Wednesday, April 11, 2012

George Zimmerman, Political Prisoner: Florida Special Prosecutor Angela Corey Charges Zimmerman with Second Degree Murder for Killing Trayvon Martin

Florida railroad engineer, Angela Corey

"Railroad owner," Florida Gov. Rick Scott (kapo cons)


George Zimmerman: Dead man walking?

Trayvon Martin: He wanted to murder George Zimmerman; will he get his wish from the grave?

By Nicholas Stix

An hour-and-a-half ago, Special Prosecutor Angela Corey announced that she has charged George Zimmerman with Second-Degree Murder, for killing Trayvon Martin on February 26, in Sanford, Florida. Corey is the State Attorney in Jacksonville. Florida Gov. Rick Scott (Kapo Cons) appointed her on March 23 to be the special prosecutor to investigate the shooting death of 17-year-old Miami teen Trayvon Martin.

Although Corey denied that the prosecution was affected at all by the racist black demonstrations and threats of riots that have raged for almost one month, and she repeatedly reproved the assembled MSM propagandists for seeking to get her to violate Zimmerman’s legal protections by discussing the facts of the case, the charges were plainly politically motivated. (The propagandists also repeatedly sought to get Corey to impugn the integrity of the Sanford PD, which she refused to do, and clearly expressed the Sharptonesque fantasy, whereby the state investigation was completely independent of that of the SPD, and did not in any way rely on it. Al Sharpton first developed this fantasy in the mid-1980s, with the Howard Beach I Hoax, and continued it with the Tawana Brawley Hoax.)

Trayvon Martin’s racist parents, Tracy Martin, l, and Sybrina Fulton, c, attend the March 21 riot held in their and their late son’s honor at New York City’s Union Square. They raised a thug, and thus have Martin’s blood on their hands. If any harm comes to George Zimmerman, they will have his blood on their hands, as well.

For one thing, Corey’s charging of Zimmerman with Second-Degree Murder followed the hoax script, with the exception that the hoaxers, led by Martin’s parent’s hoax lawyer, legal illiterate Benjamin Crump, insisted that Zimmerman had committed First-Degree Murder. But Corey couldn’t charge Zimmerman with Murder One under Florida law, without first convening a grand jury, and getting the grand jury to charge him thusly.

Hoaxers three: Race hoax lawyer Benjamin Crump, hoax master Al Sharpton, and hoaxmaster emeritus, Jesse Jackson Sr., in the background, at a March 26 rally for injustice in Sanford, Florida.

Yesterday, I quoted Sol Wachtler’s famous line, “A prosecutor can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.” While that is almost always the case, a grand jury will occasionally be so outraged at a rogue prosecutor that it will refuse to follow his implicit orders. That happened during the mid-1980s, when a Manhattan grand jury rejected DA Robert Morgenthau’s demand that it indict white Bernard Goetz for attempted murder, when he shot four black thugs who tried to rob him on a subway train. Morgenthau had to grand jury shop, convening a second jury—which is almost unheard of, and which left no doubt that he was engaging in a malicious prosecution—before he could get one ready to do his bidding. But when Goetz’ case came to trial, the jury still acquitted him of attempted murder, and convicted him solely of illegal possession of a gun. (Blacks have since killed black predators in New York with illegal handguns under similar circumstances and not only not been charged, but been celebrated as heroes.)

Morgenthau was so determined to railroad Goetz that he committed conspiracy to obstruct justice, conspiracy to maliciously prosecute, and conspiracy to suborn perjury against Goetz.

To get back to the instant case, apparently Corey’s boss, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (Kapo Cons) was afraid that this was one of those rare times when the grand jury might rebel, and ordered her to avoid a grand jury, yet charge Zimmerman with the highest-grade felony yet permissible under Florida law.

The Murder Two charge was thus a wink-wink substitute for Murder One, because it required the same character, in terms of the assailant’s evil intent (mens rea), except that it did not require premeditation. That will still not satisfy Benjamin Crump, who insisted from the beginning of his public utterances that Zimmerman decided to murder Martin, the moment he laid eyes on him, but he’s an insatiable black supremacist, anyway.

