Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Who Will Matt Lauer’s Permanent Replacement be? Will It be Yet Another Racial Quota Hire?


Craig Melvin

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 8:16:00 A.M. EST

Matt Lauer Fired!

I woke up early today, flipped on the CBS morning show and saw that Charlie Rose's replacement was a black named Vladimir. This gave the show two blacks and one white as cohosts--equaling ABC's Good Morning Black America for the same quota (Roberts, Strahan, and Stephanopoulos).

I flipped on my tablet and thought, "How is NBC holding on to two whites on Today?" Two seconds later, "Breaking News" pops up on my tablet--Matt Lauer fired for sexual harassment. The odds are 100% that a blackie will replace Lauer. Think Craig Melvin.

The tabloids had pointed out Lauer was a serial cheater for years.

So I gave the Today show a couple minutes of my time to view Savannah and Hoda Kotb (who it turns out IS a black host already).

So after blackie Melvin is coronated (I believe) to take Lauer's job, ALL THREE NETWORKS will have two blacks and one white cohosting their morning shows.

Why?! To push the agenda. Any other reason for this kind of quota being forced on the white majority viewing audience—has escaped me.


Anonymous said...
Add Keillor to the list of old,bad looking white guys getting fired--FOR NOTHING!!!
It's full blast discrimination and/or a vendetta being waged against older white guys.What's new?

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
It's that math thing again, blacks are 13% of US pop. and I've always said that negroes and white liberals think that 13% of 100 is 50. Which is why negroes feel entitled to a 50% representation in entertainment and politics. One problem is that most negroes simply can't do the math and while white liberals usually can, they are too afraid of negroes to correct them.

I have to amend my original statement: Negroes and white liberals think that 13% of 100 is actually 75, it appears that 50 was not a big enough number for them.

When one network makes negroes the majority in their high profile on camera position, then the next ones start falling line, you can sense the desperation to not appear to be the "racist" network that still has mostly whiteys. The next step is too simply eliminate whites altogether and I'm willing to be that 99% of the US public would stay silent. Not that they don't notice, of course they do, but they will stay silent for fear of being labeled racist.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
According to Keilor he placed his hand on a woman's back in a gesture of compassion, she had a low cut shirt and he touched bare skin. Was there more? I have no idea, I can't find any details, just that he was fired after an "investigation", whatever that means nowadays. Minnesota Public Radio has fired him and his current show is being dropped, Prairie Home Companion is being renamed (why?) or dropped by some affiliates.

This reminds me of something I heard about behind the scenes politics in entertainment, sometimes you wonder why certain TV shows get cancelled, even when they have good ratings and are quality shows, or why certain media figures get fired even when they are very popular. The executives behind the scenes are in constant competition, every new up and comer has his or her own vision of what they want to do, so they can make their mark and move up the ranks, former projects become targets so they can get their own projects off the ground or cultivate their own on screen "talent".
It becomes a highlight of their resumes "I discovered such and such talking sock puppet" or "I was the creator of such and such daytime show".

I'm starting to get the feeling that the harassment allegations are turning into a tool for some of this backroom battling over precious air time. It's a weapon to pry established personalities out of their positions and get in somebody else's "new talent" or new program. You also have to consider with more affirmative action hires behind the scene we may have many more non white executives playing this cutthroat game. Except they have an advantage with anti white racism disguised as "bringing in more diversity", anybody questions what is going on and they always have false racist accusations to sling at them. How can you fight that?