Sunday, November 12, 2017

ESPN’s Rabid PC Ploy Hasn’t Paid; Racial Socialist “Sports” Network Set for Another Round of Massive Firings; New York Daily News Offers Bizarro World Cover Story

By Nicholas Stix

Nowhere in the below-linked exercise in misdirection does Daily News operative Nicholas Parco mention the obvious reason for ESPN’s tanking ratings: Its support of the racist Left, including the black supremacist player-criminals whose disrespect for the American anthem has turned off patriotic white viewers, who in turn have turned off the NFL.

At the New York Daily News.

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Anonymous said...

They'll probably fire the rest of the whites working there,who by the way,if they're under 40 years old,are as liberal and racist against whites, as the black on air employees are.
Whites have to go along with the agenda that the black sports stars are pushing--whitey is inferior and if you want to interview
or get stories on us black "gods",be reverential to us,don't second guess our bad decisions (on or off the field),and allow us to take control of the conversation to spew our crappola.
Who'd have thunk it,25 years ago,when ESPN was in its prime?Unwatchable garbage now.
--GR Anonymous