Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Unamusement Park: To Kill a Mockingbird, er, NO_LIMIT_NIGGA: Authorities Arrest “an Honorary Member of the Same Race as Hitler”

Just two-and-a-half-hours ago, Unamused translated the breaking news:
Facing threats of mass violence from an uninformed and uninformable Black underclass spurred on by race-baiting “civil rights” extortionists and the anti-White American media, Sanford police attempted to charge a White man with second-degree murder and first-degree racism for the self-defense shooting of President Obama’s adopted son, the perpetual eleven-year-old and potentially limitless “nigga” Trayvon Martin.

Unable to find such a shooter, police arrested and charged George Zimmerman instead.

“Eh, close enough,” declared one unqualified affirmative action hire of the Sanford Police Department when asked if the service of racial justice would require pre-trial skin-lightening treatments for the EVIL RACIST MURDERER, who is an honorary member of
the same race as Hitler.

[Read the whole thing.]

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Anonymous said...

Well, nice society we used to have. Anyway, have you ever read the lyrics for a song called 'no limit nigga'. It's a real song and I assume this is where Trayvon got his twitter name from. Just google 'no limit nigga lyrics' and take a look if you can stomach it. It's typical anti-society gangsta crap with liberal doses of drugs and treating women like sexual property.
This is the sort of culture that 'Saint Trayvon' aspired to! Just read Trayvon's "NO_LIMIT_NIGGA" twitter posts and you will see its full of the same crap as this 'song'.