Thursday, November 16, 2017

Yet Another Hate Hoax—There Must be Hundreds Per Day Now—at a Chesterfield, Missouri High School; Fox/KTVI Fake News Reporters Kevin S. Held and Kelley Hoskins, and Fake News director Audrey Prywitch Win Duranty-Blair Award, Journalism’s Biggest Booby Prize

By Nicholas Stix

A ‘tip ‘o the hate to Countenance Blog: “It’s Not Okay to be White in Chesterfield.”

Considering that not only reporters but civilian newsaholics have for years been confronted with constant hate/rape hoaxes, in which the “victims” (read perps) were members of a protected group, anytime a new charge crops up, one should presume it’s a hoax, until proven otherwise. To do otherwise is to be utterly dishonest, or to act as if one were severely retarded.

Every time an alleged reporter acts as if an alleged “hate crime” were horrific, and not to be challenged, that media operative has earned himself a Duranty-Blair.

The Duranty-Blair Award recognizes those journalists whose work embodies the spirit of Walter Duranty and Jayson Blair, two of the most notorious “journalists” in the history of the Fourth Estate. It is no accident that both men worked for the New York Times.

Walter Duranty wrote a series of early 1930s dispatches from the Soviet Union, where he was Times Moscow bureau chief, in which he lied about the Ukrainian Holocaust, in which Stalin deliberately starved millions of Kulaks (farmers) to death, through a man-made famine. Instead of reporting the truth, Duranty reported that the peasants were happy and well-fed, and was rewarded for his lies with a Pulitzer Prize.

Jayson Blair (here, here, and here) was an early 2000s black affirmative action hire, who alternately plagiarized reporters at other newspapers, and fabricated articles out of whole cloth, all for stories set hundreds and even thousands of miles away, while he sat in New York City cafés.

[Previous Duranty-Blair winners are:

CBS News producer Mary Mapes in 2004;

Seven reporters and editors at the New Orleans Times-Picayune in 2006;

ABC News reporter Brian Ross in 2012;

Peter Berger (not the brilliant sociologist), of The American Interest, in 2013;

Associated Press operative Tom Hays, in 2014;

New York Times operative Farhad Manjoo in September, 2016;

CNN’s Symone Sanders (2), Don Lemon, and Kate Bolduan (2), in November 2016;

New York Times Propaganda Officer Francis X. Clines in March 2017;

CNN Activist Jim Sciutto, in May 2017;

Associated Press “Reporter” Duncan Mansfield (posthumous), in September 2017;

CBS Sports operative Jack Maloney, Chairman Sean McManus, and President David Berson;

Associated Press operative Julie Pace, in October 2017; and

Associated Press Executive Editor Sally Buzbee and Managing Editor Brian Carovillano.]

Racial slur written on bathroom mirror at Parkway Central
Posted 12:44 p.m., November 15, 2017, by Kevin S. Held and Kelley Hoskins, Updated at 10:13 A.M., November 15, 2017

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – Officials at Parkway Central High School are working to determine who wrote a racial slur and the phrase ‘White Lives Matter’ on a mirror inside a campus bathroom.

It was not immediately known if the illicit graffiti was drawn in a boys or girls restroom.

Principal Timothy McCarthy sent out the following email to parents and students:

PCH Community,

Regretfully, I am sending this email to share with you information regarding an incident that transpired at Central High this morning. Someone wrote on the mirrors in a Central High restroom a phrase that included the N word. An image of the phrase quickly spread on social media; students are understandably upset.

In response, I addressed students and staff via the PA; below is the text of my announcement. Please know that we take this offense seriously and will work diligently to investigate the incident. Also know that we are committed to partnering with you, our parents, to support all and each of our students. Please contact me with questions and concerns.


Tim McCarthy
Principal, PCH

In an announcement to the school, McCarthy said the actions represent a grievous violation of the school's code of conduct and flies in the face of the school's values.

"As your building principal, actions and speech which degrade an individual’s human dignity; actions and speech which are motivated by hate, not love, have no place in school, they have no place at Central High," McCarthy said.

Fox 2 News will have more information on this story as it becomes available.


Anonymous said...

Now that you mentioned to suspicious of everything first, it looks to have been written by a teacher. Perfect letters with an "e" that is unusual, at least in my chicken scratch. What student has that kind of penmanship and apparently the skill to write on a vertical surface such as that? A student with a magic marker would NEVER write a "racial slur" like that.

Anonymous said...

GRA:In the old days,this never would have occurred in Grand Rapids:
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The three children for whom an Amber Alert was issued following a shooting in Muskegon were found safely in Grand Rapids Wednesday, even as police continued to search for the suspect in that shooting.

The children were found around 3:45 p.m. Wednesday, less than an hour after police said they were looking for them. Grand Rapids police say officers were called to a home on the 900 block of McReynolds Avenue near 9th Street NW on a phone tip that the kids were inside the home.
The Muskegon Police Department identified the children as 16-month-old Jariah Render, 2-year-old Ja-Raun Render Jr. and 3-year-old Lamir Jamerson. The Amber Alert was issued because the children were believed to be with the suspect in Tuesday evening’s shooting in Muskegon.

The suspect, 22-year-old Jaraun Dequan Render, remains at large. He faces charges of assault with intent to murder, carrying a concealed weapon and felony firearm. He is considered armed and dangerous.

The shooting happened in the parking lot of the Sunny Mart convenience store along E. Apple Avenue. Authorities say the children were in Render’s SUV when he opened fire with a 9mm handgun.

Two people who were in a white SUV sustained multiple gunshot wounds: 19-year-old Linda Jamerson and 26-year-old Dajuan Edison, both of whom are from Muskegon. Police said Jamerson was shot in the chest and was listed in critical condition Wednesday. Edison was in fair condition.

Jamerson and the suspect are the children’s parents.

Grand Rapids police say they recovered the suspect’s vehicle and the children are being returned to Muskegon, where authorities there will decide on their placement as their mother recovers.

Muskegon County court records show Jamerson has twice been granted personal protection orders against Render. One was closed in August. The second was filed Oct. 9 and remains in effect until May 1, 2018.
GRA:Muskegon is nothing but black ghetto,but now when they commit a felony over there,they bring thug black asses to Grand Rapids (my side of town,no less)to hide.McReynolds used to be entirely white 25 years ago--now transformed to the new West Side Ghetto.Is THIS guy another Roderick Dantzler?We'll find out soon,hopefully.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

They caught the felon today.The mother of his kids(she had numerous PPT orders against him) was shot 12 times in Muskegon on Tuesday--and lived (so far).That HAS to be some kind of record for the most bullets taken while surviving.They found him on Grandville Ave (Mexican area)and he gave up without a fight--obviously his sociopathic impulses were satisfied,so he turned into a lamb.Another negro captured--probably 3 more released to make room for him,though.Build more prisons.