Friday, May 04, 2012

Possibilities for How “the American Experiment” Will End

By Nicholas Stix

I. The Nuclear Option

After a couple of million Americans move to some area, say the Great Northwest—one region is as problematic as any other—a group informs “Obama,” the media, and the public that it has an atomic device, and will detonate it, unless by a certain deadline the federal government grants autonomy to that region, and begins population transfers for those wishing to move there, and to remove all those in support of the current regime. No blacks or Hispanics would be permitted.

The feds feverishly seek to find the device, and to catch the group’s leaders. It fails, and the bomb is detonated in a desolate place. Perhaps 24 hours before detonation, the group makes public where the bomb will be detonated, so that the few people in the area have time to evacuate.

Either Obama/Congress, etc. give in or, more likely, refuse. The group announces that the next device will be detonated in a populated area, with no warning. Again, “Obama,” et al., refuse to submit. This time the device is detonated in a mid-sized to major city. Tens of thousands die. (Think the atomic bombs that ended WWII.)

Rinse and repeat.

Eventually, “Obama” submits and/or the government is toppled.

II. A Political Miracle (i)

As in (I), a few million whites move to a region. But in this scenario, without using or threatening to use WMD, they declare independence. “Obama” orders state National Guard units in the region to mobilize and put down the rebellion, but they mutiny. He declares a state of emergency, and mobilizes the Army, and orders it to attack and “restore order,” but it, too, mutinies.

III. A Political Miracle (ii)

Due to “Obama’s” destruction of the dollar and insane mandates, many states refuse to accept the authority of any federal branch of government, or any local authority who invokes federal authority, in order to reign them in. These states do not formally declare independence, so they cannot be said to be in a state of rebellion. There are so many points of non-obedience around the country, and “Obama” has so exhausted the treasury and the agencies of armed force at his disposal, that he is impotent to do anything, and the nation disintegrates. Different states and regions then formally declare independence, with some engaging in forced population transfers, while others stick with what they have. (Think the early 1990s in the Soviet Bloc and its aftermath.)

IV. Continuing on the Present Course

Tens of millions die in a Holocaust combining the worst aspects of the sacking of Rome, Mexican narco-terrorism, and Central African butchery.

Areas with high concentrations of blacks will rape, torture, and murder whites and Asians, with the support of whatever governmental power remains. If there are also high concentrations of Hispanics nearby, the blacks will avoid them out of cowardice, and pick off isolated Hispanics.

Areas with high concentrations of Hispanics will murder blacks, whites, and Asians, though not with the same degree of savagery, though the casualties will be at least as high. Since the Hispanics will already be in control of what remains of governmental power in their areas, they too will have governmental support. The Hispanics will also invade black areas, because Hispanics have no fear of blacks.

Areas with high levels of armed whites will not act similarly, and will not enjoy governmental support, due to white Fifth Columnists and whites who have ideologically handcuffed themselves, but will kill as many non-white invaders as they have to, in order to protect themselves. (Whites are not blacks or Hispanics, and thus do not act like them.)

Asian responses will vary radically, because Asians vary radically. The Hmong will engage in savagery, the Koreans will engage in self-defense similar to whites, and the Chinese are anyone’s guess.

Either a dark age lasting centuries will descend upon the former America, or whites and Hispanics will soon be conquered and enslaved by the Chinese, who will simply annihilate all blacks as being of no value, and an unnecessary expense.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, Nicholas, what about the Jews? are they chopped liver, or what!!

Anonymous said...

"The Hmong will engage in savagery, the Koreans will engage in self-defense similar to whites, and the Chinese are anyone’s guess.

The Chinese are not going to let Blacks kill them with impunity. Ask any Chinese male what they really think of Blacks after interacting with them, and you will realize that there is a reason why so many Chinese own assault rifles, whether or not they admit to it. And if they don't, they need to watch the movie "City of Life and Death" as to what happens to people who surrender to the uncivilized.

The movie has been posted to youtube.

As for the Koreans, they will fight to the very end against all odds. The movie "May 18" portrays a real life incident in which a South Korean self-organizing militia raids government arsenals for guns and using them against the government after peaceful protestors are slaughtered by the hundreds by gov't troops.

Also posted on youtube, last time I checked.

And while "Red Dawn" was a fictional depiction of American teenagers fighting a Communist invasion, in the beginning of the Korean War, South Korean teenagers were actually tasked with holding off a North Korean force. The movie "71 into the Fire" is based on this true story.

So, it will be a matter of preparations.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that alot of Jews will be taking-it-on-the-chin along with the rest of us. When the South Bronx was arsoned and there was massive crime against whites in the Bronx in the 60's,the Jews suffered assaults and brutal murders as well as the Catholics and Protestants.Jewish homes and businesses were torched along with the homes and businesses of Christians.
I lived in the Bronx at the time. It was horrible what everyone had to endure.
Catholic petitions to the city/state government and to our Catholic church leaders were ignored. Likewise, Jewish petitions to the city/state government and to their Rabbinical leadership were ignored as well.
In the meantime,watch over your children and your elderly like hawks. Attacks upon white Americans are increasing with every week,no-every day.
Criminals go for the weakest first. Many elderly were brutally murdered in the Bronx during the sixties. Children were horrifically attacked with knives and razor blades.
To all white Americans of all creeds: Please be alert around blacks.
There are blacks who don't mean us harm,but they have no say in the black community. Their leaders won't allow it.
It's a time now to be alert and careful. Do not walk around with blinders on. Joe