Thursday, November 23, 2017

Guess Who? 3 “Football Players” Charged with Raping 14-Year-Old Girl at Gunpoint



By Jerry PDX

Yet another gang rape perpetrated by negro high school "athletes". Three "football players" (I guess being football player is a more important correlation with being a rapist than being black), from Central York High School rape a raceless 14 yr. old girl at gunpoint (Three 16 yr. old "athletes" certainly would need a gun to force a 14 yr. old girl to have sex with them) after she left a fair in Pennsylvania. Not much detail in this story, what I wrote is pretty much the story so far, there is a photo of the perps though.

Note the dindus’ defiant expressions.

“3 high school football players charged with raping teen girl” Associate Press/Fox News.

At the end of the article, the school district releases a statement saying: "a non-school related issue" and it has no comment on the police investigation. What, no concern for the victim? Couldn't distance themselves fast enough, if they condemned the act too quick, somebody might accuse them of being racist.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is more concerned about sex(or attempted sex) in Congress and Hollywood than violent black crime.
Barton is the latest to get outed as a guy trying(and succeeding in THIS case)to score with multiple women.Is Barton really that desirable?No but he's a politician on a national level,so women will meet up with him on that basis alone.
Charlie Rose not as lucky--or ingenious in his maneuvers as Barton--and Barton is no Burt Reynolds.
As I look at where this is going,it appears a pseudo-puritanism is being instigated on bad looking celebrities and (old,unattractive)politicians.Every one of them has to be sweating it out,because the eye of the internet will be gazing on all their texts,messages,photos that they've sent in the last 25 years.
The purpose?Initially,with Harvey Weinstein,it was to expose sexual harassment by a powerful person.Now,it's morphed into a sexual review of EVERYONE who is well known.As of yet,sports figures have not been targeted by the sexual detectives who are on a frenzied mission to find infidelity or attempted infidelity.Age and looks are a factor here as well--most guys being outed as "horny males",are 60 and above and not male models.I'm wondering if atheletes--who are in their prime physically,will be included in the sexual investigations.THAT,I'm sure,would be eye-opening,in what occurs on a daily basis with groupies etc.Maybe the blacks will get a pass,but they have to be concerned about the pendulum of phony puritanism swinging their way.
Where it stops,nobody knows.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Those bad guys surely look older than sixteen.

They mature at an earlier age. Mature more so and faster when they do so. THEY.

Anonymous said...

I long for the days when animals were lynched when they deserved it.