Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Trayvon Martin Hoax: AOL/Huffington Post Reports More Evidence Exculpating George Zimmerman, But is Sure to Mix in More Trayvon Propaganda

Trayvon Martin Case: Evidence of Marijuana Found in Martin's Blood
By Mike Schneider and Kyle Hightower
May 17, 2012, 6:29 p.m. ET
AOL/Huffington Post

ORLANDO, Fla. — Medical examiners found evidence of marijuana in Trayvon Martin's system after he was fatally shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer, an autopsy report released Thursday shows.

Also included in a massive release of evidence was an investigator's recommendation to prosecutors that suspect George Zimmerman be arrested on manslaughter charges.

The investigator, who was on the scene after the shooting, wrote on March 13 that the confrontation should have been avoided. [Let's see some direct quotes. In any event, the passive langauge is garbage. Who should have "avoided" the "confrontation"?]

That report came nearly a month before Zimmerman was arrested.

The package of documents, photos and video was turned over by prosecutors to defense attorneys days before it was released to the media.

The autopsy says medical examiners found THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, when they tested Martin's blood and urine. A police report shows Martin had been shot once in the chest and had been pronounced dead at the scene.

Also in the package is a photo of suspect George Zimmerman with a bloody nose taken the night of the fight. A paramedic report says Zimmerman had a 1-inch laceration on his head and forehead abrasion.

"Bleeding tenderness to his nose, and a small laceration to the back of his head. All injuries have minor bleeding," paramedic Michael Brandy wrote about Zimmerman's injuries in the report.

Zimmerman told a police officer that he did not have any other bruises or cuts but his back hurt, according to a police report.

Whether Zimmerman was injured in the Feb. 26 altercation with Martin has been a key question. Zimmerman has claimed self-defense and said he only fired because the unarmed ["unarmed"; hew to that hoax script, boys!] teenager attacked him. [But this was never a question. The responding officers and paramedics saw Zimmerman's wounds. The "question" was only manufactured by hoax attormey Benjamin Crump and his racist media shills.]

Zimmerman is awaiting trial on a second-degree murder charge. He has pleaded not guilty.

Investigator Christopher Serino, who recommended that Zimmerman be charged, told prosecutors in March that the fight [“Fight”? There was no “fight.” There was an attack.] could have been avoided if Zimmerman had remained in his vehicle and awaited the arrival of law enforcement. He said Zimmerman, after leaving his vehicle, could have identified himself to Martin as a concerned citizen and talked to him instead of confronting him. [Zimmerman didn't confront Martin, even though he had a right to.]

He said there is no evidence Martin was involved in any criminal activity. [No, none whatsoever, aside from trying to murder a man.]

A separate report written by Serino at the crime scene says Martin had $40.15, Skittles candy, a red lighter, headphones and a photo pin in his pocket. He had been shot once in the chest and had been pronounced dead at the scene.

New witness accounts also emerged Thursday. A witness, whose name is redacted, told investigators he saw "a black male, wearing a dark colored hoodie," on top of a white or Hispanic male who was yelling for help.

The witness, who was looking out the sliding glass door at his home about 30 feet away, said he saw the black male throwing punches "MMA (mixed martial arts) style."
He said he told the fighters he was calling the police.

[Bull. Notice that there is no direct quote here. The same guy who saw a black guy beating the hell out of a Spanish guy, who was yelling for help, did not tell “the fighters” that he was calling 911. That’s the HP desperately clinging to its deceitful hoax “narrative.”]

He said that as he was making the call, he heard a shot. He looked outside and saw the person who had been on top laid out on the grass as if he had been shot. He said the other fighter was standing on the sidewalk, talking to another person with a flashlight.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what pastor Winans opinion of the Treyvon Martin case was. There are many ironies that come to mind when these things happen but the one question that keeps rolling around in my mind is: Why does a pastor need a 40,000 dollar Rolex? Jerry

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like poor little innocent Trayvon was either high or at least had been doing drugs just before he got the 'munchies' for skittles. I read elsewhere that there was also cuts on Trayvon's knuckles. Crump and the rest of the Hoaxers continually spin everything to a point that it is now ridiculous to hear them speak. Zimmerman should be set free now! Not just on bail, but should have all charges dropped now. It was very clearly self defense. People say that this could have been avoided if Zimmerman stayed in his car. That's a load of crap. First, Zimmerman was well within his rights to follow and question a suspicious person in his neighborhood. Are we supposed to just let suspicious people go about their business and potentially rob our neighbors? Second, this could have been avoided if Trayvon had been raised right nad simply answered a few questions rather than attack the neighborhood watch guy. Trayvon's parents are to blame for this in my opinion. They apparently didn't care to raise him properly. rather, the mother allowed him to have gold teeth, do drugs and have thug friends. The father aparently didnt care whatsoever and wasnt even home at the time and took 2 days to figure out his son was missing?(I think thats right???)

AnalogMan said...

So, who is this Christopher Serino? He wouldn't be black, by any chance?

Anonymous said...

No, TM was known to be missing that night; however, they thought he may be out with his cousin. The next morning they reported him missing and police put two and two together and felt this was probably the John Doe they had in the morgue. Tm's dad found out his son was dead that morning.