Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Great Mystery Solved! Who is Behind the Great, Black Crime Wave?

By Nicholas Stix

Countenance has the answer!


Anonymous said...

"We needs a big screen TV for the stories"


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Remember Manute Bol? The 7" 7' African NBA center, who has more career blocks than points? He may have been 50 yrs. old when playing in the nba.
Cleveland State coach Kevin Mackey picked a birth date randomly for Bol, he just wanted him to seem young enough that his athletic career didn't seem over for him. This is fraud but getting an older player into college or the pros is one thing, allowing overage men to attend high school is another and one has to wonder just how much this is happening, this story makes me speculate this has been going on for quite some time and with the recent influxes of young African males into the US we could have many, many black adult males in high school preying on children. The US media basically practices a blackout policy on this story, somehow the usual hysteria about endangering children is suspended when it comes to black (or Muslim) immigrant predators.

The story about Jonathan Nicola, the 30 yr. old African immigrant who fraudulently claimed to be 17, was covered here but the only reason he got the publicity he did was because he was a highly touted basketball prospect and couldn't be completely ignored.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Yet another gang rape perpetrated by negro high school "athletes". Three "football players" (I guess being football player is a more important correlation with being a rapist than being black), from Central York High School rape a raceless 14 yr. old girl at gunpoint (Three 16 yr. old "athletes" certainly would need a gun to force a 14 yr. old girl to have sex with them) after she left a fair in Pennsylvania. Not much detail in this story, what I wrote is pretty much the story so far, there is a photo of the perps though. Note the dindu's defiant expressions.
At the end of the article the school district releases a statement saying: "a non-school related issue" and it has no comment on the police investigation. What, no concern for the victim? Couldn't distance themselves fast enough, if they condemned the act to quick somebody might accuse them of being racist.

deb harvey said...

got a rapist on the ysu team here.
a fuss was raised but somehow he came out of it still on the team.
he was a gang raper in high school but they were 'athletes'.
cannot understand why they are allowed in the college at all.