Thursday, November 23, 2017

Slave Revolt Inflicts Still More Casualties! ESPN Forced to Slash $80 Million in Salary Costs, as NFL Ratings Slump Worsens

By Reader-Researcher RC

NFL Ratings Slump Worsens as ESPN Forced to Slash $80 Million in Salary Costs

“ESPN is dealing with three simple math problems. They have fewer subscribers than they planned for. They have higher costs than they planned for. They lower ratings than they hoped for.”

At Zero Hedge.

N.S.: I guess the MSM will just have to curse normal white men even more than they have been—but how could they curse them any more?

Actually, ESPN has one problem: Diversity. Diversity means paying more for inferior labor, while cheating superior labor (refusing to hire it, firing it, and underpaying it). Diversity means insulting one’s main customer base, which means that one can charge advertisers less, out of loyalty to economic parasites.

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Anonymous said...

Good! I hope this continues and only gets worse for ESPN. I would hope they would totally go out of business and soon.