Thursday, November 02, 2017

Murder is Their National Pastime: Studying MS-13 Teaches Us that Our Central American “Gang Problem” Transcends Gangs (My New Social Contract Report Has Just been Published!)



I am so excited about getting published in The Social Contract! The feeling is just like the first time I got published in VDARE or American Renaissance.

The Social Contract, which like so many other immigration reform organizations, was founded by the Johnny Appleseed of the movement, Dr. John Tanton, unfortunately has a very low profile. Part of that is due to the commissars at The Pretend Encyclopedia censorship, ensuring that its entry is a mere nub. It is otherwise due to a media policy on the Communist (racial socialist) and Republican sides of refusing to cite it, except for inciting hatred against it, by quoting statements by treason groups like the SPLC, and hopeless efforts at triangulation by immigration groups like CIS, the latter of which was also founded by Dr. Tanton. (Once upon a time, Republican media prominently, positively cited TSC. Perhaps that policy will return under the Trump administration.) Finally, those who do believe in the TSC’s work, including yours truly, have not worked hard enough at promoting it.

However, TSC’s four quarterly issues have remained must-reads for immigration reformers. However, we need to expand our reach as much as possible among people who do not (yet) consider themselves immigration reformers.

I don’t want to exaggerate my reach, which has itself been suppressed by the usual suspects, but I am going to work much harder at promoting The Social Contract.

Immigration, Crime, and the Death of an American Paradise
By Nicholas Stix
Volume 28, Number 1 (Fall 2017)
Issue theme: “The Refugee Crisis and Its Impact on the West”
The Social Contract

When I was growing up during the 1950s-1970s in Nassau County’s Long Beach, Long Island was the place for which New York City’s white working and middle classes fled the city.

New York City was then falling to the onslaught of what is now called “diversity”—racist blacks and Hispanics, and the attendant crime, de-policing, and slummification.

People who cared about their children fled New York City, to the nicest neighborhoods in the nicest towns they could afford. I had a middle-aged, middle-class, Canadian-Irish aunt in Huntington in Suffolk. Less fortunate whites landed in towns like Brentwood and Elmont, whom folks in Huntington would have looked down on. (Brentwood was then notorious as the home of the world’s largest psychiatric hospital, Pilgrim State.)
However, compared to crime- and racism-ravaged New York City, those places were paradises.

There were counterparts to New York City and Long Island all over the country.

“Liberal” journalists and social science professors condemned the outflow as “white flight,” a code phrase for racism.

Forty years later, paradise was long lost. Long Island and its suburban counterparts were increasingly resembling the banlieues outside Paris.

In 2016, people began stumbling across corpses in Brentwood, Central Islip, and Elmont. “They keep finding bodies.”…

[Read the whole thing here.]


Anonymous said...

Its a long read on a very important aspect of the immigrant invasion. Your prolific writing is almost as amazing as its accuracy. The hostile environment in which we live here in southern California, is largely driven by violent children of illegal immigrants. You better not walk around with any pro Trump clothing or pro border enforcement hats on, because your chances of being a target of violence, has just increased even more than the already elevated rates.
So, not only are native citizens reluctant and / or scared to express any conservative view points in public, but we are also constantly berated as racists who should be disarmed, and not be allowed to prove its those on the other side of the issue, that is the danger, and certainly not us.

Where is the LA Times stories about our plight? There are 10-15 million CA residents dealing with this every day. We have a spineless Republican Party and the libs have a super majority in Sacramento, where we get to choose from two Democrats for Governor now, because of legislative stacking of the deck.

Lastly, one of the most wasteful and life shortening aspects we deal with everyday in So. Cal is our world famous traffic. Its gotten to the point where you plan your whole day around it, or else suffer the consequences of an inclusive and diversified sit in non moving traffic. There is soooo much more, but that would make this a long read.

Still waiting for my call from the LA Times.

Anonymous said...

As goes California so goes the nation. And so too as goes NYC so goes the nation?