Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Meet Foreign Felon Roberto Galan, in California’s Largest Illegal Alien Detention Center; Galan, 33, Paid a Trafficker $3,000 to Smuggle Him into the United States from El Salvador for the First Time as a Teenager in 1997

By Reader-Researcher RC

Since then, he has been deported twice but has returned each time.

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Chicago guy said...

This whole thing has gotten out of control under the last three ex-presidents. Deportees just smuggled themselves right back in again with no fear of any penalty. The only deterrent to this is to ratchet things up to where they have a fear of the consequences of repeated law breaking. Word gets out on their grapevine that things are different now and things will change slowly. No telling how many illegals there are here since they've been using the number of eleven million for the past ten years or so as if nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

After the first deportation subsequent illegal entry is a felony. Prison time.