Sunday, November 26, 2017

Meet Taiyesha Baker, the Nurse Working at Riley Children's Health, an Affiliate of Indiana University Health in Indianapolis, Who Wants to Murder All White Baby Boys



By Reader-Researcher RC

“Every son you had should be sacrificed to the wolves.”

Indiana Nurse Under Investigation for Tweets about Killing White Babies (PJ Media).


N.S.: By the way, as GAB and PJMedia’s Megan Fox show, while Twitter immediately blocks anyone accused of being “racist” (i.e., for criticizing affirmative action groups), genocidally anti-white racists are rarely blocked. Taiyesha Baker appears to have deleted her own account, once people began publicizing her twits.

On February 23rd or 27th, I was permablocked by Twitter on obviously ideological grounds, though the Politburo claimed it was because my twits sounded like I was a bot. Yeah, right.

In late March or early April, Facebook also permablocked me.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg are two of the biggest racists in America. But they have lots of company.

In case someone should assert that Taiyesha Baker is an extraordinary case, she’s only extraordinary in that she said what she thought, not that she thought it.


Anonymous said...

Any way to sue these companies to force them to allow ALL opinions on their blogs/websites?Free speech would seem to cover this aspect of Twitter,CNN or your local newsrag's blogsite.Either comments are not allowed--or ALL comments should be seen (short of criminal threats).
Has anyone tried suing them?
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I had spotted this story on Foxnews and posted a comment, but there were a lot of comments and I think it got lost in the deluge. While most of the comments were negative toward the racist Ms. Baker, the only substantive argument I saw was "What about all the gang shootings?". Gangs are certainly an aspect of black violence but it's still a pathetic response, it's astounding the incredible ignorance displayed by the vast majority of readers, even the ones that argue against Ms. Baker. Nowhere do people point out that she was just plain wrong. Statistically speaking blacks are far more likely to rape, gang rape and abuse children than whites. Not even to mention the incredibly high proportion of black serial killers and the many mass shootings committed by blacks, though they are downplayed by the media or categorized as "gang shootings" and therefore not really "mass shootings".

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
If you go to Foxnews right now the Taiyesha Baker story has top billing and there are two other race related stories right below it.
The 2nd story has this headline:

"Having 'white nuclear family' promotes white supremacy, says New York professor, report says"

The 3rd story has this headline: "Ohio State University 'privilege' workshop says only white people can be racist"

Note they put "privilege" in quotes. That's one of the reasons why I like Foxnews, along with allowing uncensored commenting they actually run articles like this together at times and, in this case, none of them are the usual black crime apologist crap you see so much of, they are in fact, being critical toward black racism (though you have to read between the lines). I wonder how long this is going to last with Foxnews, I have a feeling that the pressure to "clean things up" and follow the politically correct ideology of the other major news networks is going to eventually change their policies.

Anonymous said...

I used to work with many unprofessional and rude black women who had no problem expressing sentiments exactly like Taiyesha Baker's.

groidsuck said...

Sheboon is in big trouble!

David In TN said...

The latest news is Indiana University has announced the nurse is "no longer employed by Indiana University."

I'll be surprised if she isn't hired by somebody else within a few months.

ben said...

What do you mean, "black" violence is "downplayed" in the media?! Each and every survey or statistic that is ever done shows that "black" people get far more media attention for their crimes than "white" people. All I can say is, this woman's statements, as in ANY instance where a "black" so much as expresses displeasure at anything "white", the response from the "white" population is exactly what it was during the times of overt slavery: HOW DARE YOU CRITICIZE THE MASSA!!! After all that's been done to African Americans in this country, and the fact that they are a mere 13% of the whole American population, illustrates the exaggerated reaction of "whites" because of the still deeply held beliefs of their so-called "superiority". How dare a "black" person raise a voice in anger against them? How dare they forget their "place"? The sickness of "racism", which was totally manufactured by "whites" since it doesn't even scientifically/medically even exist, is just as alive and well as it was the previous 200+ years this nation has been in existence. Its just disgusting.

Nicholas said...


Everything you said was a lie, but beyond that, you are just one stupid cuss!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I`m the son of a white woman. Taiyesha probably knows me as the devil. I would very much like to meet her. So I could show her that the sons of white women can be much, much worse than she thinks when they run into an inbred crazy bitch with a big mouth. Yeah, I`m the son of a white woman but at least I`m not black. If I was black I wouldn`t be here writing now, I would be too busy selling drugs, raping women and killing people.