And yet, for all of her professional manners, Corey accidentally revealed the pre-determined, political nature of her mandate: Early in her press conference, when she recalled being given the job of investigating this case on March 23, when it was supposedly completely open, as to what her decision would be, she quoted her deputies as saying, “We will lead the search for justice for Trayvon.”

At that point, the entire team was obliged to be seeking simply justice, wherever it might lead.

Zimmerman is in custody. The racist propagandists actually tried to get Corey to say where he is, so they could help get him murdered in jail.

Corey also mentioned that Zimmerman has a new defense attorney, Mark O’Mara.

[From WEJB/NSU’s Trayvon Martin Hoax files:

“Sanford, Florida: Black ‘Little Boy,’Trayvon Martin 17, Beat White ‘Vigilante’ George Zimmerman Bloody; Zimmerman Shot Martin Dead; Now Black WFTV ‘Reporter,’ Daralene Jones, Black Supremacists, and White Aunt Jemima Earwitness Demand That Zimmerman be Arrested”;

“Trayvon Martin: ABC ‘News’ Gets on Bandwagon, Acting as Martin’s Family Mouthpiece; Family Lawyer Refuses to Release All Information about Teen’s Last Phone Call to Girlfriend, but Insists That It Requires That George Zimmerman be Arrested ‘Right Now’”;

“Arrest First, Investigate Later: Press Conference by Lawyer Benjamin Crump, of Trayvon Martin’s Family, Seeks Through Violation of Due Process… to Railroad George Zimmerman”;

“News Coverage of the Trayvon Martin Case Keeps Getting Worse: New York Daily News Passes Off ABC News Hearsay as ‘Interview,’ While Changing the Hearsay!”;

“USA Today: ‘In wake of black teen Trayvon Martin's death, USA is soul-searching’; McPaper Invokes Jena 6, Quotes Al Sharpton, Self-Described ‘ThugNiggaIntellectual’ Mark Neal, and Jena Attacker Theo Shaw as Moral Authorities”;

“Why the Secret ‘Interview’ with Trayvon Martin’s Secret Girlfriend is Bogus, and His Alleged Last Cell Phone Call is Insignificant”;

“Another Trayvon Martin Supporter: Florida Atlantic U. Hate Crime Attacker Jonatha Carr Had Just been Interviewed about the Jena Six/Nuremberg-Style Rally She’s been Organizing; CBS12 News Tries to Rationalize Her Crimes”;

“Trayvon Martin’s Parents Attend New York City Riot Held on Their Behalf”;

Associated Press and Penn Live: Arrest George Zimmerman for Killing Trayvon Martin, the Law be Damned! Let Zimmerman Prove His Innocence in Court!”

National Review ‘Conservative’ Rich Lowry Goes to Bat for Al Sharpton in Trayvon Martin Case, Ignoring or Misrepresenting Facts of the Case”;

“Trayvon Martin Case: Real Eyewitness Supports Zimmerman’s Story, as Opposed to Lynch Mob’s Fake Eyewitnesses”;

“Barack Obama: Because Trayvon Martin was Black, and Vaguely Resembled Me, ‘All of Us Have to Do Some Soul-Searching’”;

Federale on the Trayvon Martin Hoax: National Review’s Rich Lowry and Robert VerBruggen Seek Street Cred with Black Supremacists by Sacrificing George Zimmerman; America Needs More Zimmermans, and Fewer Lowries and VerBruggens”;

“The Trayvon Martin Hoax: Business Insider Joins Mob Seeking to Lynch George Zimmerman”;

“The Trayvon Martin Hoax: Geraldo Rivera Finally Does the Right Thing!”;

“Black Supremacist Spike Lee (‘Tawana Told the Truth!’) is Trying to Get George Zimmerman Murdered, by Tweeting His Address: The Trayvon Martin Hoax”;

“Hoax Starts to Unravel: Trayvon Martin Started Fight, and was Going to Kill George Zimmerman”;

