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Tulsa: The MSM Have Finally Found an Interracial Murder They Like, and Discover Race in Crime Reporting!

But the “White” Serial Killer Randomly Murdering Black Men May Not be White, and the Killings weren’t “Random,” but Out of Revenge

Carissa Horton and Ethan Nichols were murdered last September in Tulsa by two blacks, in a racist atrocity that the national MSM considered meaningless.

The racist, confessed killers of Carissa Horton and Ethan Nichols, Jerard Davis and Darren Price. Their confessions notwithstanding, Davis and Price are pleading not guilty.

Zachary William was murdered in Tulsa by racist blacks in January, but his life also didn't count, as far as the national MSM were concerned.

Bob, 90, and Nancy Strait, 85. Last month, six racist blacks raped and beat her to death, and beat him within an inch of his life. They had been married for 65 years. The national MSM ignored this racist atrocity because who cares about a couple of old white breeders, anyway? Thousands of Americans had to read the UK Daily Mail, in order to learn about this crime.

Tyrone Dale David Woodfork, 20, has been charged with attacking the Straits; five of Woodfork's alleged accomplices are still at large

Tulsa murder suspects Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 32. England is either white, or "white enough" for the MSM.

By Nicholas Stix

The national MSM can ignore thousands of racially motivated, black-on-white atrocities, only mentioning them to condemn as “white supremacists” those of us who complain about black and media racism, but let there be one possible white-on-black murder, and it’s, “Battle stations, everyone!”

The title in the Daily News URL is “white-men-arrested-tulsa-shootings-.” (See the bottom of this page.)

The New York daily even said the same thing openly, in a teaser accompanying a photograph of the two suspects:

Two arrested in Tulsa shootings that left 3 dead, 2 wounded

Two white men arrested as suspects in shootings that killed three, wounded two black victims.

This is the same newspaper that kills itself to cover up the respective racial identities of victims and perps in local interracial crimes.

And so it has been with Friday’s spree shootings in Tulsa that killed three black men, and wounded two.

There’s just two little problems: The alleged shooter, Jake England, 19, doesn’t look mighty white to me (but I guess that, like George Zimmerman, he’s white enough for their purposes—“white-Native Indian”?), and the shootings were not random. England looks Injun to some of my readers, and I concur. And the shootings were targeted. Friday was the two-year anniversary of the racist murder of England’s father by blacks, and either the shooter decided to target any black man, the way racist blacks will target “random” whites, or he was targeting men who had murdered, or been accomplices in his father’s murder.

(Pernell Demond Jefferson, who was arrested but apparently not convicted for murdering England’s father, is serving a relatively light prison sentence for “pointing a firearm,” and is due to be released in October 2014.)

If the men England shot were his father’s murderers or accessories, that would change everything. Somewhere during the past few years, after reading of widespread vigilante justice in New Orleans, I wrote that I had no problem with someone killing the murderer of his loved one. If the law enforcement and criminal justice authorities are worthless, citizens have no obligation to defer to them. Such obligations are conditional.

And so it is in this case. If the shooter shot his father’s killers, more power to him. But if he just shot people because they are black, he’s a monster who should hang, or endure whatever manner in which the State of Oklahoma dispatches murderers, these days.

* * *

The shootings were a day after 2-year anniversary of murder of suspect's father
By Zack Stoycoff
Tulsa World
April 8, 2012, 4:37 a.m.
Last modified: April 8, 2012, 10:57 a.m.

Tulsa police have arrested two white men who are accused of killing three black residents and injuring two others in a shooting spree that authorities deemed "unprecedented."

Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 32, were arrested at 1:47 a.m. Sunday, about 48 hours after police began discovering gunshot victims in a three-mile area of north Tulsa.

The pair were found together in a neighborhood near where the shootings occurred after police received several anonymous tips that England was the shooter, according to arrest reports.

Police will release more information at a press conference 3 p.m. Sunday, Officer Jason Willingham said.

Dannaer Fields, 49, Bobby Clark, 54 and William Allen, 31, were identified as those who died after three separate shootings Friday.

