Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Ageless Rapists? Another Blessing of Diverse Immigration


The tallest and shortest players in NBA history were once teammates: 7'7" Manute Bol and 5'3" Muggsy Bogues

By Jerry PDX
Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 12:39:00 P.M. EST

Remember Manute Bol? The 7’7” African NBA center, who has more career blocks than points? He may have been 50 years old when playing in the NBA.

Cleveland State coach Kevin Mackey picked a birth date randomly for Bol. He just wanted him to seem young enough that his athletic career didn't seem over for him. This is fraud, but getting an older player into college or the pros is one thing; allowing overaged men to attend high school is another. One has to wonder just how much this is happening. This story makes me speculate this has been going on for quite some time, and with the recent influx of young African and Central American males into the US, we could have many, many black and Mestizo adult males in high school preying on children. The US media basically practices a blackout policy on this story. Somehow the usual hysteria about endangering children is suspended when it comes to black (or Mestizo, or Muslim) immigrant predators.

The story about Jonathan Nicola, the 30-year-old African immigrant, who fraudulently claimed to be 17, was covered here but the only reason he got the publicity he did was because he was a highly touted basketball prospect, and couldn't be completely ignored.

“Seventeen-year-old” Jonathan Nicola

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Nightowl2548 said...

I know as fact they do. I worked with an ethnic Cambodian fellow 15 years ago who was actually from Vietnam and never lived through the Khmer Rouge. (He said the border doesn't necessarily follow ethnic lines but the post 1975 Vietnamese government would discriminate against the ethnic Cambodian Villages and steal their farms and hand them over to Vietnamese.) After the Khmer Rouge fell, he followed the Vietnamese Army into Cambodia and set up a business selling Duck Meat and Dog Meat. (He'd shoot the stray dogs who tried to eat his ducks and soon found the dog meat he would then sell was in greater demand than the duck meat so ended up hunting down all the stray flea bitten feral dogs that roam the streets in Asia.) He then decided to head over the border to Thailand in his early 20s but told the workers in the camps he was "15" and a "war orphan" (his parents were alive and well in Vietnam) so he'd be eligible to go to the US. He got adopted by a Christian do-gooder type American family and then attended high school here in the US while actually being 23 at the time. His stories were fairly amusing and it seems his high school years largely revolved around watching dirty movies. He ended up marrying some Cambodian girl he met here and his disrespectful mother in-law now runs his house and brought in her lazy, worthless brothers to live in his house, drink all his liquor, and use his money to gamble. He sleeps alone while his wife, baby, and mother in law share a bed. Sort of a pathetic dude who still spends all his time in his basement watching dirty movies. The first day this guy started on the job within an hour he started talking about dirty movies, definitely his obsession in life. Who broaches this subject so quickly with a stranger on the job you hope to make a good impression on?