Thursday, November 16, 2017

MSNBC Broadcasts Fake Poll Showing Doug Jones Suddenly Running Away from Roy Moore in Alabama

By Nicholas Stix

Wednesday evening, MSNBC was promoting a poll which, it claims, shows Democrat Senatorial candidate Doug Jones way ahead of Judge Roy Moore, 51-39, after Moore has been ahead of Jones by 8-10 points, even after the “evidence,” as MSNBC and its leftwing allies call the charges of women that Moore groped, or dated, or violated them 100 years or so ago, as well as the "corroborating evidence" of women who claim that the "victims" told them about the incidents.

None of what MSNBC called evidence actually was evidence. Hearsay, evidence-free charges, rumors, rumors about rumors, and a possibly forged high school yearbook do not constitute evidence.

The poll was conducted by … nobody knows. When I was watching, MSNBC’s fake news reader, Ari Melber, said he didn’t know who conducted the poll.

As phony as some big-name polls are, when a fake news center tells you they have a poll with numbers that completely contradict what we’ve heretofore known, but they don’t know where the poll came from, they’re from the Mary Mapes School of Journalism.

I looked up “Roy Moore” and 51-39, and learned that the poll was conducted by the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Ari Melber didn’t want to say that, because the NRSC is an even more than usually self-interested organization that has cut off all relations to Moore, and seeks to sink his senate candidacy. I guess he feared that had he said ‘The poll was conducted by the National Republican Senatorial Committee,’ he would have looked ridiculous.

(At the time, I checked MSNBC's Web site, and could not find any stories promoting the "poll.")

But not to MSNBC’s audience. As long as a poll makes a white devil look bad, they don’t care about credibility.


Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for Moore because he's fighting the slimedogs that are the media,McConnell and mudslingers--all of whom have zero credibility.How desperate and morally depraved are the opposition,to use the same tactics used against Trump--AGAIN!!!Moore has the same temperment as Trump,so in spite of Hannity turning against him,McConnell("I believe the women")and the lynch mob media constantly bringing forward women to smear Moore--with absolutely no evidence to back up their accusations,he heroically carries on to let the voters decide.
Moore may or may not have done what these women say he did decades ago,but this needs to stop.If Moore wins,the swamp will have to think up other tactics to defame their enemies and put this one to bed,so to speak.For that reason alone,I'd vote for Moore--just in the hope,politics might eliminate this ridiculous attempt at diversion and concentrate on the issues.Unless you have rape kits,DNA and police reports--don't dredge up women from 35 years ago to hold press conferences.Their words are absolutely meaningless without proof.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

How about the pic of Al Franken grabbing a womans breasts and her accusation he did it while she was sleeping--in 2006?Al was just kidding around,he'll say.Why would he grope a woman with a photographer around?I'm not sure this is legit either.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I'd like to interrupt the harassment hysteria hype with a real rape story. In Oregon the trial is beginning for a black man named Ronnie Lee jr. who kidnapped and held a nameless, raceless 31 yr. old woman for 6 weeks while he and his raceless girlfriend, Irish Boyce, sexually assault and torture her.
I'm going to guess the girlfriend is white and the victim also which is just going by the usual pattern you see in these kind of stories involving negro rapists.
According to the article, the victim went to Lee's home to buy heroin (her 2nd mistake, the 1st was getting addicted to heroin), then she goes to the home of a negro dealer and puts herself in a vulnerable situation. She could easily have become another Darwin award winner, lucky to be alive. Will certain white women ever learn?