Monday, December 06, 2021

Lew Alcindor/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Rips LeBron James for "Childish" Behavior

By N.S.


eahilf said...

Just so there's no confusion:

In a video this week for Substack, retired basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ripped James for the obscene “Big Balls” dance that James did against the Indiana Pacers last month (video here).

Abdul-Jabbar isn't 'ripping' James for any of his BLM-supporting, racially charged social media posts -- he's 'ripping' him for on-court TNB that might be seen as 'disrespectful'.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I'd give "Jabber" more cred if he called out LeBron's racism, but he's a racist himself so he won't do that. He'd probably "praise" his "social activism".

I actually read the man's autobiography many years ago. He didn't even bother to hide his bitterness and hatred toward Whites. According to him, his high school coach called him the n word once and he's spent his life obsessing about it. That seemed to be his number one obsession...oh that, and how he hasn't banged as many White women as Wilt did. That's his 2nd biggest worry. The man is not stupid like LeBron, but he's petty, bigoted and spiteful.

Anonymous said...

Lew is actually quite bright it seems and well spoken as it is said. Owned the home where the Wash DC. massacre of the Muslims opposed to the Black Muslims lived. Cassius M. Clay [M. Ali] made a trip to the Philadelphia mosque just one day prior to the killings. Clay is reputed to have given the go ahead to the killers, the Black Mafia so they were called.