Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Countenance Blogmeister is Back, and He’s on Fire!

By Nicholas Stix

Four months ago, my favorite blogger, who routinely referred to me as “my biggest fan,” and whom I referred to as the nation’s most brilliant political analyst, came thisclose to buying the farm.

He was coming out of a business dinner, and opening his driver’s side car door to get inside, when a white man who was intently concentrating on texting, while ignoring the road, ran him down.

The Blogmeister’s head slammed off the ground, and he was left with severe brain trauma.

For weeks, he was a zombie, and then things got really bad, and he almost died at least one more time. Seizures. His eyes looking as if no one’s home.

I know what I know of this case, because he has a heroically great lawman friend, Puggg, who kept the faithful informed, to the degree that the Blogmeister’s lawyer permitted him. He also has a wonderful uncle and mom and has had competent medical care.

I am not a religious man, but I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve prayed for this man. (I hope God’s not a Democrat!)

He’s not out of the woods yet, but yesterday he blogged again for the first time in four months, he was on a tear (something like 20 blog items, longer than usual), and the blogs all sound just like his pre-texter self.

The difference shows up in his comments. He has a form of amnesia, regarding names. Thus, you may be a longtime reader, but he may not recognize your name.

I had been prepared for this (I believe Puggg had warned us), but I got a bittersweet surprise. He did recall my name, but not as a reader, or as his “biggest fan.” It seems there’s a famous blogger named Nicholas Stix, who has a blog called “NSU.” He wondered if I might be the same person.

The brain is one of life’s great mysteries. It appears that the Blogmeister’s brain has largely been able to heal itself with minimal IQ loss. He’s even devoted at least one blog to science. His amnesia may have to be dealt with “manually,” by people telling him who they are, periodically reminding him, and his working on mnemonic techniques.

Countenance, you brilliant bastard, I read your blog!

Hello World, Take Two. 

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jeigheff said...

Praise God! This is good news indeed.

I read the article to which you linked. Countenance writes more lucidly during his recovery than I do when I'm "coherent" and even "normal" (think Doctor Evil.)