Sunday, May 20, 2012

St. Louis: Home Invasion by Hoodie-Wearing Sons of Obama on 48 Hours Tonight

By David in TN

Tonight’s (Saturday’s) CBS 48 Hours was about a home invasion in St. Louis in 2009. I saw some news about it at the time, but lost track of the story. The two perps were on probation for a series of crimes. [N.S.: In other words, they got perpetual probation.]

An off-duty female police officer named Isabella Lovadina jumped on one of the thugs (both wore hoodies), and fought back as well as she could. The gun went off, and killed her boyfriend's sister. The perps ran off, and were arrested later that night.

Isabella fought back, because she sensed the perps would kill everyone in the house. We would agree.

The defense attorney blamed Isabella for fighting and causing the gun to “go off.” The two thugs got “life without parole” two years later.

Watch the entire episode right here, at WEJB/NSU! Thanks, CBS!



countenance said...

Of course I covered it:

Anonymous said...

I just searched the internet for information on this case and an early news item quoted someone as saying the victims were "one of the only white families on the street." This may explain why the grandmother got no help from the neighbors when she ran house to house yelling for someone to open their door and let her use a phone.

LaSalle Park, the location, in 2000 was 71% black, 27% white, and 1% hispanic and Asian each.

David In TN

David In TN said...

Another case where the defense was "The victim(s) resisted."