“George Zimmerman’s Lawyer and Friend Defend Him Against Trayvon Martin Hoax, While ABC News Soldiers on, Repeating Refuted Claims”;

“First Report on Trayvon Martin’s Death One Month Ago Already Included Eyewitness Description of Martin Beating George Zimmerman, and Zimmerman Yelling ‘Help Me!’”;

“George Zimmerman: Trayvon Martin was Trying to Murder Me (Orlando Sentinel)”;

“Jesse Jackson Called for Riots on Behalf of Trayvon Martin, and North Miami Beach Senior HS Students Came Through, Ransacking a Walgreen’s”;

“Another ‘Honor Student’: Trayvon Martin was a Thug, Vandal, Burglar, Pothead and/or Drug Dealer, and Had been Suspended from School at Least 3 Times”;

“The Nation of Islam’s New Black Panther Party Offers $10,000 Bounty for the Kidnapping (or Murder?) of George Zimmerman, for Shooting Trayvon Martin”;

“Walter Williams on Profiling and the Trayvon Martin Case”;

“Barack Obama’s Ally, the Genocidal Nation of Islam’s New Black Panther Party, Calls for the Murder of George Zimmerman”;

“Trayvon Martin: Racist Terrorist Rep. Bobby Rush (Race-Chicago/Black Panthers), is Thrown Off House Floor for Donning a Hoodie, and Denouncing ‘Racial Profiling’; CBS ‘News’ Soldiers on with Race Hoax”;

“Heather MacDonald Goes Halfway on the Trayvon Martin Case, Race, and the Media”;

“I Guess Everybody Would Have Preferred George be Beaten to Death; My Son being Shot”: Video of George Zimmerman’s Father’s Exclusive Miami Herald Interview”;

“Trayvon Martin FAQ”;

“Elderly Couple Terrorized by Spike Lee Hires Attorney; Lee Simulates Humility and Humanity, in Order to Avoid Losing Millions in Court”;

“Vichycon David Frum to MSM: I’ll Support Your Trayvon Martin Hoax, if You’ll Continue Supporting Me as a ‘Conservative’”;

“Cartoonist Stephanie Eisner Gets Fired for Excessive Honesty in Racial Fairy Tale Pic Depicting Trayvon Martin Hoax”;

“Petition Demands That Suppressed UT Cartoonist Stephanie Eisner, Victim of the Racist Trayvon Martin Witch Hunt, be Reinstated!”;

“Sherlock Holmes on the Curious Case of Trayvon Martin, the State of the Legal Mechanisms in ‘the Colonies,’ and the Value of Even a Corrupt Press”;

“A Washington State Reader Writes on the Trayvon Martin Hoax, a Raceless Shooter, Readers Who Do Reporters’ Work for Them, and Seattle’s Northgate Mall”;

“Relative of George Zimmerman: George Stepped Up for Black Homeless Beating Victim Sherman Ware, When the Black Community Ignored Ware, but the Same Black Community, Including Ware’s Sister, Now Denounces Him as a ‘Racist’”;

“The Orlando Sentinel Provides a Non-Explanatory Map of the Shooting of Trayvon Martin, Highly Censored Comments, and One Typical, Black Racist Post”;

“Racist, Black L.A. Times Columnist Sandy Banks Goes to Plan B: Trayvon Martin Case ‘Transcends the issue of race’”;

“George Zimmerman's Father: My Son is Not Racist, Did Not Confront Trayvon Martin”;

“Populist Outrage, or Racist Astroturfing? New NPR Cover Story for Trayvon Martin Hoax Lawyer Covers Up How He Really Works”;

“Federale on Trayvon Martin and the Second Amendment: Gun Nuts Looking to Trade Freedom for Security on Race Will Find They Lose Their Guns, in the Bargain”;

And Then They Came for John Derbyshire: Racial Socialists Organize High-Tech Lynching Over Trayvon Martin Column, with White “Conservatives” Begging, ‘Please Let Us Join in the Fun!’

