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Detroit: Whole Foods Bribed to Put Store in the City


Whole Foods • Whole People • Whole Planet

By Nicholas Stix

At least $4.2 million plus unspecified “tax credits” (surely worth additional millions) have been pickpocketed from white taxpayers, and given to Whole Foods, in order to benefit its white executives, black supremacist Detroiters, and the genocidal couple holding the White House under occupation. The company, in turn, promises to keep the store open for seven years, and will supposedly “create at least 60 jobs.”

If the store actually created 60 jobs and remained open for seven years, that would amount to ripping off white taxpayers for $100,000 + tax credits (possibly more than an additional $4.2 million) per created job. It would be much cheaper not to buy the jobs.

Paying companies to hire people is not how a market economy works.

But this is not about creating real wealth, anyway. This is a propaganda opportunity to Madame Michelle, who has been harping on for some time about the lack of availability of good food in diversitopias, and the chance for her to skim some graft off the top.

It won’t stay open for seven years. It might not even last one. DC readers had a grand old time with this one. Who in Detroit can afford the overpriced, Bobo/SWPL food? What person in his right mind would hang around downtown after dark? What sort of businesses would be created, in the wake of a “Whole Foods Effect”?


Whole Foods' flagship store in the capital of Bobo-SWPL Land, Austin.
‘Can I interest you in some organic carrots? They’re a positive steal at only $1.99 a pound!’

The Whole Foods people are doing this for positive publicity with the “Obamas” and soccer moms, and for protection against possible Obama retaliation (remember what happened to all those auto dealers who failed to support “Obama”?), not to make money. They can’t possibly believe they’ll make any money.

But do they have any idea what they’ve gotten themselves into? These Bobos/SWPLers never have frank talks about blacks—they couldn’t if they wanted to, because someone would tape record the conversation and publicize it, in a pinch—so they never talked about what to do the first time an employee gets shot to death, collaring a shoplifter, or during a robbery, or the first customer who gets shot by a robber in the store parking lot (or in the store itself!). Heck, not even the DC writer would touch such matters.

In any event, the Whole Foods bosses aren’t going to be hanging around downtown “D” after dark.

* * *

$4.2 million in tax incentives brings Whole Foods to depressed downtown Detroit
By Melissa Quinn
May 18, 2012, 9:27 p.m.
The Daily Caller

Michigan politicians met in downtown Detroit on May 14 to break ground on a new Whole Foods Market with hopes of boosting the area’s economy and bringing new jobs to the city.

The new store is said to be part of an incentive package that includes $4.2 million in state and local funds. The store will receive tax credits and promise to remain open for seven years after receiving the first installment, Spero News reported.

Michigan Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow and Detroit Democratic Mayor Dave Bing joined Whole Foods co-chief executive Walter Robb at the groundbreaking.
Proponents of the project are hoping that the market will create what they refer to as the “Whole Foods Effect,” where real estate values increase in areas where stores put down roots.

The store will create at least 60 jobs. Retailers nearby are hoping that the Whole Foods will encourage shoppers to remain in the area after dark.

The mid-town Detroit Whole Foods is scheduled to open in 2013.

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this article.

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