Two other men were wounded in a fourth shooting but were expected to survive. They have not been identified.

The arrests came less than 12 hours after authorities formed a task force called Operation Random Shooter, which consisted of 30 investigators from the Tulsa Police Department, the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office, the U.S. Marshals Service and the FBI.

At a press conference Saturday, Tulsa police Chief Chuck Jordan called the attacks vicious and cowardly and said his agency was going to do whatever it takes to apprehend anyone involved.

“Our sympathy goes out to the families of the victims and we hope that our efforts can bring some resolution and closure to these heinous acts,” police said in the press release Sunday.

Community leaders in north Tulsa and a representative of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said Friday that it seemed as though the shootings were racially-motivated.

Jordan said Saturday that there was no evidence for that, but that it was a logical explanation. Police did not address the motivation for the shootings early Sunday.

The two suspects are white.

A man who is identified on Jake England’s Facebook page as his father, Carl England, was fatally shot April 5, 2010, at Comanche Park Apartments, 3608 N. Quaker Ave., about a quarter mile east of where Allen’s body was found, according to the Tulsa World's archives.

The man arrested in the death, Pernell Demond Jefferson, was charged with pointing a firearm and is serving a prison sentence through October 2014, according to Department of Corrections records.

Jefferson is black.

Jake England makes several references to the two-year anniversary of his father’s death on his Facebook page, including a post 3:04 p.m. Thursday that says, “Today is two years that my dad has been gone shot by a f------ n----- it's hard not to go off between that and sheran I'm gone in the head.”

England’s Facebook page indicates that his girlfriend, Sheran Hart Wilde, recently died. Her death notice was published Jan. 12 in the Tulsa World.

Fields, Clark and Allen were likely killed early Friday, police said. Fields’ body was discovered about 1 a.m. in a yard in the 1000 block of East 51st Place North. Clark’s body was found about 1:50 a.m. in another yard in the 300 block of West 63rd Street North and Allen’s body was found about 8:30 a.m. in the 800 block of East 36th Street North.

The two men who survived were found in the street in the 1300 block of East 51st Place North three minutes after police found Fields’ body.

Willingham said early Sunday that he could not confirm whether revenge was a motive. Police had previously said that the victims had no apparent connection to each other.

At 10:15 p.m. Friday, Jake England posted on Facebook, “Chilling at that house people talking s--- on me for some s--- I didn't do ... it just mite be the time to call it quits I I hate to say it like that but I'm done if something does happen tonite be ready for another funeral later.”

Alvin Watts, who is Jake England’s friend on Facebook, has frequently posted to England’s Facebook page since January. His posts seem to be aimed at encouraging England in the wake of the deaths in his life.

Tulsa jail records list the same home address for Watts and England in the 2800 block of East 61st Street North.

Authorities served a search warrant at the residence before further surveillance led them early Sunday to a neighborhood about a mile west, according to their arrest report.

The location of their arrest as shown in their arrest report does not correspond to a specific building, according to Tulsa County property records. The report says they were found in the 6200 block of North Yorktown Avenue.

Watts' Facebook page says he lives in Sperry, is from Muskogee and attended Muskogee High School. His arrest report lists his next of kin as his brother in Sperry.

England's Facebook page says he is from Tulsa and attended Sperry High School.

According to the arrest reports, several people who called the Tulsa Crime Commission's anonymous Crime Stoppers tip line Saturday reported that England was responsible for the shootings.

Callers said he owned a white pickup and intended to burn it.

Osage County deputies found a burned white pickup near 6000 N. Osage Drive about 6 p.m. Saturday, the reports say. The truck's registration checked to Jacob or Carl England, the arrest reports say.

England and Watts were booked into the Tulsa Jail without bail on three complaints of first-degree murder, two complaints of shooting with intent to kill and a complaint of possession a firearm in commission of a felony.

Jake England's first name is listed in jail records as Jacob.


Here is a story from this morning's print edition of the Tulsa World.