“Kapo Con Rich Lowry Fires John Derbyshire, Continues No Comments Policy at National Review.”;

The Atlantic, Trayvon Martin, and John Derbyshire: Fake “Discussion Thread” for Ta-Nehisi Coates is a Rigged, Affirmative Action Echo Chamber”;

“Is Peter Brimelow Next on Racial Socialists’ list, or was He Just Temporarily Bumped?”;

“At National Review, Mark Steyn Tells Rich Lowry, ‘You were Wrong and Hypocritical to Fire John Derbyshire, and You Bought Yourself No Peace from the Racist Left’”;

“6 Shots Fired into Police Cruiser Parked Outside of George Zimmerman’s Home, Presumably by Racist Black Supporter of Trayvon Martin; 3 Florida Counties Expect Hurricane-Like Black Race Riots”;

“Did Trayvon Martin Supporters Re-Program a Roadside Sign in Michigan to Call Martin a ‘Nigger’?”

“George Zimmerman's (Former?) Attorney, Hal Uhrig, Explains Why Zimmerman was Not Guilty of Committing Any Crime Against Trayvon Martin”; and

“George Zimmerman to be Charged Today, in Trayvon Martin Case; Should He Flee the Country?”]


Refugee Racket Webteam said...

As I watched that press conference, I could not believe how prejudicial the special prosecutor behaved. She couldn't wipe that smirk off her face, so smug. Did she cry as she talked to the mother of Trayvon in those phone calls she had? And why bring all that up in a press conference when you are about to destroy a young man. GZ does not matter, he is merely the white human sacrifice on the altar of black run america. GZ will suffer, and then he will be acquitted and where does he go after that? Who cares! That is the attitude of the left and the special prosecutor. He will be of no use to them. He's just trash in black run america.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid he's going to take a plea bargain and settle for manslaughter and spend time in jail for defending himself.

2nd degree calls for evidence of a depraved mind (e.g., hate). I'm thinking they are going to say he said "f'ing coons" on the 911 tape. Let's say for sake of argument that he DID use that so-called racial slur. It could be that he only sees black criminals as "coons." That doesn't mean it was "hate" because Trayvon was black but that George Zimmerman despises criminals and he may have called someone whom he thought was up to no good and happened to be black a coon. In other words, you can be black but that doesn't mean you are a ni**er. A ni**er is someone who is immoral and possibly criminal. For whites they would be called white-trash.

They are trying to take away our SYG laws and keep us from defending ourselves against criminals. This is ridiculous.

Concerned Citizen

Anonymous said...

Agreed with post and with first comment by Reality Check - When she said "We will lead the search for justice for Trayvon" I was floored.

Also, what's with the endless links after every post. It's very annoying, can't you just create a sitemap type with all links/resources and just provide one link to that site?

jeigheff said...

Lord Jesus, please deliver George Zimmerman from his wicked enemies. Please protect him, strengthen him, and guide him, as only you can.

Lord, please confound and confuse George's enemies. Please stop them, Lord, as only you can stop them.

Lord, I pray thee, hear my prayer.

Nicholas said...

"Anonymous said...

"Agreed with post and with first comment by Reality Check - When she said "We will lead the search for justice for Trayvon" I was floored.

"Also, what's with the endless links after every post. It's very annoying, can't you just create a sitemap type with all links/resources and just provide one link to that site?

"Wednesday, April 11, 2012 10:03:00 PM EDT"

The endless links--which require a lot of work--have accounted for, I guesstimate, over ten thousand hits per month. If you can explain how a "sitemap" works, I'm all ears, but I'm sketpical that people will hit a master link to a list, as frequently as they will hit a link to a specific title. I'm also showing off that I have compiled an incredible archive on race and crime in America, which underscores my reputation as the top writer in the field.

Can't you just ignore the lists?

Anonymous said...

Once again blacks bring the country down.

Anonymous said...

what about the white senior citizen that gets murded by a black youth where is the justice i call any black person that kills a white person a racial crime and for the black panthers if they harm or kill ant white person i will put a bounty on all of them