Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It Gets Worse: A Florida Reader Writes on the Judicial Lynching of George Zimmerman (the Trayvon Martin Hoax)


Florida will be ground zero if george zimmerman gets acquitted. It is a shame but zimmerman may be sacrificed to maintain order. Seems if he beats the rap here feds are prepared to step in and charge him with a hate crime. My buddy at the courthouse, he is a bailiff, has been told by his supervisor that if this occurs, a team of federal marshals will be on standby outside the courtroom to whisk zimmerman away. From what he has been told feds will have a plane on standby and he will be taken to undisclosed location somewhere near the capital where he will be tried in secure surroundings. My buddy says angela corey is pissed because there simply isn’t enough evidence to get a conviction for the state. Justice dept isn’t going to let Zimmerman just walk away and I am sure they are looking at all angles to satisfy the black leadership. The stand your ground law is most likely done for as our politicians here are your typical RINO types who run if the wind blows a little hard. All I know is that it’s a great time to be an owner of a gun store.


Anonymous said...

The US government has become criminal. It is a danger to US citizens just as the USSR was a lethal threat to it's citizens so is the US government to its citizens. The US is intent on lynching George Zimmerman.
I keep thinking about Casey Anthony. A Florida jury would not convict her in a clear case of murdering her child, but they are willing to sacrifice Zimmerman on the alter of the most murderous group of people in the US, blacks. Why are the American people so afraid of such a criminal class of people as blacks?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with this article and with the anonymous reply. Sadly, I believe that Zimmerman is going to be sacrificed to the blacks one way or another. The government knows that is Zimmerman is set free that the blacks will use that as an excuse to riot and worse. In my opinion, charging Zimmerman with a hate crime is a load of crap. He is not racist. He used to mentor black kids and so forth. How can he be racist? A hate crime is by definition motivated by hatred for a specific race in this case. My blood boils everytime I see Crump speak his twisted lies. I almost spit on my tv screen when I saw a fairly recent interview with trayvon's mother. That's how offended I was at the crap she was spouting. Free Zimmerman now or maybe the non-blacks will start to wake up and do a little bit of 'demonstrating'of their own. I'm tired of the blacks constantly being treated like they are above the law and somehow they are all just innocent victims of racism. CRAP! The blacks in general are the most racist bunch of criminals that ever plagued the Earth. Not just in the USA, but everywhere they are. With few exceptions, they are all wild savages that feel totally justified when they rob, rape, and kill 'whitey'. I'm tired of it!