Thursday, November 23, 2017

Domestic Terror Attack on 92-Year-Old White Woman in Alabama


War crime victim Mary Lou Gedel
By Pax Romana58
Monday, November 20, 2017 at 4:27:00 P.M. EST

Alabama Judge “Stunned by Brutality” in [Black] Killing of 92-Year-Old [White] Woman
By Travis Fedschun
November 20, 2017
Fox News

An Alabama judge said last week he was “stunned by the brutality” seen in the murder of a 92-year-old woman who was beaten to death inside her home.

In a preliminary hearing on Friday when the suspect in the murder of Mary Lou Gedel appeared in court, Montgomery Police Detective G. Naquin testified Rodney McQueen's DNA was found throughout her home, WSFA reported.

Naquin said the 92-year-old was found two weeks ago sitting in a chair on with “massive” facial and head injuries, after she was beaten with a tall brass lamp.

“The lamp was caved in on all sides and had been ripped from the wall in the living room,” he told the court.

The assault was so intense, Naquin testified fragments from the broken beer bottles and plastic wrappers were embedded in Gedel’s skull, according to WSFA. Montgomery District Judge Troy Massey said at the hearing he was “stunned by the brutality” after hearing the details.

Officials said they were able to match McQueen to the crime scene after taking DNA samples from a busted window. His profile was already in a database after serving time for a prior crime with the with [sic] the [sic] Alabama Department of Corrections, according to WSFA.”

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War crime suspect Rodney McQueen

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
There is an aspect to this that I believe merits as much attention as the story itself, the negro perp Rodney McQueen, who likely doesn't have two nickels to rub together, is being represented by a public defender, a young attractive white woman named Rachel Lyle. Here is her photo:

Here is an excerpt from the article with her "legal argument" in defense of the killer, it also contains the retort from the Montgomery County District Attorney:

"Lyle said that because the crime did not involve a child or a rape, it was "nothing egregious." Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey fired back, telling the judge that a 92-year-old beaten to death during a home invasion is one of the most egregious crimes and questioned if Lyle was qualified to even take part in the first call in a capital case".

"Judge Massey said that because of McQueen's history and the allegations, he would remain in the jail without bond".

You can read the whole thing here:

Yes, this legal genius is attempting to mitigate the crime with some kind of moral equivalence argument by bringing up rape and child abuse. The District Attorney (quite rightly). questions her legal judgment and the judge, thankfully, appears to be having none of the nonsense. I'm not a lawyer but I can certainly see how trying to diminish a horrifying crime like this will almost certainly backfire, so why would any competent lawyer even attempt it? The answer is probably that she isn't competent. Public defenders are not the kind of law students that graduated in the top percentile of their classes, which would ensure them plum corporate jobs, so they end up with much lower paying public service positions. My personal experience with them tells me that they kid themselves into believing they are less interested in making money and more desirous for fighting for "social justice", so they're really not failures as top tier lawyers.
Then you have this recurring pattern of attractive, blonde, white females going out of their way to defend young negro and hispanic males who have committed horrifying crimes. You'd think she's play the crazy card at least, I mean the guys dna was all over the scene so this is a slam dunk for the prosecutor. There seems to be a disconnect with this woman's logic and reasoning to think what she said is any kind of persuasive defense argument.

There's more in the article that leaves you shaking your head: It refers to two other recent murders of elderly women. Ann Rudolf was shot to death in her home but the District Attorney said there's no evidence linking McQueen to the crime. Why would he even say that, unless he had a suspicion McQueen might have been responsible? OK...then, the other murder was of 73 yr. old Rebbeca Quillan, who was shot to death (and her husband wounded) by Johnel Travis jr. Anybody care to guess the race of Mr. Travis? OK, I won't keep you in suspense (ha, ha as if you haven't guessed). Here is his photo:
Yes, it is another negro who like to murder elderly white women. I've been reading stories for decades about murders of elderly white women and, as we all know, that most of these murders are perpetrated by negroes, yet as usual, the MSM refuses to notice there might be a correlation here between race and these kind of crimes. Like murder, violent race hate crimes, serial killing, and sex crimes black men are wildly over represented but you wouldn't know it from media coverage, you have to read between the lines and scour the back pages to glean it for yourself.