Task force forms to catch shooter: FBI joins effort to solve spree
By Amanda Bland
Tulsa World

As a Tulsa woman mourned the loss of her husband a week before his birthday, police and city leaders on Saturday announced the launch of a joint task force to investigate Friday morning's shootings that left three people dead and two others injured.

Operation Random Shooter consists of 30 investigators with several local and state agencies working to solve the shooting spree, Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said during a Saturday afternoon press conference.

Tulsa police requested and are receiving assistance from the FBI, which brings additional resources to the table, Jordan said. The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office and U.S. Marshals are also part of the task force.

Jordan called the attacks, which were all on black individuals, vicious and cowardly and said the Tulsa Police Department is going to do whatever it takes to apprehend anyone involved.

"I want to say to the perpetrator and anybody who would attempt to aid or abet him - we're coming for you," Jordan said.

Meanwhile, the wife of one of the victims was trying to cope with the news of her husband's death on Saturday.

"Why? Why did this happen? What was the reason? What was the motive?" said Jeanette Allen, wife of William Allen, 31.

Though a victim described the shooter as a white man, Jordan stopped short of calling the shootings hate crimes. He said while it's a logical theory that the shootings could have been racially motivated, there was no evidence Saturday afternoon to indicate that was the case.

"Right now I'm worried more about three of my citizens being murdered," he said.

The shooter, whom Jordan described as a "lone wolf," was reportedly driving an older white pickup and used a small-caliber gun in the shootings, he said.

One of the victims told police the shooter stopped to ask for directions before opening fire.

Police are waiting on forensic evidence, but the timing, proximity and preliminary evidence lead police to believe the four incidents are connected.

The shootings all occurred in a three-mile area on the city's north side.

The other two dead victims were identified as Dannaer Fields, 49, and Bobby Clark, 54.

Fields was found wounded about 1 a.m. Friday, Clark was found in a street about an hour later, and Allen was discovered in the yard of a funeral home about 8:30 a.m., though investigators believe he was shot much earlier.

Minutes after Fields was found, police discovered two men with gunshot wounds in another yard two blocks away. They were taken to hospitals in critical condition but were expected to survive, police said. Their names have not been released.

Mayor Dewey Bartlett, City Councilor Jack Henderson and the Rev. Warren Blakney, NAACP Tulsa chapter president, as well as Jordan, implored anyone with information on the homicides to contact police.

"We need your help," Bartlett said. "This is not a game."

Henderson, who represents the area where the shootings occurred, acknowledged a hesitation among his constituents to contact police but encouraged people in his district and others in the city to cooperate with police. Blakney echoed his concerns.

"This is a matter of urgency for this community and this city," Henderson said.

Jeanette Allen said her husband was walking home from his brother's house when he was gunned down.

"He was sweet, caring ... my lover," she said. "He always tried to make people laugh."

Her husband was injured in a car wreck in recent years and couldn't work. He'd already escaped death once, she said.

The couple were making plans for Easter and William Allen's upcoming birthday on April 13 in the days before his death.

"He didn't deserve that," she said.

Neighborhood residents at a nearby hair salon, Charlie's Angels Forever Hair Style Shop near 46th Street North and Cincinnati Avenue, remained on edge Saturday morning.

"We're all nervous," said Renaldo Works, 52.

"I've got a 15-year-old, and I'm not going to let him out late. People are scared. We need facts."

Barber Charles Jones, 40, said the north side has had its share of crime trouble, but residents have never faced a series of random killings like these.

"It's pretty shocking," Jones said. "We've never had any serial-type stuff."

Associated Press writer Justin Juozapavicius contributed to this report.

The dead
Dannaer Fields, 49

Bobby Clark, 54

William Allen, 31

Crime Stoppers
Authorities are requesting citizens with information or possible information on the shooter to contact Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS (2677).

Amanda Bland 918-581-8413

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this story.

