Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Eve Carson Story: A New VDARE Report!


By Nicholas Stix

Eve Carson was a loopy lefty, and yet there was so much to like about the girl that reading about her brief yet accomplished life and grisly murder brought tears to my eyes. And I’m no lefty. She sounded like the kind of person you’d want to debate, rather than just wave off, with disdain.
The killers shot Eve Carson in the face and the head, one with a .25 caliber pistol, and the other with a shotgun, obliterating the right side of her pretty face. When the prosecution showed the jury autopsy photographs, some jurors wept.

Unusually, Eve Carson’s murder got national publicity, probably because of her own leftwing activism. A U.S. senator, a congressman, a mayor, and the chancellor of her university variously published or read eulogies for her. At Carson’s funeral in Athens, UNC Chancellor James Moeser spoke of how she embodied “the Carolina way” of “excellence with a heart,” and called her “a force of nature.”

But here’s the back story: If the criminal justice system had done its job, Eve Carson’s killers would both have already been in jail.
The above passage is from my new VDARE report, “Doomed by Diversity: The Murder of Eve Carson.”


Anonymous said...

One of the things John Derbyshire was savagely attacked for was writing that white people should stay out of black neighborhoods and situations or areas where blacks are present in large numbers. I have noticed over the years that black on white murders usually occur in WHITE neighborhoods, college campuses and apartments nearby are frequent locations for such crimes.

The predators know that white coeds are naive and easy prey. Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee has long been such a hunting ground.

A law suit has just been filed against USC by the family of two Chinese grad students who were shot and killed on the Los Angeles campus. The advertisement the victims saw before enrolling claimed USC was "one of the safest campuses in the United States" and "was regularly patrolled."

Neither was true.

Lauren Burk, whose murder was covered at WEJB/NSU was abducted from an on-campus apartment at the University of Auburn. Did anyone ever tell Eve Carson not to go outside her apartment in the early morning hours?

Miss Carson didn't want to believe that 3 to 4 am is a favorite time for predators. Caroline Harper would not call the police and tell them two black males were hanging around the parking lot of a sorority house at 3:30 am.

David In TN

Nicawawa said...

Excellent follow up Nicholas ! You are the best on the net with in depth research on censored race crime stories by the Corrupt Liberal Media.

Here is another which you have probably already covered, the "Black Magic Woman", Joyce Gilchrist, a corrupt, incompetent, black police lab technician whose testimony resulted in innocents being imprisoned and even executed in Oklahoma.

The harm of hiring lesser or unqualified blacks via affirmative action because of the color of their skin goes far beyond the injustice of the racist, discriminatory, hiring standards, it costs innocent lives like in the Eve Carson case.

Once hired, these black employees can react violently to any perceived slight or "disrespect", or if they are finally fired for theft or incompetence, as happened in the murder of 43 whites on PSA Flight 1771 by David Burke, or with the murder of 8 white coworkers by Omar Thornton: