet Again, in Raytown, MO: Yet Another Racial Attack on a White WWII Vet; Black Attackers Asked for Help.”]

By Nicholas Stix

Metro Squad seeks suspects who gunned down Raytown jogger
May 14, 2012 2:08 p.m. EDT; updated May 16, 2012 6:17 p.m. EDT
By Chris Oberholtz, Multimedia Producer
By Alice Barr, News Reporter
By DeAnn Smith, Digital Content Manager

A gunman who killed a 60-year-old Raytown man is still on the run and police have new details in their attempts to track the shooter down.More >>
Police were call [sic] to the area near 67th Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard just after 7 a.m. Sunday tin [sic] regards to a shooting. Authorities say a man was standing on the sidewalk in front of the Quick StopMore >>
Officers are trying to figure out who is responsible after a man was killed as a result of a shooting outside of [sic] gas station.More >>

A gunman who killed a 60-year-old Raytown man is still on the run, and police believe a gang initiation could be to blame.

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The Metro Squad is investigating a 60-year-old jogger's murder in Raytown. Witnesses say Harry Stone was jogging when a car drove past and a gunman inside shot him.

Church leader shot during jog mourned as surveillance video released
Metro Squad seeks suspects who gunned down Raytown jogger
Police investigate fatal shooting outside Raytown gas station
Police, family say random gunfire claimed life of Raytown jogger

Police in the Kansas City suburb say they are exploring new details. In addition, they are examining whether Harry Stone was killed as part of a gang initiation or a dare. [Such “gang initiations” are themselves racially motivated, as they require that one harm a white. Thus, the media racial code is self-defeating.]

ADDITIONAL UPDATES SINCE MONDAY: See the related coverage links.

The Metro Squad convened at a Raytown fire station Monday, making it their headquarters while they try to find out as quickly as possible who gunned down Harry Stone outside a gas station.

Stone was standing on the sidewalk just after 7 a.m. Sunday in front of a gas station near 67th Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard.

Detectives say Stone was just out for a morning jog, on his normal route, when a dark-colored, four-door sedan pulled by, slowed down, fired several shots at him, then pulled off, without ever stopping. [The sedan didn’t “fire[d] several shots,” a black man did!]

That car was caught on surveillance video at the gas station, and detectives are planning to release that video for help to track down the shooter.

Police say they weren't able to get much information from Stone before he was rushed to the hospital where he later died.

Authorities say there is even more urgency to track down the shooter because of the random [racially motivated] nature of this crime.

"It was just such a random act of violence. There was no confrontation beforehand. It was just someone who was shot randomly walking down the street, it could have happened to anybody, it could have been anyone," Metro Squad detective Tom Prudden said. [No, it couldn’t, you lying disgrace. It couldn’t have been a black.]

Stone was the husband of [sic] assistant pastor at St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Raytown.

Police ask anyone with information about this or anyone driving by at the time call theTIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the problem is that whites who are in control of the purse stings of many private organizations have failed to use those purse strings to make their views known. There must be lots of ADVERTISERS who are white-owned businesses that have never once ever uttered a word to the OWNERS of news outlets.

Maybe letters to OWNERS of the advertising businesses might get a fire lit under the BRA-protecting news outlets.

After all, isn't that the technique the various leftists use to attack the so-called "extremeists" that had jobs in the news media?