From WEJB/NSU’s Tulsa files (yes, I maintain a file on Tulsa, even if the MSM don’t!):

“Racial Atrocity in Tulsa: Two Black Men Confess to Murdering Young White Couple, Execution-Style”;

“Videos on Tulsa Hate Crime Murder of White Couple Carissa Horton, 18, and Ethan Nichols, 21, by ‘Remorseless’ Blacks Darren Price and Jerard Davis, Including Crime Scene Interview with Price Posing as a Passerby!”;

“Now Multiculturalists Praise Even Racist Black Murderers: ABC News Blogger Christina Ng Calls One of the Killers of White Couple Carissa Horton and Ethan Nichols ‘Gutsy’ and ‘Bold’”;

“Christian Hate Crime Victims Carissa Horton and Ethan Nichols were Fed to the Lions in Tulsa’s ‘Colosseum’”;

“Diversity is Strength! It's Also…No Walking While White in Tulsa, OK” [VDARE report!];

“Update on Racist, Tulsa Hate Crime Committed by Blacks Darren Price and Jerard Davis Against Whites Carissa Horton and Ethan Nichols”;

“Preliminary Hearing in Racist Tulsa Murders of Carissa Horton and Ethan Nichols”;

“Hicks Park Murder Suspects Stand Trial”;

“5 Blacks Charged with Murdering White During Home Invasion, and the Tulsa World Printed All of Their Pictures!”;

“Tulsa Murder Suspects in Court Today”; and

“Another Horror in Tulsa.”]

* * *

Facebook postings provide possible motive for white 19-year-old in Tulsa shootings of black pedestrians
Spree came exactly two years after suspect's father was killed by a black person
Comments (87)
By Helen Kennedy
Daily News
Sunday, April 8, 2012, 8:26 a.m.
Updated: Sunday, April 8, 2012, 2:34 p.m.

Jake England, 19 (l.), and Alvin Watts, 32, were arrested early Sunday following an intense, two-day police investigation.

James Gibbard/Associated Press

Tulsa Chief of Police Chuck Jordan speaks about the case during a news conference.

Oklahoma cops on Sunday arrested two white men suspected in a spree of random shootings of black pedestrians in Tulsa that claimed three lives and critically wounded two others.

Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 32, were taken into custody without incident at a Tulsa home early Sunday, following an intense, two-day police investigation.
Authorities said several anonymous tips led to the arrests.

The five men shot Friday morning in a majority-black Tulsa neighborhood were all walking within a three-mile span. A gunman riding in a white pickup truck stopped to ask each victim for directions and then opened fire.

There was no connection between the victims except that all were black, and police cautioned they had yet to develop a motive.

But the shootings coincided with the second anniversary of England’s father being shot and killed by a black man.

“I’m gone in the head,” England wrote on Facebook.

“Today is two years that my dad has been gone — shot by a f---ing (racial slur),” he wrote on the page Thursday.

Later, after the murders, England updated his page: “I do believe it just mite be the time to call it quits... I'm done. If something does happen tonite, be ready for another funeral.”

The Tulsa World reported that Watts shared a home with England.

Watts posted frequently on England’s Facebook page, encouraging him to keep his chin up after his father’s killing and the death of his girlfriend in January.
Despite the revealing Facebook posts, police said the motive remains under investigation.

“We don’t have a motive at this time. We are still asking questions and hopefully that will become clear in coming days,” said Tulsa police spokesman Jason Willingham.

Operation Random Shooter — a task force of about 30 members of the Tulsa police force and lawmen from the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office, the U.S. Marshals Service and the FBI — had been working around the clock to find the shooters.

England and Watts were under surveillance for about 24 hours before investigators moved in to collar them.

“We’ve been on them since early (Saturday) evening. We had been doing surveillance and using a helicopter,” Willingham told the Associated Press.

The Tulsa World reported that cops found a burned-out white pickup Saturday evening and that the registration came back to England.

England and Watts are expected to be charged with three counts of first-degree murder and two counts of shooting with intent to kill.

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Concerning the Carissa Horton-Ethan Nicholas murders, the Tulsa District Attorney's office announced on March 28, they would seek the death penalty for the two suspects.

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